Saturday, April 9, 2011

Home Tour...

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend! We are headed off to play/sing at a wedding this afternoon, and it's a gorgeous spring day!

I thought I would put together a little home tour with photos I already had and link up to Andy over at "Poppies at Play" for the first time. So come on up to the cottage in the woods...

We'll sit and chat in the living room...

Warm and cozy with English transferware, antique walnut sideboard, Persian wool rug, vintage lamps, family photos.

Vintage print...

Turkish lanterns, Talavera pottery, vintage lamp

...just a peak at the new built-in walnut corner cabinet as yet unfinished:-)

Maybe we can sit around the piano...

The dining room is in a state of transition right now with the new built-in walnut china cabinet my husband is making. so I'll show you these photos from last summer...

Fostoria "Baroque" candle holders, Duncan Phyfe style chairs, wormy chestnut table I made...

Let's make a cup of coffee...

More Talavera pottery...

Hall bathroom...

Cristian's bedroom, also in a state of transition. We will be painting more of a dusty blue now that we have found the airplane bedding.

The master bedroom...

Inherited antique spool bed from 1860s, vintage lamps, handcrafted side tables, antique rocker and chair, vintage watercolor

Victorian era dresser, vintage hatbox, lamp, candle holders

And the master bath...

My most popular photo on Houzz...this was a pot rack my mom gave me from JC Penney, and it works just great here in the bath. Unfortunately, they do not sell it anymore.

Let's head out to the back porch...

We will have our dinner out here on the porch and just enjoy listening the the birds and the rushing mountain creek.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the tour! Thanks to Andy for hosting this fun party!! Be sure to go by "Poppies at Play" and take some fabulous tours:-)



  1. What a lovely home you have Anita. You have so many antiques and vintage things ~ beautiful. I think my very favorite is your front porch though. Loved the picture with the ferns and rockers. I could be very happy out there for hours with a good book!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anita, I enjoyed this so much! You really do have a lovely home, and the adjective I think that best fits is warm. It is so warm. I feel as if I could be right at home there. I love the mix of your family antiques with the Persian rugs and the leather seating. I love all the warmth of the woods and the fabrics you've chosen to accent them. I think your house is a lot like you, my friend, even though we haven't met in person.

    Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding. What a blessing that you have that ministry and what a blessing you are to others.

    Love coming your way...


    Sheila :-)

  3. Oh my gosh, I love your home! So comfy, cozy!
    Thanks for the tour Anita.

  4. So warm, cozy, and comfortable...enjoyed the tour!

  5. Hi Anita, thank you for the tour of your beautiful home. I always love seeing your living/dining room and kitchen and it's nice to peek at your bedroom and baths as well. Love the spool bed. Your back deck and front veranda are beautiful. What a spot to enjoy the scenery and the lovely summer weather. Blessings, Pamela

  6. Beautiful, Anita, just beautiful. The pot rack in the master bath is a genius idea. I love the whole house but I really love your warm and inviting kitchen and dining room. You really put your heart and soul into making this a home, and it shows. xo,

  7. Hi Anita, I've been a fan of your beautiful home since RMS! You have such beautiful taste and really now how to put a room together!! Thanks for giving us a tour. Have a great weekend, Martina

  8. Just stopped by your blog from Poppies at Play. What a gorgeous home you have! Especially love your porches /outdoor living spaces. Thanks for sharing your warm and inviting home.
    Julie from Montana

  9. Your home is just beautiful, Anita...inside and out! Very elegant and cozy. I love both of your porches, too. Very pretty!


  10. You have an incredibly beautiful home. You have made something lovely and loving in your little corner of the world. Great job! Diane

  11. You have a wonderful beautiful home. It looks so welcoming.

  12. Your house is truly beautiful and it looks like a fabulous setting!

  13. I LOVE your home tour!!! Your home is so beautiful and I adore the peaceful setting. I would stay on your porches for hours. thanks for sharing your lovely home with us.
    Have a great day,

  14. Your home is gorgeous, Anita!! So elegant, and so welcoming. Your views are amazing too! This may be my favorite house all week! Love it all.
    Cheers, Andrea

  15. Love your beautiful home! Thanks for sharing it!
    ~Cindy :o}

  16. Anita..your home has always been one of my favorites. It is filled with love and so many beautiful sentimental treasures. Not to mention the grounds are spectacular!

  17. Hi Anita! I love touring your beautiful home! You have the most lovely things and your piano is one of my favorites. I love to "do" weddings and I'll bet y'all will set the house on fire! :)
    I love your house is all tucked up in the woods. What a gorgeous setting.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Your home is just beautiful ~ thank you for the home tour ~ just lovely ;-)

  19. Oh Anita, Your home is stunning. I love the tour from beginning magnificent photo of the front home to the gorgeous porch table top setting.Your home is a true reflection of the love of God, family and friends that you all live daily.Thank you for sharing your wonderful and beautiful home with us all.....Emelia.

  20. Anita, your home exudes warmth and welcome. In addition to having a perfect setting in the mountains, it showcases your loving touch in the beauty and charm of every space. I'm certain that I'm not the only one of your devoted followers who would love to sit and chat a spell on one of the porches, or cozy up in a chair and listen to soft strains on the piano. Your loving touch is apparent in every detail.

  21. Hi anita, I love your home inside and autside to,is beatiful and so welcoming. I love to take a tour
    around you home. Thanks for sharing it.
    Have a blessing day....

  22. Anita,
    Your home is sooooo very your outdoor space!!!


  23. Oh, my goodness... what a beautiful BEAUTIFUL home!!!! I love the warm colors and the vibrant soul that just embraces the eye.... I would so love to come for that cup of coffee!!! In spirit, I'm there! Thanks for visiting Oatmeal and Whimsy this morning... Have a lovely Sunday.

  24. Hi Anita. LUV your decorating style.

    Very comfortable home!

  25. Oh what a fabulous cottage in the woods!

    I LOVE the front porch and the back porch. It must be like sitting in a treehouse out there. How heavenly.

    Your entire home is just beautiful and so well done.

    So glad I stopped by tonight.

    Starview Sonnet

  26. You are a woman after my own heart! I just love your home with the rich, warm colors. That is how I color my home as well! You home is just beautiful and I love the way you have decorated. Thanks for the tour!

  27. Your home is beautiful and your style is so similar to mine. I love every bit of it. I am so jealous of the front and back porch, what a luxury.

  28. Anita, you have the most beautiful, homey house. Thank you for the tour. I think my favorite is the living room. You did a great job with the photos.


  29. Your home is so beautiful, Anita. I love the warm rich colors, it looks so inviting. Blessings, Kim

  30. Just popping over from Poppies at Play. Love seeing your beautiful place without having to leave mine.
    Thanks for the tour.


    Gg - Notes on the Journey
    #3 (Kitchen tour from my vintage Chicago apartment)

    ps. You had me at the porch.

  31. I loved the tour! Thank you. Your home is absolutely beautiful as well as homey looking.

  32. Here from Poppies at Play! Thanks for sharing your home! I especially notice your lovely antique furniture (because I have none:)... namely that spool bed! You have a very welcoming and warm home and it looks like you know how to properly enjoy the outdoors from your porch! I sat outside today in my fold up camp chairs... just can't bring myself to buy outdoor furniture until I find something I really like (and can afford:). Happy Springtime to you!

  33. I'm just getting caught up on blogs, and I loved your tour. I've always known from the snippets I've seen of your house in previous posts that I loved your taste.

    The full tour was just wonderful, and I can't possibly pick a favorite room.

    If I had to pick a favorite THING it would be the cool as beans pot rack turned towel rack.

    If I had to pick a place I'd most like to sit, it would be at that table on the porch.

    Love it all. It says "well appointed HOME" to me.

  34. Just found your lovely blog. I've enjoyed taking in all your photos and posts. Your home is so warm and inviting. I love your spindle bed in the master. My favorite is your back porch. It is to die for! So gorgeous.
    I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back.
    Have a melodious day!

  35. Oh Anita, your home is absolutely stunning!! You had me at the front porch!! Your pictures are so elegant and filled with beautiful things to stare at! After I comment, I'm going back up for another look! Lovely, just LOVELY!

    Thanks for joining the parade!

    Poppies at Play

  36. Your home is wonderful! Thanks for this amazing tour!