Monday, September 24, 2012

Music to my ears...

Hi everyone! We have been enjoying the most beautiful pre-fall weather here in the mountains. As the leaves aren't really turning yet, this is just the prelude to the fabulous color to come in the next few weeks. We usually hit peak around the middle of October. It was 32 degrees here this am!! I have added some fall touches to the piano I wanted to share... 

I had already added these music pages to the back of the window from my great grandfather's house, and I have had several different prints hanging on it, so I changed it to this vintage cathedral print my great grandmother left here.  I think this is my favorite of all. 

I made this lace and burlap runner to sell in my shop, but I really liked it here, so I'm keeping it!

Vintage music, birch logs and painted pumpkins keep things natural. 

Dried leaves, hydrangeas and other assorted weeds are combined in my grandfather's basket.

Vintage photo of my great grandmother, her children and her sister. My grandfather is the baby:-)

My great grandmother who was the May Queen at Trinity College (now Duke University) and another great grandmother here on the property with my dad. The cathedral print belonged to her. 

I love the long lace drop on this runner...

The statue is really a lamp that my grandmother painted. It started out white, and she added these beautiful mid-century colors that are my inspiration for Christmas:-) The aluminum "accent" on the piano bench is a school project my 12-year-old left there. 

This is how is really baby, Cristian Miguel:-)

I used things I already had, so this was a free transformation. I'm getting good at free these days, I think.  Luis cut the birch logs in different sizes for me this spring, and I have used them a lot in various places. We are making yule logs for Christmas out of birch, so I can't wait to have those ready.

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I'll be hosting a giveaway and opening my etsy shop in celebration of three years of blogging this weekend, so please stay tuned and come on back.


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  1. Gorgeous runner. I also love the old book page window too.

  2. Beautiful colors and warm, cozy piano! The photographs are wonderful!

  3. Anita I can see the beautiful music in these wonderful photo's,I almost can hear it tooo....this looks so amazing...can almost see you singing one of your fantastic songs here.

  4. Anita, as always, such beautifully, sweet accents! Your touches of fall are wonderful. The runner looks great on the piano and all of the family photos and collectibles are so sweet! Congrats on your Etsy shop...I'm sure you'll have some amazing things!

  5. GORGEOUS Anita!! Stunning shots! I love the old Cathedral photo with the music sheets in the background!

  6. Anita, I love all the decor placements, heritage keepsakes, love you have sprinkled around your home. The lace runner draping off the gorgeous piano is stunning. The Cathedral print has been a favorite since you added it to your banner. Your "little" sheriff is growing up so fast! What a beautiful, warm, precious home you have made, thank you for sharing once again.

  7. That runner is fabulous, but I am totally loving the birch logs with pumpkins on top! How cute is that?!?! The cutest though is the baby! He is getting big!

  8. Your runner is so beautiful, maybe you'll make more to sell? :) xo

  9. I am glad you are keeping the runner. It is gorgeous!

  10. Anita, this looks so beautiful. I like all the natural elements you have used and the lace runner is gorgeous. Blessings, Pamela

  11. Everything is so beautiful to look at. I am in LOVE with the LACE runner. I melt for lace. ♥

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  12. I love it all as always! Love the little birch logs! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
    P.S. Gotta pin....Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. It all looks beautiful. Love the lace on the runner and what a great ideal for using an old window.

  14. What a beautiful lace runner! Your piano is just stunning! Fantastic details!

  15. Wow! Really well done, it's just such a pretty vignette.
    Love your beautiful home!

  16. Gorgeous! I too have a grand piano and it is my most favorite thing to decorate. I absolutly LOVE that runner!!!!

  17. You sure have the TOUCH, I always love everything you do! Love that runner!