Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Now it's Fall in the Smokies!!

Happy Wednesday!! I wanted to share the beautiful color we are finally getting here after rain, rain, rain. This is my favorite time when the leaves have turned their most brilliant hues of red and orange.  These are photos of our front and side yards. Enjoy!! I am participating in my first "Outdoor Wednesday" so take a peek at the wonderful fall decor there!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Maple Leaf Dining"

I  am so excited to be participating in Tablescape Thursday once again! Susan has once again outdone herself. I would also like to say how wonderful this experience has been for me because I have met so many incredible people here! I so enjoy seeing all your ideas, but most of all I am so impressed with how nice everyone is. It is so nice to share ideas and inspiration in an environment of support and encouragement. That to my newest experiment!

I used some of the same pieces again to see what I could do differently...

Recognize the Walmart chargers?  "Italian Countryside" dinnerware, Oneida "Golden Julliard" stainless flatware, napkins from Walmart. 

I love these vintage "Whitehall" amber glasses from Indiana Glass...

My husband contributed the napkin rings:-)

My mother bought this fabulous brass candelabra  in Lebanon in 1973. The other two are family heirlooms.

But my favorite thing this week...

The beautiful maple leaves!! I searched through the woods for only the yellow ones. I just love these, although they won't last for long!

These little brass bowls were brought from China in the 1940s from a dear relative...

I hope you enjoyed my "Maple Leaf" dining! I love the fall colors so much, and because they are not here very long, they are all the more special!! 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vintage Caribbean-inspired bedroom

Welcome to my "Vintage Caribbean-inspired" bedroom where I have mixed mostly old things with new style. There are several vignettes here, so I hope you enjoy! 

When we moved into the house this was a very plain bedroom. We added the oak hardwood floors. I had recently inherited some antique furniture and needed to find a way for it all to work. I was inspired by the painting. I chose the wall color from that and ended up with a retreat reminiscent of a Caribbean hotel or villa. I wanted to combine the feel of old Florida with the style of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, where my husband is from. Almost everything in this room, down to the vintage linens, is passed down from someone, which makes it really special to me. So...take a peek!

Vintage cigar box for jewelry, vase from the $1 store in the 70s

The bed is an 1860s spool bed in beautiful condition passed down through my family. The chairs are both 100 years old. Side tables were handcrafted to go with the bed. Lamps are also from the 70s.

This is the original watercolor that inspired the colors. It came from Florida, but I don't know anything about the artist.

This chest is also antique and handcarved. The workmanship is exquisite.

This is a victorian mahogany dresser without the mirror.  Vintage hatbox my grandmother covered. The candle holders are 70s. The bottom box I brought back from Bosnia, and the top one came from Egypt.

These photographs were the inspiration for the style of the room. My great grandfather was one of several men who founded Palm Beach County in the early 1900s. The top, left photo is of his house there. Top right, James. W. Porter in Hypoluxo, Fla. Bottom photos are of my grandmother and great grandmother.  Why is this important to me? Our house now is on his land. He bought this place in North Carolina for a summer residence, and several of the furniture pieces in this house were his.

Vintage pillowcases...

The chandelier came from Lowes...

My grandmother brought this shelf from Florida. The top plate is made from orange tree wood and is displayed with an antique pewter hairpin box.

Below is more art from Florida. These prints came from Florida in the 70s. The drop leaf table was my great grandfather's. Vintage handbag, and boxes.

I hope you enjoyed my tropical-styled retreat! I love taking old things and reusing them in a new way. Family heirlooms mean a lot to me and I always try to find a way to make them look new and fresh. I am always looking in my parent's basement for something no one else wants that I can restore. So before you run to a furniture store, look in the basement or the garage or the attic...who knows what treasure you might find!!

I'll be participating in "Vignette Friday" over at "Color Outside the Lines" so go by there and be inspired!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vintage Brown Drip Autumn...

Thank you to Susan for hosting Tablescape Thursday again. Please check out her fun, Halloween  tablescape after leaving here!

I fell in love with "Brown Drip" pottery several years ago and started collecting pieces.  I have a variety of Hull and McCoy, and lucked into a whole box of around thirty pieces for $20 from an antiques dealer. I decided to use it since the brown is so nice for Fall. Enjoy!!

Hull plates, Walmart napkins and chargers, napkin rings from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The sterling flatware is by Wallace, "Louvre" from 1893.

The candle holders from Big Lots, filled with potpourri...

Imperial Glass amber goblet, "Old Williamsburg." Amber tumbler is by Hazel-Atlas, "Dots." Below, goblet from Wal-mart with Imperial Glass goblet.

I made the table runner out of this lovely paisley from a local fabric store...

Hull pitcher with real fall foliage from outside...

A view at night...

Thank you all for visiting and for the wonderful ideas I get when I visit your blogs! Please come back Friday for Apple Crisp...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blue Willow Autumn

Thank you Susan for hosting "Tablescape Thursday." This is my first one! I am so excited to see all the beautiful ideas out there. Thanks for visiting me!

I decided to do something different for Autumn and have used my Blue Willow with the beautiful, warm fall tones.

Most of my Churchill Blue Willow was given to me by my grandmother, which she collected a few pieces at a time. Some is by Royal China and belonged to my great grandmother. My mother has since added to my collection, and I picked up numerous pieces while in Japan. I have always loved this pattern based on a Chinese love story and find that it fits practically any occasion.

These napkins are from Walmart, and were the inspiration for combining the colors. We always use cloth napkins, and these really wear well although I do have to iron them. The bamboo napkin rings are from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

This bread and butter plate is by Johnson Brothers. The Mother of Pearl and sterling butter spreader is antique Landers, Frary and Clark.

This teapot was one of my finds in Japan. It has five lovely cups. Every set I bought in Japan was in odd numbers.

Although not a traditional Asian table, I have used some of my beautiful treasures. Rice bowls are from Japan as well as the chop sticks and rests. I have included the tea cup, as that is generally brought at the beginning of the meal. Also included is a water glass and a small cup for Japanese Saki.

The tall centerpiece is removed for meals and includes branches and wildflowers from our property.

I hope you enjoy my Japanese and Chinese- inspired American autumn!!

Please come back Friday for the weekend recipe...the BEST apple cake you have ever eaten!!