*The* wedding planner for a bride-to-be

Hello friends! I have followed Alda Ellis on instagram for a while, and when she published a new book, I was excited that she asked me to be part of her book launch! This is…View Post

Summer Farmhouse aprons

Hello friends!! Summer is definitely in full swing, and the harvest season has begun. I’m busy making all the squash and zucchini recipes and eating lots of fresh green beans as well. I’m going to…View Post

First garden tour of the season

Y’all I could not be more excited about this post! So much dreaming, planning and exhausting hard work has gone into this garden, and it has truly been a wonderful and therapeutic experience. Every morning,…View Post

Decorating the summer kitchen

Hello everyone! You all know I love to decorate my home seasonally, and that really just means moving some things around, and usually some sewing is involved. I could not be more excited about the…View Post

Summer home in the mountains

Happy summer friends! It always seems to me like spring takes forever, but finally here we are with a canopy of green leaves shading the house, a garden sprouting up with promised abundance, fireflies and,…View Post

Spring on the Homestead **NEW VIDEO**

Hello friends! I posted a new video to youtube including some footage of my daddy and I taking a walk around the property, planting potatoes, and my son helping him get wood, plus lots more.…View Post

Restored antique medicine cabinet

Hello everyone! Several people had asked me about the antique medicine cabinet after my last post, and I realized I’d started a post last year, but never shared it with you! I shared it on…View Post

Creating a cool summer bedroom retreat

I’m so excited to be joining a super-talented group of bloggers today, thanks to Marty at A Stroll Thru Life, and we are all sharing summer bedrooms. I’ll put links below so you do not…View Post