Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Cottages and Bungalows Holiday Decor 2019 magazine...

I'm so excited to have eight pages of my photography and styling featured in the Cottages and Bungalows special issue, Holiday Décor!

It has actually been on magazine stands since September 24 so make sure to get your copy before they are gone! 

Y'all know how much I love decorating for Christmas, and also how much I love trying to connect to my family's past here on the mountain, and I'm honored to get to share that passion with more people.

Thanks so much to editor Kelly McMaster and writer Tiffany Jansen for this opportunity!!


  1. That is awesome, congratulations! :-)

  2. Congrats!!! I will be looking for it in the store!!

  3. That's amazing, good for you!!!

  4. So deserved. Your home and your ability to make it reflect the history of your family should be widely recognized. You must be so proud. Congratulations.

  5. WOW!!!!! Big huge congrats to you for a job well done - that is awesome news!