Sunday, November 1, 2009

Farewell Summer...

Fall has come and gone leaving us with memories of beautiful, vibrant color as we await the cold chill of winter. So I decided to share our back porch for Metamorphosis Monday as we are saying "goodbye" to lazy, summer suppers listening to the creek and the sounds of the children exploring in the woods.

One of our many summer projects was this porch. We wanted to add something simple that would give us a little more space in the shade. It does get hot here occasionally! Here it is...

Let's start with the before so you can get a really good idea what we were working with:-)

Yes, that's a big trash can sitting on the deck...a big trash can that was carried off by a 350 pound bear. And the big, blue tarp is covering what became a storage building and playhouse.

And this is what we got...

We used this buffet table for serving all summer. We frequently eat outside when the weather is nice and enjoyed many family meals with my parents here.

My husband built benches for the table so we could seat more people. As soon as we finished this project, we had the privilege of hosting a writer/producer friend of my mom's who was in town from L.A.   They enjoyed the porch!

At this point the porch connects to the next one...

I searched forever to find these light fixtures to match the antique "Southern Railroad" lanterns hanging here. There are matching wall-mounted fixtures on the other doors. I love the seeded glass.

Then this porch connects to the side here overlooking the creek...

...the creek...

I hope you enjoyed our porch tour! We have enjoyed every minute spent here because we made so many special memories with our family:-)

Farewell summer...see you next year!

Did I forget to mention that my husband built the porch?? He did-- and the little storage/playhouse you can see here to the right. I'll show you that later. We did all the work ourselves with some help from my dad. I stained the decks and together we painted the railings on the back side.  We have done all the outside landscaping and clearing ourselves trying to keep it as natural as possible.

Please go visit the incredible craft room at "Between Naps on the Porch."  And don't forget, Tablescape Thursday is coming!


  1. Anita! What an amazing job you all did on that porch. Can't believe your husband built that and the playhouse. WOW! I really love your lanterns! Good job finding those, and it looks so inviting and warm on that porch... with a nice view, too! No wonder you enjoyed it so much.

    And that is scary about that bear walking off with your trash can!!! That's a little close for comfort. Glad he didn't get closer!

    Thanks for sharing. This really was fun to see. Can't wait to see your playhouse.


    Sheila :-)

  2. Wow! Great job and I'm sure you are enjoying them so much.

  3. I LOVE a wrap-around porch!!!! Yours is STUNNING! Lucky girl. :-)

  4. That is so pretty and reminds me of the Branson Missouri area. Can I move into the playhouse.

    Your hubbie did a fabulous job.
    I clicked to follow and hope you will come do the same.

  5. Fabulous porches!!! Everything looks so inviting. I would love to hang out on one of your porches.

  6. Simply delicious! And you guys did most of the work? Amazing :o) Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful space with us!

  7. What a lovely spot! Thank you for your sweet visit.

  8. This was so nice and you must enjoy it very much. At first I thought you said that the garbage was carried off by a 300 some odd pound BEER ! Ha... I had a laugh at my mistake

  9. Such a beautiful transformation! I love how you've decorated it, too!! I would looooove to have a covered porch!! When winter starts to set in, our decks are completely cleared off so that snow removal is easier.

  10. What a fantastic porch! I love the red furniture--this creates such a wonderful living space, you live in an amazing postcard!!

  11. What a beautiful place - great job on the piorch. 350 lb. bear? Did you ever find your trash can again? :)

  12. YOu have a very talented husband (so do I:):) and your porch is gorgeous! I know you enjoyed every minute on it this summer and wioll for years to come! The fact that it is a wrap around porch is even better! I am a wee bit jealous:):) Love your blog, Anita! XO, Pinky

  13. PS, did the bird of paradise ever bloom? If not I think it may be because it needs ALOT of sun......and may not be getting it on the poch. Just thought I would throw that out there:)

  14. Anita, great job fabulous porches you quysdid,
    beautiful space.
    XO Isora.

  15. I love porches and this one is fabulous!! A house in the woods. How perfectly wonderful!!

  16. Pretty! I love glad I did one on our house.

  17. THERE'S A 350 BEAR AROUND? AND YOU DINE OUTSIDE ON THE PORCH??? WOW! That would motivate me not to linger over my food!

    But your porch is so inviting and lovely----no wonder the bear dropped by! (It must have been a "she" bear with excellent taste!)

  18. Wow! This is beautiful! What a lovely place to dine. Where did you find those light fixtures? I am referring to the post of Nov. 1, 2009. Farewell Summer...

  19. I saw your porch on Houzz. I would love to see more pics of your deck, specifically how the deck and porch come together.