Sunday, November 8, 2009

South to Old San Juan...

Good monday morning everyone! On to today's before and after. I am posting the bathroom attached to the "Vintage Caribbean" bedroom from last week. I had wanted to do a textured wall and was afraid to try. When I finally got the nerve, the result was so rewarding. It was hard work and very messy, but I will do it again...somewhere!

Here's the before...

It's not awful, just not great.

Here is how it all started. I used basic, quick-drying spackling compound and dry wall finishing tools. I tried one little patch hoping for the best. My family really enjoyed looking at this...not really!  It was like this for about two weeks before I decided I could do it and went on.

I layered this compound on over every wall surface in the entire bath! Then, after drying, I sanded it lightly, primed, then painted the base color. I then glazed on top of that with plastic bags. That took forever to dry but I love the result...

The mirror did not have any frame. I am very particular about using things we have, so my wonderful husband took 100-year-old wormy chestnut mouldings from my grandparents old house and cut them down to frame the mirror. The old victorian house was dismantled around 50 years ago and all the beautiful mouldings and trim were painstakingly bundled together and stored in an old guest house where they remain today. I am determined to use as much of this treasure as I can!!

I replaced all the fixtures with black iron...well, actually my dad helped me with that! I did put up the light fixture though.

This is what you do with a pot rack...use it for towels!

My husband was very proud of my effort and pleased that our bath reminds him of the houses on
his beautiful island, Puerto Rico. Here we have our tropical getaway in the mountains of North Carolina!

I love trying little projects like this. It is a great project if you have walls that aren't great, especially in an old house. I encourage you to try. I'm glad I finally got the courage for this one:-)

Happy Met Monday!!


  1. I love this! What an awesome master bath to go to every morning!

  2. You are a very talented decorator! The mirror framed really adds a great touch! You've inspired me to frame my bath mirrors....have a wonderful week.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful's hard to believe they are the same room. The wall color is so warm, I ♥ it!

  4. Just beautiful!!! Simply elegant!!!

  5. what a stunning transformation!! Woweee! This looks so warm and inviting!!

  6. You have such great ideas! I love how you use color.


  7. I know this is an "old" post, but it's new to me. I've wanted to texture some of my walls for a long time! Your results are so beautiful! Now I want to try it even more! If you ever post a step by step tutorial let me know!! =)

    I love your bathroom makeover! You're an amazing decorator!


  8. Good Afternoon..
    Does anyone know where the "pot rack" storage above the toilet can be purchase?
    Thank you,

    1. HI, the pot rack came from JC Penney years ago but is no longer available. I would try ebay or look for something similar online.

  9. Just came across this on Pinterest. Very nice. I like the vanity and linen closet. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me the brand name and door style of these cabinets. Thanks.