Saturday, August 6, 2011

Franciscan "Ivy" and Mirro-Matic for Lucille Ball's 100th Birthday!

We are big fans of "I Love Lucy" here, and in honor of Lucille Ball's 100th birthday, I wanted to post some of my favorite tables with the iconic dinnerware from the show and a brand new vintage find...

Yes!! It's the 1950's Mirro-Matic percolator used on the show! I found this one on ebay and it still works. Although the original cloth cord came along in the package, it is not in great shape so a newer cord was included. 
I LOVE the shape of this pot! 

Happy Birthday Lucy...

We have loved this dinnerware for a while and enjoy it for everyday through the summer. These are some of my favorite Franciscan "Ivy" tables...

Lucy and Ricky have certainly given us hours of laughs, and the way our kids love them, the laughter will continue for a long time:-)



  1. Anita, What a gorgeous post. May Lucy's memory be never forgotten and you and Lucy are such class A women!!!! What a beautiful tribute.

  2. What a fabulous post Anita and that coffee pot is fantastic!! We LOVE Lucy too :)


  3. What a lovely tribute to Lucille Ball, she would love it. That percolator is a great find, and that it is still in working order, that's amazing! Those pots made the best coffee. xo,

  4. As a Cuban I like to thank you for this lovely tribute to Lucy and Riky,my family love tha show to.
    Anita beautiful tablescape . I like all of them, you have a beautiful home
    God bless you and yours.

  5. Love your I Love Lucy china pattern! She was a clasic.

  6. I loved Lucy and Ricky! What a fun show that was. I've never seen these ivy dishes before but they are beautiful in all your gorgeous tablescapes. Happy Birthday Lucy! I can't believe she'd be 100.

  7. I miss those old coffee pots. Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Hi Anita!

    I love Lucy, too. Your table looks fantastic and ther percolator is great!

  9. I love this post! Your new percolator is awesome! Tom proposed to me while I was watching a 24 hour "I Love Lucy" marathon on Valentine's Day! Lucille Ball always brings back wonderful memories. I need to show Jemma her show! Your tables are gorgeous too as always. I love the orchids, but that piece you made from the wood for the candles is outstanding!

  10. Lucy was an incredible comedienne ~ what a joy to the world!
    Your ivy tablescapes are so lovely, Anita!
    I love the camera angles too... pretty from the inside to the outside!
    I hope you and your family have been having a wonderful summertime.
    Enjoy all the joy of warm sunny days ~

  11. This was such a lovely post-what a wonderful tribute to Lucy!

    Your tablescapes are always so amazing!

    Best wishes,

  12. Happy Birthday Lucy -- she was quite a gal wasn't she? Our whole family loves the I Love Lucy show and also, can't think of the name, the one with Mr. Moonie. My favorite I Love Lucy is the one where she is in disguise because Ricky is bringing home a movie star that Lucy has previously made a fool of herself over. She burns her fake nose with a cigarette and then dips her nose in her coffee cup. The Franciscan Ivy tables are so lovely and the percolator so timeless. Joni

  13. Wonderful! We love Lucy too and I've been wanting to do a tribute post and haven't had the chance. This is so unique and that pot is to die for! Lucy is timeless! Thanks for the beautiful post.


  14. Your dishes and glassware are just lovely.
    I love all things Franciscan!

    Enjoyed visiting-

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    I am emailing you a question-

  15. Aww what a neat tribute! I love the Mirro-Matic coffee pot! I imagine that old pot has made a lot of coffee! You really have enjoyed the Franciscan Ivy dishes- all the settings look great! (I have that same pedestal flower pot too!) I love Lucy too! I love to stare at her face and realize just how beautiful she was...her tv show made her seem so hair brained and silly but she wasn't like that in true life! She was a smart business woman!

  16. I love every single way that you used this classic dinnerware. Big table or small table, inside or out, it always looks wonderful, doesn't it?

    My favorite part of all is the vintage coffee pot. I can almost picture Lucy and Ricky over their morning coffee.

    I, too LOVE Lucy. What a wonderful idea for a birthday post!

  17. omgosh iam so glad i stoped by today this is such a great tribute to dear Lucy.Your setting are just wonderful i feel like iam on the lucy tv set .You collection is just wonderful.And the coffee pot to boot i almost burned my house down once i was watching her show and forgot i was heating oil to make the french frys for the kids.When i need a good laugh i look for the show still to this day she is the funnyest women that ever lived :)

  18. I love each and every one of your ivy tables. Waht a wonderful set of dishes. And happy birthday Lucy. She sure has brought us a lot of laughs.

    - The Tablescaper

  19. Loved the driftwood candleholder. I have always loved the Ivy pattern. I have a large collection of Dessert Rose. Not the new stuff. It was all original purchases for me, that makes it vintage.
    Don't stop using the Ivy all the time. It holds up extemely well.

  20. I loved Lucy and Ricky too. The percolator is awesome. Love the shape of it and the black handle.

  21. Oh I envy your Mirro-matic peculator find! Its so beautiful! I too did a tribute-post to Lucy on her 100th birthday! I'm a huge fan!

    Rainey @ The Project Table