Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Snow

We are getting a blast of winter so I thought I would share some of our snow here. I have shared on my facebook page all winter, but have not shared any here. It really has been beautiful and I expect it won't last long since it is spring already. 

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Springtime in the mountains!

Here is a peek at what I've been working on inside...


I'll be joining Wow us Wednesdays


  1. These are beautiful pictures, Anita...thanks so much for sharing them! We had so little snow here in the Midwest this year, I sort of miss it!

    Please know I've been by, just don't always have the time to comment on your lovely posts. Your blog design is gorgeous!


  2. Hi Anita,

    These pictures are gorgeous; you should enter them in a photo contest -- seriously! My husband saw snowflakes on the way home from work yesterday afternoon, but once again, the serious stuff passed us by. I really wanted a pretty snow back in January or February, but now I'm ready for spring.

    Have a wonderful week and a blessed Easter!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  3. Such beautiful picture, I agree with Denise that they are entrance worthy.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  4. Oh Anita it really is beautiful ;)

  5. Your photos are just gorgeous, Anita! It is weather like that here, too, close to the Great Lakes. I am ready for Spring!!!! xo Diana

  6. Beautiful.. but it doesn't look like Spring :-)
    Hugs, Gee

  7. So beautiful, but I am over it and more than ready for warm weather, soft rains, and green grass! Happy and blessed Easter to you and your family. xo

  8. These are beautiful pictures Anita,today was 55 here in Miami bery nice!
    Happy Easter

  9. Your photos make me wish that we had left earlier to head to Waynesville...although I don't like to be up on the mountain with that much snow. It is cool in Florida today though... the coolest late March that we have ever had here.
    I wish you a blessed Easter.

  10. I just love looking at the snow Anita, but when it is Spring time I am ready for some warmer weather. Here in western Oregon the nights are still cool, but the days are pleasant. God bless.

  11. It is so pretty, but I am soooo over it!!!! I am ready for Spring! With that said, I can actually see some grass in our backyard. I am sure we will get another snow or two, but I am loving seeing my brown dead grass right now!

  12. Taking a peek at nature through your lense. Beautiful picture.
    Standing there in God's nature....would imagine that this was very peaceful.
    God bless,