Thursday, March 19, 2015

Vintage feed sacks become cafe curtains

I am always looking for something to do with vintage feed sacks my grandfather saved, so I decided they would make great cafe curtains.

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I cut the sacks the size I needed, then turned them over twice and hemmed them on the sewing machine. You do not have to sew the edges but could leave them raw for a more rustic look, or hem them with iron-on hemming tape. 

I added curtain clips to the feed sacks, then after attaching eye hooks on each side of the window, I simply slid the curtain rings onto the wire and attached to the eye hooks then wrapped the wire around tightly. 

Super easy and such a cute look! 

I love to repurpose something old, and this is such a great way to elevate a humble feed sack curtain status.

I love them:-)

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