Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Living Room

As promised, I have some more summer decorating to show you all, and today, we are in the living room. So get ready for pink, pink, more pink and a little Bohemian chic thrown in the mix:-)

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This is the only room we have to watch TV and hang out in, so I want it to look pretty, but it has to also be comfy. A thrift store french couch, craigslist french chair, and some inherited pieces mix and mingle with a wagon wheel table and copper floor lamp my dad made.

I found the Kaufmann "Mia" fabric back in the spring at fabricguru, and really love the mid-century feel it brings as well as the way it coordinates with the pink silk. 

The yellow pillows were a Walmart find.

As lucky as I have been with plants, the Shefflera plant I tried in the corner had to go outside for therapy after leaves started turning brown and dropping off. I opted to cut some tree branches from the yard, which I placed in an old vinegar bottle. I love that look, and again, plants are such an important part of Bohemian-chic.
Overdyed rugs are a favorite of mine, and when I could not find an affordably-priced antique rug, I found this man-made one at overstock.com in the spring and love the vibrant color. It is layered on a jute rug, which lets me get away with a smaller size.

More Gerbera daisies are potted in a blue and white planter. I brought the darker blue tones in with the pink back in the spring when I spruced up the kitchen and am still enjoying something different from the aqua I was using.

I draped pieces of the vintage sarees I bought back in the spring on just about every surface I could find:-) Seriously, there was so much fabric in them, that I have used them all over the house. What a great way to add color and pattern, plus I love the "well-traveled" feel they add to the room.

My mother gave me the L.E. Smith "Moon and Stars" decanter and glasses, so I was happy to get them out of the china cabinet to enjoy.

Yes, I'm one of *those* people who just doesn't like to see a TV out in my home, and I still keep it hidden in this armoire. We don't watch a lot of TV, but when we do, it's mostly DVDs of The Andy Griffith Show and I Love Lucy. Seriously. I spice it up sometimes with Leave it to Beaver or Father Knows Best:-)

I kind of went on a brass/gold painting spree this spring, and this metal planter was another of my victims. How easy it is to change something with a little spray paint for very little money and time.

My great grandmother's antique chaise is actually my 9-year-old son's favorite place to watch TV, read or play. That's why it's covered in a throw and a sari:-) Of course, they are usually on the floor.

So this is my summer living room--full of color and a little touch of Bohemian chic. As I wrote in the last post, the bright color makes me so happy I just smile looking at this room. And isn't that what decorating is about?? It's not about trends, styles, or how much money you put into it, but the feeling you can create by thinking outside the box and using what you have.

We only have one more room to go before I can put it all together into a home tour. And then it will be fall. Sigh. Where did the summer go? 

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  1. Gorgeous. I love the pink, so beautiful. This is one of my favorites ever.

  2. Your living room has an old world feel and the rich pink adds the right touch. Looking forward to rest of the tour. And Fall! Kathleen in Hot, Az

  3. LOVE the pink! Great idea with the smaller rug accent too~ Very bright, yet cozy~

  4. I absolutely love the pink you've added in this season! Beautiful. :)

  5. "It's not about trends, styles, or how much money you put into it, but the feeling you can create by thinking outside the box and using what you have." Yes! You are so right Anita. You put this together beautifully.

  6. Yes, that room just makes you smile from ear to ear....I so love the pink...and love the Moon and Stars decanter set...it works so well in the room...I can relate to the shufflera plant as I had one in the house and it did the same thing...so out on the porch it went...and I love the fact that you brought the branches into the room...a great statement in the corner...great details in the room that were so very well thought out to coordinate with your design of the room....Love, love it Anita!

  7. I just love how beautiful, yet comfortable this entire room looks. That pillow in the very middle of your couch is gorgeous-I wish my husband would let me use the color pink in our home!

    xoox, SS

    The Southern Stylista