Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thanksgiving tablescape with Bohemian chic flair

I love the challenge of trying to come up with a different Thanksgiving tablescape each year. 

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This year was no exception, and when I ran across my mother's inherited Noritake Chandova porcelain dinnerware, I knew it would be perfect. Not only does it have the pop of hot pink I'm loving, it also has an arrow-like pattern which hints at the Native American culture I have in this room.

Fostoria Argus glassware in the perfect shade of green pairs so nicely with the green in the Chandova.

Heirloom Wallace Louvre sterling flatware from 1893 recalls American craftsmanship at its finest and adds a feminine touch to the rustic table with the beautiful repousse pattern.

I always like to add something special at each setting, so I used the Fostoria Argus cordial and filled it with Mountain Fire Pieris, magnolia, and autumn sedum clippings. I added a yellow leaf and place cards I designed using music from a hymnal that belonged to my great grandmother.

I deliberately doubled up on the napkins purely because of color. I love these green embroidered napkins I found about six years ago, but also wanted that pop of pink and a "heartier" napkin, since this is Thanksgiving, and there will be lots of gravy:-)

For the centerpiece, I used my DIY horseshoe board and layered it with the same clippings as the cordials. I added vintage brass candlesticks with vintage colored candles in varying heights. My mother found a whole stash of colored candles at her house, so I was happy to get them out.

Both the magnolia and the Mountain Fire Pieris will last for months, so I simply layered these cuttings on the board.

A vintage Indian sari made into a runner brings all these colors together. 
For chargers, I painted the wood ones I had with gold paint, and when I only found seven, I ended up painting two of the woven chargers I had for each end.

I added a small Turkish kilim for color on the bench.

Turkish kilim pillows definitely make these uncomfortable Duncan Phyfe chairs a little more accommodating for a special meal like Thanksgiving -- where one likes to linger over that third piece of my mom's pie
Arrowheads collected by my maternal grandfather, are a reminder of his Cherokee heritage, and help us remember those ancestors who lived before us on this very land. 

What makes this room Bohemian chic? Many different cultures, time periods, textures and styles come together to make one eclectic and interesting look that is, essentially, timeless.  There is a story to be told in every single element I have specifically chosen, and that makes it uniquely my story. 

We all have stories to tell, and I think our decor should reflect and facilitate those, and that is exactly what I like about Bohemian chic style. 

We will sit down here as a family this Thanksgiving and add to our story -- which, hopefully, our children will carry on with their own families someday. And for that blessing, I could not be more thankful:-)

What is your family's story?

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  1. Beautiful, Anita! I love your use of color and attention to detail. Your photos are gorgeous! As a young girl, my family lived in South Carolina and I had many Cherokee friends. I had a hard time pronouncing my best friend's name, Myrtle. It always came out as Murtle! like turtle!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I absolutely LOVE it.

  3. Everything is so beautiful Anita! And I love that you use pieces connected to your family....that just makes it mores special!

  4. Timeless, gorgeous, and traditional with your flair, a beautiful table for fellowship of Thanksgiving. Kathleen in Az

  5. Wow - what a fun sassy and colorful design for a unique Thanksgiving tablescape, Anita.

    I am one who tends to be more than a little bit allergic to color, but I sure think you nailed it with this awesome look!

    By the way my first born's name is Evelyn, beautiful name to be sure. ♥

  6. Wow, this is stunning. I love the colors and you've added so much texture and interest to each placesetting.

  7. Uniquely yours and so elegant. Love your mother's candle stash and the vintage indian sari. I must google mountian fire pieris and learn about it. Grouped with magnolia and fall leaves your centerpiece is stunning. Colors and textures with vintage elements are striking.

  8. Such a colorful thanksgiving table! I really like all the colors and the floral arrangement in your green goblets. So pretty! Take care, Tara

  9. Oh Anita it is so beautiful! Not the normal expected coloring but I truly love it.

  10. Your beautiful table caught my eye because I am a big fan of Boho myself, and I have these colors in my LR and MBR! Beautifully put together.

  11. Shut up! That is gorgeous! And just a little bit unexpected. Loving the pink, green and yellows. You nailed it!

  12. What a bright, fun table, Anita. Love the individual arrangements on each plate. Clever to use the stemware. Thanks for sharing. Adding a photo or two to my Pinterest board.

  13. Love the pops of pink! So,unique to you and yours also. Great job! Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. It's stunning Anita! What a wonderful unique color palette for a fall table, LOVE the way you wove it altogether! Homerun~

  15. What an eye catching theme! It is beautiful and I hope that you get to enjoy it for Thanksgiving!

  16. I love your touches of hot pink which just happens to be one of my all-time favorite accent colors. Great table!

  17. Absolutely Gorgeous!!! I love the spirit of this table! The little cordial arrangements are so beautiful. It all comes together for a fabulous table.

  18. This table is stunning. I love everything about it. You did an amazing job creating this table.


  19. Simply breathtaking. I so love that you are using the pinks in your color scheme....I have so enjoyed each and every room that you have so beautifully done with those colors. I cannot imagine sitting at that table and enjoying the great beauty that you brought to it facilitating the beautiful stories told at the table...Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. What a fabulous, colorful and lively table! I will add a photo to my Pinterest.board. Love it.