Monday, May 6, 2019

Spring landscape

 Hello everyone! I wanted to share a few landscape photos before the azalea blooms are all gone! 

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My daughter wanted to take some prom photos here, so we worked like crazy to clean up after the December ice storm wreaked havoc on everything here.

We did, however, have storms and monsoon rains the day of prom, so a lot of the azalea blooms fell off. It's still pretty, though, and the mountain landscape this time of year is always beautiful!! 

One of my rhododendrons did not even bloom, but this one was full of pretty blooms.

We had so much brush, tree limbs, whole trees, etc., all over the ground from the storm that I'm not sure we'll ever get it all cleaned up, but at least we have it relatively nice around the house.


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  1. Simply beautiful Anita. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Anita, Wow! The landscaping around your home is beautiful. Your hard work is paying off. Love your blog.

  3. oh my goodness.... How beautiful !!!! So glad you shared !!!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing the beauty around your home. I would love living in the trees as you do. While some find the branches, leaves and other "mess" to be too much, I would find it so calming and so blessed to be that close to nature.