Monday, August 23, 2010

The sideboard...

I hope you are all dreaming about what you are going to do with the Mikasa "Brava Rooster" when you get it! I cannot wait to see the winner's table! Don't forget to enter below! I will take entries until midnight this Friday, so be sure to enter!

When you have lots of windows and an open floor plan, you lose out on wall space, which means there is no place to put large pieces of furniture! I try to get the most out of my sideboard, the piano, and the tops of cabinets, etc. Today, I thought I would share my sideboard today for Tabletop Tuesday, and Vignette Friday.

I am not a person who changes things constantly. I tend to find something I really like and stay with it. I do change seasonally, though. 
This sideboard is an antique walnut piece that I inherited. I love it's dark, rich color. I'll start with a vignette I did last Fall. 

When I got this piece, I tried many different accessories and settled on this tapestry from Belgium, candle holder from Turkey, and an antique Chinese brass bowl.

Then I tried this antique print by Guido Bach titled "Child from the Campagna." I thought it was too light.

I love this bowl...

I brought this print from my mom's house and really liked it over the sideboard. It is also old and from the same relative who gave us the sideboard. I had brought out the blue and white and used a "Blue Willow" plate and tea set I bought in Japan. I also added some very old books belonging to my grandfather, and prints of my father as a child. 

But, I couldn't leave it that way, so here it is now! My mother bought this sandwich glass decanter and cordials, and the rich, amber color just seemed perfect here.

As fall approaches I'm looking through fabric thinking about a runner or something to warm things up a bit. I'm loving the Waverly toile I used on the rooster table, so I might do something with that. I'll show you when I do! 

As you can see, little changes really can make a difference! Be sure to go by and see Marty, and all her participants. 

Don't forget to enter the "Brava Rooster" giveaway here before Friday! I will be showing you some more combinations with the Brava yellow on Thursday, so please come back:-) 

If you have already entered or left a comment, please know that I will be getting over to see you. It's just taking me forever. I sincerely do appreciate and love every comment, and I'm so excited to be able to offer such a nice giveaway to all you very special people!! Can't wait to see who wins! 



  1. I LOVE your antique buffet... and I can see you must have LOTS of fun with it! It's always so nice to have a piece that you can change things around and it becomes a whole new life for it... My personal favorite was #1, the tapestry, BUT I did love them all...
    Hugs, Donna

  2. Beautiful Anita! I love the colors in your house. I think they are my new favorites for interiors.

  3. Love the sideboard. So chic and useful at the same time.

  4. Every single arrangement you did was just gorgeous! It is so fun to play around with accessories and I love your choices. You colors are so rich and warm and it all looks so very inviting! Thanks for sharing it with us,

  5. Ugh... I totally understand the "open floor plans/no walls" thing! I love how you change the look of this and can't wait to see what you do with it in the fall. I love that you and your mom switch and borrow things all the time!

  6. They are all beautiful but I loved the first one with the international theme, with the Belgium tapestry, Chinese bowl and Turkish candlesticks. Like you I don't change my display surfaces very often, except to dust the items.We have only a limited amount of storage and surfaces in the bungalow anyway!!I have become a follower as I love your blog. Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  7. Actually... I AM a bit daydreamy about winning those dishes. My sister and I actually discussed it. She *thinks* that she's the winner, but we'll just see about that... grin.

    I love your sideboard in every single picture. It's such a beautiful piece, and you have the knack of display. It's current scape is just lovely!

    You mentioned on my blog that you were stationsed in the Macon/Warner Robbins area. It must have been beautiful to have bridal pictures taken at the Hay House!! What a stunning place.

  8. Very pretty! I love the cordial set, amber keeps catching my eye!

  9. LOVE your changes Anita...amber glass is perfect for fall...just perfect!


  10. Boy do I know what you mean about have limited wall space. I love all your vignettes. They are each so pretty! The very first photo and the very last photo are my favorites. The autumn decor is wonderful! I love to do seasonal! Gorgeous free standing cross. I love how you used your other candlesticks and accessories to balance out that piece so well!

  11. I'm getting so excited as all my blogger friends are showcasing thie fall vignettes. I love fall!

    Your blog banner is so welcoming. Have a Terrific Tuesday! La

  12. Oh it seems we have the same problem, no wall space and a ton of windows. No place to put things. Your sideboard is absolutely stunning. I was so thrilled to see you show various options for your vignettes. I really liked all of them. You have some pretty accessories and they all showcased beautiuflly on the sideboard.
    Thanks so much for linking to TTT, I really appreciate it. Also you asked about the lighting. The bookcases have a built in light behind one of the shelves and the room just has lamps and a ceiling fixture. The room is mostly all windows. Thanks again. Hugs, Marty

  13. Anita, I have always loved that sideboard. It is so much like the one I have. Love your new vignette on top, but it looks good each way you had it, too.

  14. Every photo is beautiful! Have fun with Fall decor! As much as I LOVE Fall, I'm still holding on to Summer.

  15. Hi , I loved all the arrangements and your cross and cordial set are all just beautiful. I have been passed down a similar piece of furniture and change the look with seasons.Enjoying your great tabletop ideas , thank you ~Emelia~

  16. So beautiful!! I love all of your accessories!

  17. Hi Anita! I love love love your gorgeous buffet and the ways you've decorated it! You have the prettiest things!!
    Oh, I wanted you to know I've cleared off my dining room table and am waiting for you to pull my tiny name to be the winner of those wonderful Rooster dishes!! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Hi Anita!
    The sideboard is just gorgeous!
    All your arrangements have a special charm all their own... I love the warm rich colors you always choose.
    The cross is exquisite, Anita ~

    Did you mention where you got the candlesticks? perhaps in a different post?
    I'm trying to find some that will hold jar candles {they're not as lovely as pillars, but I almost burned down the dining room once with 'loose' candles. }
    My dining table is in a room with no overhead lighting and I'm trying to figure out ways to illuminate from above!

    I am back to work just after Labor Day. I'll miss the mornings in my pj's for my second cup.
    I hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer too.

  19. Anita, that is a gorgeous piece of furniture...I have to say that my favorite vignette was the "Child from the Campagna".

  20. Oh for pete sake Anita...I have a buffet in the basement...waiting to go in our entry hall after it's painted...that is almost a match! I have the dining table to match it and it'll go someplace else.
    Your vignettes are all so pretty.

  21. I just love your sideboard no matter how you do it its always so pretty .What a lovely decanter set from your Mom she just seems so thoughtful .I is a wonderful thing to be by your Mom and share all the wonderful things you both enjoy :)

  22. ps if i won the dishes i already know how i would table scape them they are just so pretty :)

  23. Anita, this is beautiful. You've assembled a beautiful vignette on this piece.

  24. It was fun looking though all of your trials - I really like that antique tapestry. Everything's lovely.