Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dining at the guest house...

The woods are full of surprises...

But how can we get there?

Let's get closer...

It looks like a house...

"This house that looks to east, to west, 

This, dear one, is our home, our rest;

Yonder the stormy sea, and here...

The woods that bring the sunset near.

The wind from out the west is blowing...

...dark grow the pinewoods, dark and drear; The woods that bring the sunset near.

When o'er wide seas the sun declines,
Far off its fading glory shines,
Far off, sublime, and full of fear; 
The pinewoods bring the sunset near."

I hope you have enjoyed our walk through the woods! I have mentioned that I do not "do" Halloween, but it did seem like the perfect opportunity to use this old house as a backdrop for a table. This was a guesthouse and sat behind my grandparent's house until it was torn down to make way for a more modern house.

My great grandmother lived there alone until they built an apartment in the new house for her. Let's take a look inside...I had never realized how I love the shade of blue in here. Obviously, it is in a very bad shape and would require a lot of work to renovate. It is filled with doors, windows and trim from the old house.

And other treasures...

I love the intricate detail of a carpenter from a hundred years ago...

Now for the table...

I will be participating in "Tablescape Thursday" at "Between Naps on the Porch" so please go by and say "Hi" to Susan!! 

Also, do not forget to enter my giveaway HERE for a 42-piece set of Mikasa "Italian Countryside" flatware! 

Thank you so much for stopping by! I have been very behind this week so if I have not gotten by to visit you, I will be there soon, I promise!! I love getting around to see what wonderful things you are all doing.

Enjoy the wonderful blessings you have and always pass them on to someone else:-)

Poem: "The Woods That Bring the Sunset Near" by Richard Watson Gilder
China: Platinum Scroll by Harmony House
Sterling flatware: "Louvre" 1893 by Wallace
Silver Goblet: Roma SL Madrid
Vintage silver chargers


  1. Anita~ This is by far my favorite blog post - ever! I really enjoyed my walk through the woods! You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area! Thank you for taking the time to create such a gorgeous tablescape in an absolutely breathtaking setting!

  2. What beautiful pictures! I love the house. Hopes its never torn down.
    Ladybug Creek

  3. I thought the black and white photos were great, then to see the amazing color of your table topper-wow just perfect!

  4. I have a passion for old houses! I would love to own such a house and fix it up as a real guest house or woodsy retreat. I love that old iron bed, too!! This was one of my favorite tables that you have done because I'm nuts about the location.

    LOVE IT!

  5. What a fantastic setting Anita and a beautiful table. Fun old backdrop the interior looks to have been right in line with all the rage now. That gorgeous turquoise wall, iron bed, and white. Just lovely!

  6. Anita...have I told you HOW much I love old houses! What an interesting and beautiful old house and you've made a fabulous post featuring it.


    P.S. and I enjoyed the tablescape too :)

  7. Amazing!:-)

    I hope you have a great week.

  8. For someone who doesn't "do" Halloween, you sure had me on the edge of my seat. Very spooky and enjoyable. La

  9. Wow! Anita that was complete gorgeousness with just the hint of spooky added to it! That splash of red from the overlay cloth was absolute perfection against the backdrop of the house and woods! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  10. A similar shade of blue was on a a few walls of a small house that was adjacent to our property- we recently purchased the lot- we did tear the house down- no sentimental value, etc-I did save a scrap with that blue color on it though.

    You have beautiful grounds.

  11. Anita, very ethereal! I like the way you juxtaposed the elegant tablescape against the decay of the wonderful old house. And those fish scale shingles are great! I agree about the carpentry work of years gone by, though I have a carpenter who might be able to compete in terms of his work ethic.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures with us and this bit of family history as well. Was this home in NC or FL? When you said "Sea" in the poem, I was thinking it might be Florida. AND did you write the verse? Very nice!


    Sheila :-)

  12. i'm sure the effort to set up this wonderful juxtaposition of elegant and timeworn was no small feat, but you created a memorable, beautifully photographed and captivating post!

  13. Anita,this post scaried me just alittle!
    Beautiful,but kinda spooky too.And the playlist made me scroll oh so slowly,as if we were lurkn'.
    Happy Halloween,tablescape is perfect.

  14. omgosh my heart was skipping a beat this was so awsome Anita .Boy would i love to sink my hands into restoring that lovely old pice of history.This is a lovely post the table and chair tablescape are just to much fun .You are just one creative Gal hugs Linda

  15. Anita,wonderful tablescape so elegant I love the old house I can't way for you to fix it up as a real quest house, the old iron bed to.
    Thank you for the time.

    Happy fall!!!! "God bless you".

  16. Oh my! Anita, you are AMAZING!!!! This is beyond words!!!! I just the platinum! Thanks for stopping by!!! YOU RULE!!!!!!!

  17. Anita! You are amazing! I love this post so much, thank you for going to all the trouble to make it happen. Spooky, lovely, nostalgic - perfection.

  18. The black and white photography is stunning! The setting with the house and table with the table linens blowing in the breeze is haunting, yet so beautiful! These pictures rival any I've ever seen done professionally in a magazine. Thank you for taking the trouble to style such a beautiful photo shoot.

  19. What a capital idea! This is stunning! Fabulous ambiance!!! You hit a homerun AGAIN!!!

  20. What great spooky shots! I love them!


  21. What a hauntingly beautiful setting! I love the old house, the black and white photos, the 'story', the beautiful table and silverware, and the treasures, old wood, aqua colours ~ all of it! Beautiful job!

  22. Anita - How artistic! I love the shadows you got on those photos. Just stunning.
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  23. Great post and pics Anita. What a treasure trove of vintage goods in there. Great stuff to use or sell. That stuff is always in the flea markets and you have your own stash.

  24. Oh that was spooky! Beautiful china!

  25. Dear Anita, Awesome post! Such neat pictures. Spooooooky.
    Grins. Very artistic. Liked this a lot.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my post about thyroid health. Appreciate the prayers. Thank you!!!!

    God bless,

  26. Anita, this was one of the most haunting non-Halloween posts ever! That house was beautiful at one time, and your setting on the lawn is actually very pretty! Linda

  27. Hello Anita... Wow what an amazing post!! Your photos are amazing, so beautiful, moody & etherial !! The houses are both beautiful! I hate seeing old architecture torn down.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  28. Anita that was fabulous! I love how you brought the poem to life! Your tablescape is lovely. The black and white photos were hauntingly perfect for this time of year. LOL! But I am totally captivated by that little house. I know it would take a lot to restore it but I would be itching to do so! I love the bay window in the front and the fact that it is tucked away in the woods. Beautiful bed inside too! What a treasure you have there!

  29. I love the contrast between the old tattered guest house and your lovely table. Your trip through the woods was a great treat. Thanks so much for sharing.

  30. Loved the walk thru the woods leading to the charming old house!!!! What a great atmosphere for dining too...beautiful!

  31. What a beautiful post...I enjoyed the wonderful photography in black and white. The elegant table settting is a perfect counterpoint to the outdoor setting!

  32. I'm screaming!!! That was FUN! :) Can we pleeeese fix up that house? And have parties there? :)

  33. That is sooo cool!! ditto all the above comments!!!

  34. I kept visualizing the little house in the woods where Annie Sullivan earned the trust of Helen Keller. The tablescape brought to mind thoughts of Miss Haversham...or maybe Heathcliff calling across the moors and meadows for Cathy. I thoroughly enjoyed your take on a tablescape steeped in mystery and melancholy. Thank you for sharing your intriguing design. Cherry Kay

  35. Anita, you are truly an artiste! Gorgeous photos! And that silver -- stunning!

  36. How spooky and yet elegant, as always. I loved seeing the details of the old house. So special! Have a wonderful weekend.

  37. What a cool house. Sort of reminds me of the house from the Wizard of Oz. Like it dropped out of the sky and was deposited there. I like that photo of the blue walls and creamy white woodwork. Beautiful photos.