Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Paisley and Platinum...

I promised some warm/cool combinations for fall, and this table is no exception! 

I was inspired by this table in the Autumn issue of Southern Lady Magazine...well, it actually had to grow on me. When I saw the setting, I was very underwhelmed with the combination of white/platinum china with the warm fall colors. But I kept coming back to the photos, and finally I got out an estate set my mom had given me for "Mother's Day" and fell in love. 

Rattan chargers with pretty china? I love this look, and it really makes this delicate china more accessible and updated for everyday.

Enjoy the autumn sunlight...

A tablescape at my house would not be complete without weeds from the property...

After a walk through the woods, and around my parent's house, I had this basket of--well, weeds. Add a bean pot and you get...

A fall centerpiece! I love natural and will go to any lengths to use what I can gather. I am probably the only person who drives down the highway looking at the roadside for weeds. I haven't stopped yet because my husband would be mortified, but there are a lot of very nice weeds growing along our highways here!! 

Now it's time for a different meal with the same setting...almost.

I changed the flatware from my sterling to Mikasa "Italian Countryside" and I loved the straight lines paired with the scrollwork of the china.

And to prove how versatile one setting can be...I varied things just a little for last night's dinner of homemade potato soup and hush puppy cornbread. Yum. 

Once again, my Sunday "dinner" table is adapted to different meals with just a few changes. I hope I have inspired you to get out your pretty china and do something different. Family meal time is so important, but it is also an opportunity to invite someone who might not have family around to share a meal with. Always take your blessings with the intention of passing them on to someone else:-)

I am planning on using this color combination throughout this season and have some exciting and different tables planned both inside and outside. So please stop back by! I will be joining Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" for "Tablescape Thursday" so please go by there and say hi.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!


Harmony House "Platinum Scroll" china
Wallace "Louvre" 1893 sterling flatware
Mikasa "Italian Countryside" flatware
American Stemware crystal
Chenille napkins and paisley fabric from Mom:-)
Napkin rings - Walmart
Individual salt and pepper shakers - cooking.com
Sparkly pears are Christmas tree ornaments


  1. I love a girl who wants to go pick some weeds on the side of the road! :-) Your centerpiece reminds me of why I'm never quite satisfied with my own. I think I must always have your gorgeous ones in mind! This is such a beautiful tablescape and I was curious if you ever get to create them for other folks or just for yourself and your family? You have a lot of talent to share!
    Thanks for being inspiring as always,

  2. Anita, I love your tablescape. Your pictures are so warm and inviting too! The pumpkins on pedestals are fun too as well as your weeds. I have done the "stop" on the freeway too for cat tails and sunflowers, but not for weeds. What a great idea! I liked your suggestion to invite someone who might appreciate an invite to dinner. Sometimes we get so caught up with family, that it is easy to forget about those who do not have any family nearby. Joni

  3. What beautiful and versatile fall table. I, too, am guilty of looking for weeds along the highways to use for centerpieces. Your "weeds" are just perfect. Love the china mixed with the rattan and the way you change things around for different meals.

    I agree that we need to share our tables with others. I cook lunch every day for my husband (he farms) and I never know how many will share our meal. He knows I usually have extra and just invites folks to join us. (We had a mechanic in for lunch yesterday). They are NOT "the hungry" however, and I NEED to include those as well.

    Thanks for always sharing such pretty tables.

  4. Everything works so well together! I love your paisley tablecloth, all of the colors are pulled together so nicely-enjoy!

  5. You HAVE inspired me!!! I tend to be stuck in a rut that says you have to use different china/plates to achieve a different look. I'm also stuck in a "china must be formal" rut. Oh no... not you. This table is downright gorgeous. I LOVE it.

    And don't even get me started on the way you arrange your weeds.

    Those paisley runners are perfect, and I just plain love the whole thing, both ways and with both napkins. Fantastic, Anita.

  6. Gorgeous table, Anita.
    The meal looks delicious.

    Thanks so much for stopping my "new" Back Porch and for asking about Following. There is an option to become a member of the site (Follow), at the top of my sidebar (Google Friends Connect).

  7. Anita,

    This is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

  8. Anita..you surely get the most creative use of a bean jar award, lol! Seriously, this is a gorgeous table. I too am not sure about the cool/warm mixture but I am liking yours very much :)


  9. Your weeds are looking mighty festive there Anita. I love how well you arrange those flowers, weeds,and leaves from outside. It's amazingly beautiful! I thought of you yesterday when I was out and saw two different paisley runners in the stores, you would have liked. Yours is stunning! Your potatoe soup looks delicious. I was thinking of making that this week too since we are finally enjoying a bit of cooler air. You just cannot beat the comfort of a good potatoe soup!

  10. Wow Anita you have inspired me this morning! Everything looks so pretty, even the "weeds"! I just discovered your blog and will enjoy visiting again and again! Thanks for sharing your talents and all the pretties!

  11. That is beautiful. I love your bean pot of weeds. Your paisley and table are just gorgeous!

  12. Dear Anita,
    Your table is GORGEOUS!!! Sure like it.

    The tall candle sticks are outstanding and the way you use them is neat.

    Beautiful Autumn Hues add so much to our lives.
    God bless.
    d from homehaven

  13. Anita! I love the bean pot filled with weeds! Actually I love the entire table. Your take on the "inspiration" article works like a charm. Of course all of your tables are beautiful. I can't wait to see the next table!




  15. YOu have definitely inspired me to think outside the WARM box for Fall! Your table is gorgeous and I LOVE your "weeds". They don't look like weeds at all! I DO stop sometimes to cut things from the side of the road. In fact I keep clippers under my car seat:):) XO, Pinky

  16. Lovely, lovely! I look forward to your post all week! Thanks for your kind words and encouragement! I was in a mood. Much love!

  17. gorgeous. you have such a gift for this.
    nothing better than potato soup!


  18. Anita, your paisley cloth is so pretty! I enjoyed reading about your inspiration for this table, and I'm always amazed at your ability to pick "weeds" and create a lovely arrangement! The candlelight photos are gorgeous -- they really evoke a homey feeling!

  19. You always have such a beautiful table setting, and those walls of yours cast such a pretty glow on everything! I also love how you transform "weeds" into something of such beauty! My idea of the best kinds of bouquets is also "free." You're so creative!

    Life on the Edge

  20. Yet again, you've designed a creative and beautiful tablescape! I have been feeling a little discontented with my formal china, which is plain white with a platinum band (Lenox Federal Platinum), but you've inspired me to combine it with some rustic pieces. Your dinner looks delicious, just perfect for a fall meal. Thanks, too, for the reminder too extend hospitality to those who might need it.

  21. wonderful table and mag tie in, gorgeous room~

  22. Anita, I had the same first thoughts when I saw that tablescape in my Southern Lady! Funny how it had to grow on both of us, but it sure did! You did a lovely job -- and I'm trying really hard not to covet your paisley cloth... It is fabulous!

  23. What a beautiful table, as always, Anita! I do like the contrast between fine china and the rattan chargers...the unexpected. Your tables are always so amazingly warm and welcoming. I love your weedy centerpiece. Thanks for sharing.

  24. I don't want to start any fights, but your tablescape is way prettier than the one in the magazine! Was that bad for me to say?? You are one talented young lady! Your soup and cornbread look so delicious!! I can almost taste it! And those weeds! Well...that is just unbelievably beautiful! I have so much fun visiting your blog!

  25. Oh, I do stop on the side of the road to cut seeds for my table! We can go together sometime. Paisley...great minds think alike...I love it! I think that the rattan chargers effectively pull the warm wood of your table into the design of the tablescape. Beautifully constructed! Thank you for sharing your versatile and gorgeous design. Cherry Kay

  26. Anita,
    Thank you for showing a beautiful table using china and rattan chargers. I love it! Your table is perfect with your weeds in the center. What great ideas you have given me. Thank you so much for sharing!

  27. Anita, you always inspire me. I had forgotten how much I love paisley. It sets everything off so beautifully, especially with those colors. I always think of my rattan chargers for summer. I think I will bring them out for fall too. I am smiling at your weeds. I love doing things like that too.

  28. Oh wow Anita, you did it again,this is so inviting and fantastic!And the food looks out of this world!
    I sure do enjoy your pictures,you are amazing!

  29. Looks so inviting! Love the cute centerpiece made of fantastic leaves!

  30. I do think this is one of the loveliest table settings I've seen...your arrangement is beautiful :)

  31. You make weeks into a lovely arrangement! You really nailed your inspiration picture. This is gorgeous!

  32. Ahhh....Anita...your table is so lovely. Everthing is just beautiful. I adore your "weeds" :) You're right...we need to share our special "things" with the special people in our lives. Thanks for the reminder! Blessings~Shine

  33. Really beautiful. I am so happy to see pics of the beautiful table being used. Great centerpiece.

  34. Just beautiful! I like the mixture of textures. The soup and cornbread look delicious! Where's the recipes! I've never had hushpuppy cornbread before!


  35. Ooooooooh weeeeee!!! Beautiful!!! I like the contrast of the white with the warm autumn colors. Keeps the table lively. Your table covering is very pretty, too. Looking at that potato soup has given me inspiration for lunch today. Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend!

  36. Beautiful, Anita! Such rich colors and fabrics. And yes, sitting down together is so important!
    Did you ever get my email?

  37. You are so talented! Love the combination. Your "weeds" are beautiful too! Thanks for all the "eye candy"!!

  38. Anita this tablescape is uber gorgeous. The paisley, the chargers, the china and silverware ~ love, love, love. I tell ya, you really make a beautiful centerpiece with "weeds".

    All the Best,


  39. Your Fall scapes are always my favorite Anita...I think because they are the first ones who inspired me. Love your home made centerpiece...very clever. Oh and the beautiful Mikasa your husband picked out...well he is a KEEPER:) Can't wait to see it all put together.

  40. I like yours better than the inspiration! Honestly I agree silver in the fall just doesn't feel right, but yours looks awesome!

  41. i just love it looks so pretty and the idea of candle sticks with pumpkins is wonderful .Your tables always are so warm and inviteing.And the wonderful glow of the sunlight you capture are great you sure know how to enjoy the fall season:)hugs Linda