Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Antique wood in the bath...

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share some changes in one of our bathrooms.

Below are some before photos of a couple different looks I have tried...

This was several years ago before I replaced the faucet with a new one from Overstock.com.

So here's what we did. I found these tongue and groove boards from one of the old houses here stored away and really wanted to use them. According to my dad, because these have been painted, they were probably in the "little" house they stayed in in the winter. It was across from the "big" house and much smaller, which meant easier to heat in the cold, mountain winters. 

Luis put the boards up for me after installing a reclaimed baseboard from the "big" house. Using old wood is not that easy. It is usually not straight, or level or anything so it takes some planning and adjusting to make it work. Just ask my husband. I told him he should be glad he's not making these boards from a tree, like I have asked him to do in the past;-)

We then added some crown moulding also from the old house and a rail made from walnut, which he did make from a tree that my dad had cut many years ago. When I say I recycle and reclaim, I really mean that. After cleaning this wood, I finished it with a coat of light Minwax finishing wax. Oh how I love it. 

I then decided that the white doors and trim didn't work, so I painted the doors and the rest of the trim "Espresso" by American Accents. There are old doors stored away, but I cannot get to them -- yet. 

This was what we ended up with. I just added some artwork I had here. 

I made the shower curtain several weeks ago after making the ruffled sink curtain for the kitchen. I added another layer and a Waverly print to this one. It kind of has a Bohemian look to me. 

I used curtain hooks to hang it. You would think I could straighten out the hooks before taking a photo! I only gathered the second layer because it would have been huge at the bottom. This way it still has a ruffled look without so much fabric.

Then we trimmed out the bland mirror with wormy chestnut trim.

This is the only bathroom with satin nickel fixtures. I had planned on bronze, but after finding this faucet and then the light fixture with the same shape, I decided on this. Now that I have all the darker wood, I'm glad I have lighter, more modern fixtures. It kind of balances the old and dark elements. I love old, but not too much of it in one place. 

This is a small room but it feels so much larger now.

I thought I was finished. 

Then I kept imagining another window from the old house, so off to my dad's garage I went. He had actually gotten one ready for me several months ago that I had not used. Then I felt the call to go shopping in my parent's basement and found this chalk drawing from 1916.

 After doing some research, I found the artist, Louis Rowell, had been in Western NC mostly painting watercolors in the early 1900s. This chalk drawing was done near my great grandmother's house and is of Doubletop Mountain here. 

What makes me smile about this--I have this photo of my grandfather standing in the kitchen of the old house in front of one of these windows. 

It makes me smile, and it makes me feel like I am home.

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  1. I love the fabric combination on the shower curtain, the colors are beautiful together! And the chalk art on the old window is just brilliant!

  2. Anita me encanta ver como reutilizas la madera de la casa de tus padres, es sencillamente hermoso y a la vez que tienes tantos recuerdos, eres muy dichosa. Saludos

  3. It looks wonderful! I love that you are using old reclaimed pieces with new...lovely!

  4. LOVE IT Anita!! Love that pretty shower curtain too!

  5. WOW it is so beautiful. I love what you did with it.

  6. Hi Anita, thank you so much for your lovely commment in my blog. you have nice house too and I loved the way you and Luis those thing around the house,that shower curtin look wonderful.
    good jop 100 poin for you and you HB.

  7. Can you be in love with a shower curtain....back up a bit, in love with an entire bathroom?! Love, love your bathroom, it is magazine worthy my friend! Diane

  8. Anita and Mr. Diaz!, What a beautiful, loving, and amazing restoration, decoration and tribute to your heritage you have both accomplished.I love your background details and old cherished photos you share with us. It makes me so happy and inspired. You have such respect and awe of the gifts God has given you.The shower curtain is rich and intricate and warm. All the tones go so well with your chalk prized drawing and decor items. I love it all and the Cross and lotion pump. Many thanks for letting us visit!

  9. Anita! It looks so gorgeous! The boards on the wall are fantastic and give it so much character and warmth. Going with the nickel faucet and light really do help balance out the darker elements and the mirror is perfect framed. Way to go!! :-)

  10. I love what you've done and it's so great that the "memories" are there too! It is a perfect blend of old and new. Your Grandfather is adorable!
    XO Cindy

  11. Beautiful job, Anita! Golden hands you and Luis have. xo

  12. Beautiful Job Anita! I love the old wood wainscoting and the nickel fixtures looks great too.

  13. Anita, this just wonderful!! I love how you incorporate the reclaimed wood into your decor! Very pretty!

  14. That is extra special Anita. It looks absolutely amazing too. What a great job your husband did.

  15. I love old and espescially if they came from the family home. I don't understand that people don't respect the past.That is one cute shower curtain too!I love this bathroom-I do hate a cold sterile bathroom-this one is cozy feeling.

  16. When I say I love it, I REALLY mean it! I love every single element of this, and if I had just seen a picture or two pinned in some random place ('cause someone will... 'cause I'm pinning this and it is sure to be repinned and repinned...) I would have thought that it looked like Anita. It's just PERFECT for your beautiful home.

    Just plum perfect.

    And I love the picture of your grandfather. It would make me smile too.

  17. Howdy Anita! Your shower curtain is so pretty. Love the colors in the material.
    Our Family Room has real old weathered wood on the bottom third of the wall. My hubby wanted to replace it and I asked if we could leave it up. He said okay. It was there when we bought this old house and i think it was originally porch wood that was repurposed into this room out of necessity.
    Thanks for stopping by homehaven. Appreciate your comments!
    Love what you're doing to your home,

  18. It looks wonderful, Anita! I love everything you've done in this bathroom! The shower curtain is very cool looking and I don't know which I like better ~ this or the sink curtain. Love the boards on the wall and the framing out of the mirror. I want to do that in our bathrooms, too, and I need to find an inexpensive way to do it.

  19. The reclaimed wood is wonderful! I love the look and the feel that it gives a room. How nice to have something out of your grandparents house, the window with the picture on top of it is very pretty. You must enjoy the time in that bathroom so much now.
    Hugs, Cindy

  20. Beautiful bathroom. I really like the wood panelling that adds so much charm and sentimentality. The old window with the chalk painting is one of my favorite accessories in the bathroom.
    Mary Alice

  21. Anita, Anita, Anita...I just love your style! I have been over here a few times the past couple of weeks and not commented as I've been playing catch up but I finally must! I just love all that you've done here with the reclaimed wood especially...or maybe that shower curtain. I can't decide which I like better but I just love the whole look. I think your kitchen is beautiful to. That's one of the posts I drooled over. I adore the curtain under the sink in there. You're such a wonderful decorator!


  22. Hi Anita, your bathroom is just wonderful! And that shower curtain. Honey, you're going to have people begging for one. LOVE it!! thanks for linking up to the party! xo

  23. Anita,
    Let me just say; I love your bathroom. I love the old feel of wood. The shower curtain is just so lovely. I was truly swooning when you brought in the old window, everything came together so beautifully.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. Love the colourful curtain next to the old window. It looks so warm and inviting :)

    Greetings from Australia♥

  25. I scrolled through like a mad woman trying to figure where I could get that shower curtain! Love it and the old wood.

  26. I love how you used that old wood on your wall. All your accessories look so good.

  27. Anita, I love that you used the windows and how they remind you of your home. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  28. I love the color of the front door and windows . Your home is beautiful.Happy to be a new follower. Please stop by anytime.