Friday, April 26, 2013

A week of Spring in the country

I thought I would share with you all what I have shared on my facebook page this week in case you missed it.
First "Thrift" is absolutely gorgeous this year and smells so fragrant. Some call it "Creeping Phlox," but here in the south, most people call it "Thrift." 

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My mom bought some ferns for my front porch, so I can't wait to get it cleaned off, pressure-washed and painted -- after the pollen is gone.

I shared this little tea table my girls and I put together a few summers ago.

My sweet 11 year old collected and arranged these blooms for me and placed them here on the buffet. I was so surprised to find them after she had gone to bed.

She even added the turkey feathers. I think she definitely has the artistic eye. 

I shared a sneak peek of the table I'm working on with lilacs. I can't wait to show you that next week.

Nothing says country more than feed sacks and lace hanging on a clothesline...and yes, I did some ironing after they dried!

My dad and I worked on a remaining section of this 100-year-old stacked stone wall around their house that had never been completed. You can see my mother's "Thrift" is also flourishing.

She is already busy cleaning and planting in these beds where the new section starts. 

So that's what we have been up to this week..home keeping. 

Five generations of my family have walked down this driveway and up these steps to the sit on the porch and talk, sit down to dinner or play tag in the yard. 

Home:-) Where my heart is.


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  1. How beautiful! I love the South until The weather right now is absolutely perfect! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!!

  2. It is so beautiful there and you have such a wonderful family heritage in your property. Your daughter did a lovely job on her bouquet. How sweet and thoughtful of her. Enjoy the weekend at your beautiful home. Hugs, Pamela

  3. Oh Anita, you have such a tremendous family legacy, and it is heartwarming to see it being passed on to your precious children. Your daughter does indeed have a creative eye, no surprise there, Mama! Always a pleasure to visit, Anita. xo

  4. Thrift always makes me happy and I remember how my Daddy worked on his bank of thrift.

  5. In a word, GORGEOUS! I can't get over how pretty that Thrift is. Loved seeing your tablescapes and your linens, too.



  6. I love the stone wall! What a good memory for you and your Dad to work together.