Monday, June 17, 2013

Blooms from the garden...

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I absolutely *love* pink lilies...specifically pink Asiatic lilies. I grew them for the first time when I lived in D.C., and even though I took the bulbs when I moved, sadly, the North Carolina squirrels ate them. My sweet mother gifted me with a box of assorted pink bulbs this year and this is the first one to bloom. Oh my how I love them:-)

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And yes, we use this phone all the time. All three children prefer it and will sit here talking whenever they use the phone. Amazing what *too* much technology will do for you. 

I cannot wait until the others bloom to see what shades they are. There were 12 bulbs and all 12 are thriving with multiple blooms. 

I'm still bringing in azalea blooms too and now have light and medium pink...

These are actually from the same plant! Can you see the striped ones?
 I've never had that happen before.

I also have enjoyed my great grandfather's roses...

...and of course I love my mother and grandmother's peonies and "Shredded Coconut" in an antique ammo box my grandfather made into a shoe shining box in the 1930s. How sweet is that?

If you have ever been by here, you will remember that I have always brought in whatever was outside  from weeds and pine branches to rhododendron leaves. At least now, I have more actual flowers and that is a wonderful thing:-)

Thanks for stopping by:-)

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  1. Love the lilies but with the vintage phone they really make a terrific vignette.

  2. pretty.
    Nothing quite like pinkish flowers. Think I really like pink!
    So glad that you shared and I got to see this..

  3. Oh how pretty, they all look wonderful and you have created such lovely bouquets. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. I love your lilies, gorgeous. I posted my hydrangeas a little while ago:) I love bringing flowers in too!!! Love the ammo/shoe shine box too! XO, pinky

  5. Such beautiful flowers in that wooden ammo box! Love the lily! Mine haven't bloomed yet and I'm patiently waiting. :)

  6. Your flowers that you're able to bring in from your garden are beautiful! LOVE that you still use the old rotary phone...and the kids too!
    Mary Alice

  7. I love the tray idea! I also hate carrying things in and out. Your outdoor space looks so lovely.

  8. Love the pretty blooms you have. Love the old phone. Wonder if my kiddo would recognize it if he saw one!
    - Anjana.