Friday, August 9, 2013

Countertop making and the ongoing sink saga...

We got a great start preparing the wormy chestnut boards for my countertops today, despite the threat of rain. You can see part one, pulling off the boards, HERE.

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Luis got everything set up, and we started running the boards through the planer. They needed several passes to get the top layer off. You can see how they look going in.

But when they come out the other side, they look much better...

When we got them to the thickness we wanted, they looked like this. Oh so gorgeous:-) I *love*  this wood and I get more excited every step we take closer to this being my countertop.

But the most exciting part of the day was when Luis pulled out this carpenter's square. I had honestly never seen it before, and I picked it up and noticed my grandfather's initials on the top...G.T.K. (George T. Knight) That made me cry to see it so well-worn by my grandfather and dad and still being used by another generation. Had I just gone and bought marble countertops, I probably would never have seen it. It's the little things that are the blessings in life:-)

After stacking up the boards, I went in to deal with the sink situation. I had finally decided I wanted at least 9" depth, white, top mount, preferably cast iron, and about a 60/40 double sink. I imagined the crisp white of the enameled iron against the dark wood counter and started the search...the search that seemed to never end. 

A non-existent budget can be is a definite challenge, and the fact that I have expensive taste, makes it even more challenging. So I looked and looked and looked some more. 

I finally decided to try an acrylic sink because I found the $374 sink at Home Depot was $89 on ebay new in the box.  I mean, how bad could it be? 

This bad...

Not only was the sink cracked, they sent the wrong one. To make it worse, it was loose in the box with only one corner of the protective styrofoam. 

Amazingly, I did not give up on acrylic and started the search all over again and ordered yet another sink, this time a 33" x 22" single basin, but after making a phone call to the company to check my order this morning, there was no record of it. I took all that as a sign and decided acrylic was not for me.

CorStone 154

Then I had to start the search all over again. The *only* and I mean only cast iron sink I could find in my price range was this Jacuzzi sink, but it was only about 8.5" deep and I thought my new faucet would really overpower the 25" width. 

So I turned to stainless steel and started the search over again. Yes, that's right...again. Ugh. How hard do you think it is to find a stainless steel top mount sink that is 9"-10" deep, at least 25" wide and not the typical rounded edges? Pretty difficult then throw in my price range and it is virtually impossible. 

And then I found it. The one. The perfect sink -- stainless, zero radius, top mount, 10"deep and...
over my budget. Then my sweet husband says, "I really like that one and it needs to be a good one, so let's get that for our anniversary." 

Now a lot of women would think he is crazy and in a whole lot of trouble. I, however, could not be happier that we think the same way. I mean, I bought him a chainsaw for Christmas one year.  

So here is our anniversary present in all its beauty...

Here is the double version, but I am getting the single bowl above. I love how it looks but I am going to love the function of it more than anything. How exciting it will be to get large casserole dishes and baking pans, etc., in the sink for a change! 

Until it gets here we can't really do more on the counters because Luis wants to make the sink opening into the counters instead of cutting a hole later to save wood. We just think that way.

And for the record, I have the most wonderful and incredible husband ever and I am so very thankful for everything that we share together. Really, who gets to work alongside a spouse making countertops one day and recording music the next? It really is the little things:-)


  1. I think you will be very pleased with your choice. We had a lovely cast iron top mount, but it started rusting out after only 7 years of regular usage. We replaced it with a stainless steel sink, and the difference is amazing! The old sink is now an herb planter. :)

  2. We had a double sink of the stainless steel for probably 20 years. It will stain in time so read the directions or look it up on line and be careful what you put in it. One stain NEVER did come out.. I think it was some liquid my father poured in the sink to clean the drain out. We moved away and so the new owner had a choice to keep or replace.. He replaced it. Good luck!!

  3. Oh, Anita!!! How wonderful! I would love to have a single bowl sink, too. I can't wait to see your new countertops and sink all together. Luis sounds like such a wonderful man!!

  4. I am SO glad you finally found the perfect sink for you! What a sweet husband - mine is that way, too! I can't wait to see your new sink and counters when they are finished. Now I'm thinking I want to redo my counters but my hubby has too many other projects on the list already. Someday. . .

  5. I am loving following your kitchen redo...we have a o budget one that has been in progress for about 2 getting a sink for a gift is not that far fetched..I got one for my anniversary..a double bowl 10 inches deep on the large bowl..and 8.5 inches on the small bowl...and get this was only 15 bucks at habitat for humanity. This is one lucky gal...yep it was sorda used.. was in a new house and the homemaker decided she did not like gain...I have my forks crossed for you ...praying for no more set backs...keep us posted

  6. What a great story! My husband and I are the same way. We'll agree to buy something for the house, as opposed to individual gifts any day! Lol!! We just consider it as a gift to ourselves. The sink is gorgeous; and I can't wait to see your new countertops.

  7. That is funny cause I have asked for a storm door for my birthday:):) I hope you love your new sink. I didn't have a choice here or would have gotten a single bowl. I love following this process along. You 2 are a great team!!!

  8. Loving all of it so far, can't wait to see more. Hugs, Marty

  9. Caroldee's post inspired me to share this tip for stainless steel sink cleaning. Oxy. Yes, the laundry aid. You can do really nice double duty if you soak an item in oxy in the sink. The oxy is a great gentle cleaner for the stainless steel. Yes, I learned this from cleaning dozens of vintage tablecloths in mine!