Friday, October 25, 2013

Carolina Autumn, a sponsor, and a barn

The colors have been several weeks late here in the North Carolina mountains, but we are getting some in spots...finally.

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Blue Ridge Parkway near Balsam...

We had a barbeque at our house for my choir members a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed using the porches and back yard. Luckily, it was not too cold, although it did get cloudy. 

My mums are in full bloom and have done well over the last several years here. 

My dad let me bring out some of the old plows...

I didn't have pumpkins but I used this "candy roaster" instead. It's the only thing we ever use to make pumpkin pies. They are so sweet and wonderful. My uncle, who is a farmer, grew this one, although my mom grows them here also. 

And, you might have noticed that I have a sponsor! A real one, really!! It just happens to be April from Folky Art Candles, whose candles I love. Once I discovered her incredible scents, I knew I would never buy any other candle ever again. They are that good. This is my favorite time of year for candles, and she has so many great ones to choose from. Visit her at Folky Art Candles and stock up! 

I *had* to add some corn stalks and a scarecrow along with this antique hand plow:-)

One of the things I love to see here in the mountains are ferns hanging in old garages and barns, so we decided to so the same...

And speaking of barns, Luis shot this photo of one of my uncle's barns. This belonged to my mom's parents, and my brother and I spent many summer days in the field above picking beans and strawberries with my mammaw and our cousins. I always pretended to be Laura Ingalls Wilder:-) That field must be a mile long and in the hot summer sun, we thought we would never, ever get to the end. What wonderful memories we all have of them growing all their food, then canning and preserving it for winter. Both set of my grandparents certainly lived self-sustaining lifestyles, and so many of the things they did,  I find people are trying to learn now. This is why "reclaiming the past" is so important to me. 

...and the reason I love authentic country living...for real:-)


  1. Your fall decorations are so pretty yet simple since they are mostly from nature. I really love the old barn that's been in your family, you will always have those memories!

    Are you any where near Ashelville? We just bought a condo there. I was hoping to see autumn there but it looks more like January. :(


    1. Hi Jane, yes we are about 30 minutes from Asheville! The colors have just not been great though, so I'm sure visitors are disappointed this year:-)

  2. Beautiful scenery and garden decor Anita. It's such a lovely season isn't it? Have a blessed weekend.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love the pic of the barn. How lucky you are to have the family property all around you! We checked and our new home is just over 1 mile from the farm where my MIL grew up and my hubby worked on that farm as a teen!!! Part of it is now a park and we walked there the other day. My Joe has ALOT of memories of that farm:)

  4. Gorgeous photos Anita. I can't even imagine living somewhere so beautiful. Our leaves here in mid-Ohio have hardly turned too. Most are still very green, hanging on with all their being. We have had a couple nights in the 20's and a few flakes have been flying, so I'm sure it's just a matter of a week or so before the leaves will start flying too. And then the serious raking begins as I have 80-year old oak trees in my front yard.
    I love your nod to times gone past, as it reminds me of my roots too and the realities and joys of being brought up on a farm-like setting with gardens and fruit trees and lots of work the old fashioned way. Thanks for sharing glimpses of your memory lane :)

  5. What a delightful visit I have had! My MIL lived in Asheville for many years and autumn was always my favorite time of the year. Or perhaps spring. :) Your outdoor vignettes are amazing!

  6. Gorgeous pictures1 What a beautiful place! I would love if you stop by and link up this wonderful post to my party which is live now! Hope to see you there! Hugs, Maria

  7. Oh my word, such gorgeous pictures. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  8. Your photos of NC are incredibly beautiful. And, your outdoor decor is really beautiful, makes me want to go there in person and see it all.
    I'm new here and I've enjoyed looking through new and old posts. You have a fabulous eye for decor and I love that you use so many vintage items that came from your family. I like to use vintage items in my home. I have almost nothing from my family, but I use what I have and I pick up vintage items when I find something I can afford.
    Hugs, cindy

  9. Your photos are really beautiful. Love the one with the yellow chrysanthemums.