Saturday, November 1, 2014


 November has arrived in the North Carolina mountains:-)

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What a beautiful start for the season of Thanksgiving.

A season full of family, friends, good food and an attitude of thanks...

...thanks for all things -- great and small:-)

I'll be joining Wow Us Wednesdays


  1. Just beautiful. I live in central Ohio and no snow yet. Can't believe it is November.

  2. Beautiful snow pictures! Yes, a month of being thankful of the bounty from the Lord. Keep warm and cozy. Kathleen

  3. Beautiful shots. I am glad we don't have snow yet. Not ready for that yet:):) I am so grateful for everything, especially the change of the seasons and all the beauty they bring.

  4. That's so pretty, and I love how the leaves look against the snow. I'm in the desert, and we're happy that it's in the 70's. :)

  5. Beautiful photos Anita! We were up at our cottage last week and enjoyed the snow in our view of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We only had rain and lot of wind!

  6. There is nothing like the beauty of the beautiful fall leaves on snow...stunning photos!