Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Daytona, surgery and more

I wish I could say I'm writing to you all from here, but I am not:-)

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We have had so many things going on here, I need to catch y'all up. We were blessed to take our family on a little vacation to Daytona Beach, Florida. Being in ministry, vacations are *few* and very far between, so this one was much needed and welcomed. We had a wonderful suite on the beach just below Ormond Beach, and really enjoyed the quiet, family atmosphere. 

We took the kids down to Ponce inlet to see the second-tallest lighthouse in America. And, yes -- we all climbed the 203 steps to the top in the 100-degree sweltering heat.

It was nice to reach the top and finally feel the breeze.  

The inlet was gorgeous and so peaceful. I could have just stood there forever and listened to the wind and looked at the ocean. 

We wrapped up that day with a wonderful meal at Aunt Catfish's on the River with one of our church members who lives in the area.

We mostly enjoyed just lying in our chairs on the beach while the kids played in the water. 

Just before catching this stingray, an Argentinian man, near us, caught a small shark. There was a shark attack down the beach from us the day before, and none of us knew what the red flags were for until later that night.

Storm clouds didn't roll in until the last evening we were there when I tried to shoot photos of the kids.

But the light (not too bright) was just perfect, so I was able to get some nice ones.

We really enjoyed every single minute of this family time and are so appreciative of those who helped make it happen:-) 

We returned on Saturday, then I had gall bladder surgery Monday. This was my first surgery ever, so I thought, after hearing how simple and easy this was, I'd be up and out the next day. I was mistaken! It was nice, though, to have some quiet rest and recovery time at home. My husband was such an awesome caregiver, I'm dragging out the recovery as long as I can:-) Well, not really!

In any case, I am doing fine and looking forward to finishing my summer decor posts for you all before it's time for fall tours. I sold a photo to a magazine, which will be on news stands in August, and Country Living Magazine featured my Bohemian-chic bedroom on their site, so there are still some exciting things going on around here. 

Thanks for stopping by:-)


  1. Glad you are doing okay but girl, I would milk it! And I have come to find out there is nothing such as a simple procedure! Praying you totally recover. The pictures are beautiful and you got some purty youngins! Daytona is a nice beach to visit. Glad you enjoyed your family time. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Anita. I have had the same surgery and pray you will recover quickly. Remember these times with your children, they will be grown before you know it!

  3. Your pictures are absolutely stunning. So glad you are doing well, take it easy, don't rush things too much. Marty

  4. I glad to hear your vacation was nice and no shark bites. Your photos are gorgeous! Take it easy for a while longer so you don't have a setback. Take care!

  5. Dearest Anita - I am so happy you had such a nice (and certainly well deserved) vacay!

    Wow- your children are absolutely beautiful. Not surprising, just look at their gorgeous Momma!

    I am so so sorry about your surgery - BOTH my sisters have had that, and a sister-in-law and my MIL and my FIL - but so far my husband and I haven't had to have. Thank goodness. I've had surgeries before and they're always difficult.\

    Congrats on your magazine good news. I am so happy for you.

    Lastly, how is it being a long-time reader of your blog that I have missed your spiritual music on your side bar? Oh my goodness, what a wonderfully lovely way to worship. Loving that! God bless you with a speedy recovery. Hugs.

  6. Was thinking of you and your recovery today. Glad you are doing well. Enjoy the pampering!!! Don't rush the recovery process !
    Ormond... I live about an hour or so from it. My sister is in the process of buying a home there on the beach :)
    Beautiful photos Anita!!
    Hugs, Gee

  7. Glad you're on your way to recovery! It looks like you had a great mini vacay & your pictures of your kids are gorgeous-you're quite the photographer!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  8. Hi there! I had my gall bladder removed two years ago! Scary but put my trust in God and the Holy Spirit glided me through! Recovery took at least three weeks! Some tips! Hold a small pillow against your stomach! It will help you feel better when you walk! Be careful NOT to lift anything heavy! Including groceries for at least 6months! I would carry very light loads of food! Had to make mor trips but that's ok! Be careful to not eat a lot of fat at once! Easy does it! Best wishes! Cindy

  9. I so enjoyed the pictures of your lovely family on vacation! Your children are truly beautiful and look so happy together.

    Oh, how terrible you had to have the surgery and a not so great recovery. I have found that when I think things will be bad, they are okay. When I think simple---nope!! I pray you are on the mend now.

    Jane x

  10. So sorry that you had to have surgery... but what a blessing to be healing / recovering quickly!! Love the Daytona / Ormond Beach area!!! We are Floridians ... so this area is absolutely a "Go To" in the summer!!!! AND MAY I SAY... I'm just a tad bit jealous ... :) ...that you went to our ALL TIME FAV PLACE TO EAT in that area... Aunt Catfish's is incredible!!!!! Hope you have a blessed and safe Fourth of July!!

  11. Hope you are feeling much better Anita!!! Glad you had a great time in Florida. The pics of the kids are gorgeous. Congrats on your feature. Take care of yourself. My wishes for a speedy recovery!!