Thursday, September 13, 2018

Bold, eclectic Fall Tour

As excited as I am to share my home tour, I cannot go without first expressing my concern for our beautiful state and those impacted by Hurricane Florence. My heart goes out to everyone in the path, and I just hope there is minimal damage and that people are prepared and have taken the necessary steps to stay safe. We expect flooding, high winds and mudslides here in the mountains over the weekend, and we hope the large trees here in the woods around the house stay upright! 

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I'm so excited to be on this tour with so many talented bloggers and thankful for Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for hosting and for including me!  If you are coming over from Doreen's beautiful home at Hymns and Verses, welcome! 

If you're new here, keep reading, if not, then skip on ahead😉

I always like to give a little background for anyone who is new so, hopefully, things all make sense. 

My Puerto Rican husband and I, along with our children, live here in the mountains of North Carolina on property that has been in my family for five generations. It started as a pheasant farm, then my great grandfather came up from Hypoluxo, Fla., and bought the property, complete with gorgeous victorian farmhouse and several other buildings, to be his summer home. 

My grandmother visited on a break from her boarding school, met and fell in love with my Virginia-bred grandfather, and the rest is history.  My grandparents tore down the old house in 1960 to build a new mid-century modern house, which my parents live in now, but my resourceful grandfather bundled and stored all the wood -- from windows, stair treads and doors to wormy chestnut trim, all of which we have been slowly incorporating into our house. I like to think he did it just for me:-)

My style -- well, it's a mix of bohemian, global, vintage and eclectic. I've traveled around the world collecting unique things at every stop, and I like to use things I find on the property, at antique shops, thrift stores, my mother's attic, and just about anywhere that I can find the real deal and not a cheap copy. I care about the environment, and by using things I have, can make or are old, I hope to inspire others to do the same. I'm not a "big box decor store" designer and love things that are authentic and natural. I will use anything I find outside -- except poison oak. And kudzu.
I love color and drama, and I like authentic things that tell my story. The older the better. 

I have a pretty eclectic mix of things from family antiques to found items and collected treasures from around the world. I am passionate about recycling, reusing and repurposing and feel it's the only responsible way to live. As for color, I like it and love to mix patterns, textures and colors. I was really into pinks the last six years, but when pink got so popular, I decided to go back to another favorite -- red. For Fall, I have mostly added texture and color in fabrics and art to make things feel just a little more cozy.

Our living area is a multi-purpose room that needs to function and be pretty at the same time.  This fabulous curved sofa was a find I traded for a few months ago, and it really is the statement piece in here and comfy as well.  A mixture of kilim, woven patterned and velvet pillows add warm color and texture.

I am absolutely in love with the curve of this sofa and not only does it seem to take less room, it also wraps nicely around the wagon wheel table my dad made for me. 

The star of this room, though, really is this vintage hand-knotted persian overdyed rug I found on eBay's ecarpetgallery site. Oh my goodness, ya'll, this is my dream rug. The colors are so saturated and the pattern is a little bit geometrical and a little bit floral, so it is very versatile.  I just sit and stare at it I love it so much. 

My dad made that fabulous copper floor lamp in high school. 

In the corner, a mid-century cabinet of my grandmother's holds an inherited collection of books, some of my collection of Native art, including Bolivian, Cherokee and Navajo, Cherokee baskets and an antique basket of my grandfather's.

The inherited Chinese ancestor prints hang on windows from the old house that I lined with sheet music. 

The chaise lounge belonged to my great grandmother, and is a great place for a Sunday afternoon nap. I smile wondering what she would think if she knew we still loved and cared for it.

The hanging lamp is from the 1970s. 

On the other side of the room are two inherited chairs I borrowed from my mother. I love the print she had them reupholstered in, and l've used rust and red solid velvet pillows to break up the prints. 

Cherokee stick ball sticks hang on the wall, and Bolivian pottery, found wood, and baskets accessorize the armoire I found on craigslist last year and painted black. 

The 1969 Pieri lamp is another gem from my childhood that I cleaned up and rewired last year.

This room really is a comfy place for us to hang out and watch TV, and I want it to be warm and inviting for the fall and winter months. 

Next up is the dining space which is open to the living area. 

I just painted this wall dark gray this summer, and oh how I love the drama of it. 

The door is from the old house, and the lamp is another antique of my grandmother's I rewired. I simply added an LED Edison bulb for the nice, warm glow it provides at night. 

I love to bring leaves in when they start to turn, and have found sourwood leaves turn first and are the only branches that will do well placed in water and last for weeks. 

This buffet is also inherited along with the lamp, crystal, brass coffee pot, vase and little deers. The antlers are from the first deer my dad killed as a teen and the cuckoo clock belonged to my great grandmother.  The painting is a 1953 original by my late uncle from Montana called, Tracks of the Enemy. 

I made the dining table about 14 years ago from wormy chestnut my dad and I pulled off an old house here. I designed the iron base and had a local craftsman make it. The bench came from World Market about 13 years ago, and I stripped the upholstery and recovered it with burlap. I've added some faux fur for fall. 

I set the table with my McCoy Brown Drip pottery and woven chargers I stained dark about 8-9 years ago. 

As you can see, I'm all about red and orange this season. It's a combination I just love. There is some magic in it -- just like in nature.

I've never liked gold flatware, but found this vintage 1960s Golden Scroll-Americana Golden Heritage by International Silver on eBay. Oh boy, y'all, this is so nice and well made, unlike some of the new gold flatware I saw that had sharp edges. This is gorgeous and was in absolutely pristine condition. I'm in love for sure, and for fall, the warm color is just perfect. 

The runner is an afghan kilim rug I bought from ecarpetgallery a few years ago. I loved the texture, and it kind of gives a nod to the practice of using fine rugs as table toppers in Colonial America. And just to clarify, it was brand new, and has never been on a floor😀

The brass candelabras and brass punch bowl were inherited and on loan from my mother, and the Fostoria Baroque candle holders are vintage from eBay several years ago. I'm loving brass and glass/crystal, and that combo just seems perfect for fall,

I bought the modern Eames-style chairs last summer and we still love them. They are so comfy, and I love that little bit of modern with all the antiques. 

Next up is the music room, and yes, I changed out the retro floral curtains for these blue plaid panels I made several years ago. As I mentioned, I really like to use fabrics for texture and as seasonal accents, and this heavy dark fabric just warmed up this space so nicely for fall.

My piano is actually about 80 years old and was an online purchase I made when I lived in D.C. The 1880 pump organ was inherited and it still works. The art print, Child from the Campagna by German artist Guido Bach, is about 100 years old and was in the old house here. My grandmother hated it and had put it downstairs in her sewing room. I just love it so I rescued it from the basement, and she always has a spot somewhere. 

I've layered a couple of afghan kazak rugs from ecarpetgallery for color, pattern and the soft texture. I love these rugs, and they are super affordable. 

The antique Harden settle was originally in the old house here. It had been sold some years ago but was gifted back to me by the sweetest neighbor on my birthday. This is just one of those special pieces that I love and want to fill my home with. 

And now we are in the kitchen. 
This is just a simple space I've tried to make as homey and functional as possible with no major renovations. 

The bottom cabinets are painted in the gray color from the old house, and my husband made the  countertops from wormy chestnut boards off an old house here on the property. 

I did find this cute leaf towel at Hobby Lobby, and paired it with this older plaid towel I had on hand for a cute fall look. 

The needlepoint is one of a set and was made by a dear family friend when I was a little girl. The colors are just perfect for this season.

Another afghan rug warms up the space and provides color in an otherwise very neutral room.

I still love the shelves we added when we ripped out the upper cabinet here, and I love changing everything out seasonally. It's such a fun place to accessorize. 

I've combined lots of vintage McCoy, Hull, Pyrex, Bolivian and Turkish plates, a painted orange wood plate from Florida, Japanese rice bowls, Italian espresso cups, Cherokee cutting board and woven mat, and a 1965 radio with a vintage art print my grandfather framed. 

On the other side is the screen door from the old house I reworked for this space. Since our heat pump intake is in the laundry room, the bottom panel is not covered with burlap. 

The island is really central to everything here, and as much as I am ready to tear it out and build something one level, it functions for everything from homework, to eating and serving. 

I picked up some yummy apple turnovers and caramel apple cookies from Barber Orchard Fruitstand here. People come from miles around for these turnovers -- they're that good.  The beautiful flowers are from my mother's garden and add the bright, bold fall color I love so much. 

Next up, you can see the room I made over for my daughters HERE. The oldest just moved into her own apartment for college, so I'm still reeling from my first baby leaving the nest😭 We're in the process of redoing it for my younger daughter, so I'm excited about the new space.

My sons's room got a Star Wars makeover last summer, and he still loves it. Of course it does not look like this on a daily basis. Boys. 

Finally, the master bedroom is all ready for cozy, fall nights.

I really didn't do much in here, which is odd for me because I like change so much. I just cozied things up with rugs, linens, fluffy down bedding and candles.  The iron bed is an antique I found here on the property and restored about five years ago. 

Everything in here is antique or vintage. I just have this passion for using what I find here and putting it together with what I have, then making it all work in a unified and inviting way. 

All the doors in the house are also from the old house. I restored and hung them adding antique hardware and rim lock sets.

The chest is inherited, and the record player is from my childhood. More original art from my late uncle, and a Native wall hanging my parents brought me from Santa Fe add texture. Even the incense burner is an inherited antique from a relative who lived in China. I broke the chimney on the tole lamp and just added another LED Edison bulb, and ended up liking it this way.

I've kept with my usual all white linens and added one kilim pillow from Turkey for texture, pattern and color. 

A vintage Turkish rug adds warmth for the coming season. When it gets cold here in the mountains, a warm rug will be welcomed to step out on in the mornings.

More vintage family art, Native pottery and basket, jug turned lamp, and an inherited mahogany dresser missing its mirror. 

The red floral curtains my mom made in the late 1970s are favorites and really give this room the pop  of color it needed. 

My great grandmother's radio was in my parents' attic, and when we opened it up and found what it was, my dad told me about listening to FDR's funeral on this radio in 1945. These are the things I cherish and want in my home.

My little diy mantel is still a favorite project.

The chair was a thrift store find.

A family photo, inherited glass candle holder and candelabra my mother brought from Lebanon in 1974 mix easily with a Moroccan mirror, Navajo vase, Turkish plate, Turkish lantern and Cherokee cornbead neckace.

I think this room is warm and cozy and ready for those cold nights ahead.

So that is the tour friends!
I am so happy you came by, and I hope I've inspired you to search out the old, used and thrown away things that have meaning and incorporate them into your own homes. After all, our homes should tell our very personal stories.

Thanks again to Marty for inviting me on this tour. Please be sure to go visit her, and start the tour from the beginning. I'm sure you'll find lots of fall inspiration. All the links are below.

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  1. Your styling and house never seizes to amaze me. It's the perfect colorful and eclectic mix. Such a lovely tour as usual Anita.

    1. Thank you so very much Julia for those kind words!!

  2. Oh Anita, another great tour and I absolutely love hearing all the stories behind your beautiful furnishing you fill your home with. Such a wealth of your family history. You also amaze me with how you layer color and pattern for such beautiful spaces that invite you in to relax and enjoy. Thanks so much for joining the tours, your home is always one I look forward to seeing.


    1. Thank you so very much Marty!! And I can't thank you enough for including me on this tour:-)

  3. Sometimes when I look through these online home tours, all I see is white, cream, gray, neutral, the same ol' same ol'...... But, when I look at your home, I see vibrant colors and no cookie-cutter decor! How lovely and refreshing. Oh, and did I say super inspiring for me to stay true to my own design style and not follow the herd? Wonderful tour, cozy and inviting. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh wonderful!! That just made my day:-) I hope to inspire some individuality. Good design is good design no matter what style, color palette, etc. Thank you so much!

  4. I so much enjoyed the tour. All of the beautiful things from years past. Memories are such a large part of our life and can put you on the right path if you will just stop to think, listen and learn. There are so many people in the past that I wish I had personally known. I have truly enjoyed the tour. Thank you for opening your home for our enjoyment.

    1. Thank you so very much!! I do feel connected to my family and those I never knew through their things, and it means so much to me:-)

  5. Anita, I just found this blog through others. Let me tell you, your style is so refreshing. I love your re-dyed rugs and colors you use. Your enthusiasm for curating is wonderful. I think this one blog could have been several as you piled so much information and gorgeous photos in one blog! I plan to follow you as you have something that is different. Cudos!

    1. Thanks so much Sandi!! Yes, ha, I do put a lot into these tours since their whole home tours, and really I'd love to spread things out, but want people who don't normally come by to see everything. Glad to have you here!!

  6. Anita, your home is stunning. Your use of colour and your styling are so unique, truly one of a kind! I love how you have a story to go with pretty much everything, from small decor pieces to large furnitue pieces. I look forward to every blog posting you make and always look for ideas I can incorporate into my own home.

    1. Thank you so much!! I am all about the story, and and just happy I have my parents here and many things left over from previous generations to use. Most would throw that stuff away, but I find a way to use it:-)

  7. I absolutely love your home and love seeing how it changes over time and seasons. Praying you are safe from the storm.

    1. Thank you so very much!! We are waiting for it to arrive later tonight and still expect high winds, flooding and slides. But what has happened to the eastern part of the state is just heartbreaking.

  8. I love how you used orange with the reds in your home! So gorgeous throughout! And, I especially loved hearing the history of your home and the special pieces you have! Really makes the tour special!!! So glad you are all ok! Happy Fall!

  9. love your style.. i am in Mooresville, NC and we are getting a lot of rain and wind. Stay safe.

  10. What a feast for the eyes! I have been waiting to have a chance to sit down and really take it all in, but now I see I will have to come back more than once. What's not too love? You are truly an artist in every way! I see that you also used a few sheet music leaves on your table. I just made some this year too. Is that a cabinet with sheet music doors behind the piano? Love that too! I don't like very many mass produced music decor, it all seems to modern. I am always looking for ways to incorporate music themes with unique vintage style. So many great ideas here! Those guitars! Sighs...

    Love your organ too! Yours has that gorgeous green on the pump pedals and I love it! There is a rose embroidered fabric on mine and it is my favorite part.

    I love that your home used to be a pheasant farm!

    Your tour is a pure delight to the senses. Happy fall!

  11. I love all the rich colors in you decor --so perfect for fall!

  12. Anita your home looks beyond amazing lady! Well done my friend.

  13. oh anita- everything is so gorgeous!!! the colors, the texture, the history it's all so refreshing and inspiring. thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

  14. OH MY!!! I don't know where to begin! I love all of this! I think the colors and textures are my favorite! I am new to your blog and I look forward to many more visits! Nancy

  15. Your home is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Your home, as usual, is cozy, inviting and a treat for the senses. Of the minor changes and tweaks you've made recently, the one that caught my eye and as far as I'm concerned is a MAJOR turnaround - is replacing the floral draperies in the music room with the navy plaid fabric. I can't even explain why but it lends an entirely new look and atmosphere. A great change to an already beautiful room, but an amazing one.

  17. Wow, in a world of grey decor, your home truly stands out! I really like all you have done here. It is very inviting!

  18. I realize I'm super late to the party here. Soon, we'll all be gearing up for Christmas. I haven't been keeping up on my blogs as much as I used to. One reason is because I've been struggling with the idea that home blogs are driven by selling...for the most part. And once again, you do not disappoint. I love that you share your heart about recycling, reusing and such. My heart is there too. And I so appreciate that you have said something. And I also appreciate how you have pulled it all together so beautifully. I am not the hugest fan of mid-century modern or bold colors, but I am absolutely a huge fan of your home. I could live in your home and feel at home. It's perfection. I'm so glad you shared so much. All the best to you always!