Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Autumn Leaves

 I never use faux flowers anymore. I just don't, and I prefer to cut anything from outside no matter what kind of weed it is😉 This time of year I always gather sourwood branches because they stay nice for several weeks in water and have the most gorgeous color, but I could not find enough for my fall tour, and the dogwood branches I used, didn't last long. 

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So I was in Michael's and decided to try a few faux leaf and berry stems. I found the most realistic looking stems I could find (they were 50% off too) and brought them home. I tried to arrange them in a natural and haphazard looking way as well, which takes time to really fluff and bend every, single branch. But even with all that, the arrangement still looked faux until I added some fresh eucalyptus and hydrangeas.

What a difference that made. 

The green of the eucalyptus really made a difference, and the hydrangeas finished the look. 

It's a nice look until my sourwoods are ready, and I won't have to water. I'll just let the eucalyptus dry naturally. 

I love how they look in this little corner. It's certainly becoming my favorite spot.

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  1. So pretty. Such a fabulous bouquet with just leaves.

  2. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Wonderful warmth and use of Fall color! I agree with using what I can find outside and have been known to collect weeds along the road for arrangements. Living in Pa. we have several months where we will have very little avaliable outside. I use all the evergreens,boxwood and holly. It has always been what I think of when planting. I'm a big fan of your McCoy dishes and also use some in the Fall. I read ALL you blog. Keep up thegreat work

  3. It all looks so warm and welcoming...perfect for Fall!

  4. Beautiful photos and the arrangement looks very Autumnal mixing the fresh and faux:).
    Kathleen in Az

  5. My sisters and I call our "along the road" cuttings "roadapholia", and sometimes you just get the best color and textures from the side of the road. I really do like your arrangement, very casual and realistic. I don't know what sourwood is, so I'll be watching your blog and IG for it.