Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Appalachian Fall

I have one more Balsam Mountain Preserve post for y'all, and it's all about the outside!

I really had fun this year decorating outside, and added a couple things I had not used before.

I really wanted some scarecrows, and made this one pretty easily by putting together a wood frame, then dressing him in overalls and a plaid flannel shirt.

I added some calico patches to his overalls and raffia for hands.

I made the head out of an upside down jack-o-lantern candy basket, then covered it with burlap.

I made the same bows as on the Boarding House with random strips of cloth ripped, then tied with burlap and raffia. 

You can see the more fall decor at the Boarding House HERE, and HERE.

Is this not a fabulous view for smores? It literally changes every day as the leaves turn varying shades of yellow, red and orange.

The view off the back porch at the Boarding House is equally stunning.

Down the mountain, is the Ruby Valley Fitness and Wellness Pavilion, which houses a workout center with space for yoga, massage, and a pool.

I added some colorful mums, pumpkins and squash to the entrance.

Another spot for leaf viewing is the Outpost.

This building was constructed with reclaimed wood from Fort Thicketty, Revolutionary War-era fort located near Cowpens, South Carolina, originally built to protect settlers. In May 1780, the fort became occupied by British Loyalists under the command of Captain Patrick Moore.

I simply added some corn stalks and pumpkins for a mountain fall touch.

Back down the mountain, members and guests are greeted by full-time security at the main gate.

I really wanted to create a security guard scarecrow, and love how he turned out😉

I didn't stuff this one, but just draped him casually across the straw bales as if he's sitting -- always on guard😄

People interested in buying a home or property on the mountain, can get info here at the Sales Gallery, which was designed with my grandfather's store, Knight's Store, in mind.

Again, I added corn stalks with custom bows and an assortment of pumpkins.

At the main entrance, I could only decorate one side this year as a new rock ditch line was installed, which prohibited bales of straw on the far side. 

So I loaded up this side with straw bales, corn stalks and plenty of mums and pumpkins.

I really enjoy getting to put my touch on the seasonal decor here, especially as I'm native and love to celebrate the mountain culture here. And there is so much to celebrate this time of year!

I'll be joining:


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    1. The Balsam Inn, as such and it's 100-year history, no longer exists. It was bought and re-branded to the Grand Old Lady Hotel, sadly, but yes it is near.

  2. Wwwooowwww!!!!, I love it!!!! so much!!!!It`s so fantastic!!!!