Monday, October 21, 2019

Fall dining and music room

It seemed like fall would never arrive here in the N.C. mountains, but finally we have some cool weather, frost and changing leaves!! Give me all the fall y'all😊

I love for the inside of my home to be warm and welcoming for my family and to also reflect the beauty outside, so I always add some candles, texture and fall foliage to bring that autumn feeling in.

I changed what I had in the box and added magnolia clipped from my mother's trees, hydrangeas, seed pods and the gourds and mini pumpkins I bought for the fall tour.

I also found some thicker, taller taper candles while at Hobby Lobby and added them in different colors to the center. 

I set my table simply with the old restaurant china, napkins I bought last year, vintage International Golden Scroll-Americana flatware and my vintage L.E. Smith Moon and Stars amberina glassware, which we use for everyday. 

I made the runner out of some discount upholstery velvet I bought. It was too stiff for curtains, so I cut some up for runners, and love how it looks. This is one of my favorite textures lately, and so perfect for fall.

I also draped a red velvet runner over the piano. You might also notice I changed the light here. I found this vintage hanging lamp and loved the amber color so much that I ordered it from eBay and replaced the chandelier. I didn't want anything to compete with the vintage iron candelabra, and the smaller chandelier I had just didn't work. I love the more vintage look with the antique piano as well.

I added tea lights to these vintage glasses as well for ambience, and love the opportunity to take  everyday objects and use them for something else. 

I added more magnolia branches to the box I made from a newell post and they have just dried so magnificently. It's a simple addition to the piano, but adds to the cozy fall feel.

I just feel like I have to soak up every, single moment of this season as it comes and goes so quickly, and making my home reflect on the inside, the beauty outside, helps me enjoy it more.

Candle light, velvets and foliage are great ways to bring the outside in and are things you can use that won't cost much money, if any at all.

And I'm all about that😊

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  1. Simply beautiful. Gorgeous photos

  2. Everything is just amazingly beautiful Anita! Your talent is abounding!

  3. Oh Wow, I am in Love with this room.

  4. Your wide angle photos are so appreciated. So many times we only see close up vignettes and have no way to relate it to the entire room. I love your vintage and "homespun" decor. It certainly seems to suit your home and obviously it suits you and your family beautifully.

  5. Very very cozy and warm, certainly deserving of being "Far above Rubies"!!!

  6. So pretty! Love that amber hanging lamp!!!

  7. Just gorgeous!! I adore your style, it's so warm and cozy! That new lamp......DROOLING!!!!