Thursday, February 20, 2020

Great grandmother's Eastlake chaise

My grandmother promised me great grandmother Knight's chaise lounge when I was a young girl. I always loved it, and it went with me to my college apartment.

After I moved away from home and subsequently joined the Air Force, I left it with my mother not wanting to damage it moving from place to place. I finally did move it around with me and eventually here to this house. A couple years ago, I again stored it at my parents' house but always wanted to find a place for it. 

After moving the antique Harden mission settle to the dining table, I thought it would fit in the bedroom, and my daddy helped me move it over last week. 

I'm sooooo beyond happy to have it back, and the bedroom is the perfect place.

I paired it with great grandmother's hand-hooked rug as well and some modern pillows in different fabrics.

It goes quite nicely with the antique Eastlake dresser and mirror inherited from another relative.

My grandmother painted the lamp, and I remember it sitting on her piano. I have used it as a sculpture.

The 1950's chalkware lamp is also from my grandmother, and the radio belonged to my daddy.

Of course, most of you will remember the iron bed I found here on the property and restored several years ago. I'm still loving the pink chenille bed spread with the merlot velvet duvet. My grandmother's trunk holds many special photos and family mementos.

In the corner, on another inherited Eastlake dresser is my great grandfather's Bradley and Hubbard 1904 center-draft oil lamp. For 116 years that lamp has been part of family life here, and I hope for that to continue for many, many more.

My daddy's little cowboy boots are a special reminder that this is the place he was born and has been blessed to call home.

The oil pastel is actually the view from my other great grandmother's front porch here done in 1911 by artist Louis Rowell who passed through. Her house is still part of the community and home to another family.

I'm so happy to have my chaise back home alongside so many other family treasures that I love to surround myself with. It's important to me to reuse things I have or can find here instead of buying something new. And let's face it, these things were so well made that they are here more than 100 years later. I'm sure they will last another 100😊

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  1. What a wonderful family heirloom and I am so glad it has found its place back in your home. It fits in beautifully with your other pieces. xo Diana

    1. Thank you Diana!! It's special to me for sure:-)

  2. Oh, we had one of these at my parent's cottage. Always loved it, but we were between apartments when my parents sold everything, and sadly I couldnt' take it. Perfect place for reading or contemplating the ceiling without messing the bed. Thanks for sharing, love the fringe....!

    1. Thanks Sandi! I'm happy this is still in the family:-)

  3. Your home is so warm and welcoming, and you found the perfect location for the chaise!

  4. Your chaise is so beautiful and you styled it so glamorous.

  5. O MY!! Be still my heart!!! What a stunning piece and it looks perfect there!! Gorgeous!!

  6. I'm new to your blog, I'm not sure how I found you but am I ever happy I did. Goodness gracious! Your home is lovely. It's a jewel tone feast for the eyes. All the beautiful pieces of furniture with history to them. I'm in awe!

  7. Oh wow! Absolutely gorgeous. You are so blessed to have the beautiful family heirlooms to enjoy and care for. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.