Thursday, December 17, 2020

Christmas music room

 Hello friends! The season I love so much is getting away from me, but I’m trying to savor every moment while it’s here. It’s never been about gifts for us but the hope of Christ and the spirit this season of hope offers - and certainly hope we can all use in these dark days. 

I didn’t include my little music space in my home tour because I never felt I had it right. I cleared most everything away, and that was all it needed.

The Smith American pump organ is from 1880 and was passed down from a relative. 

I placed my great grandmother's late 1930s radio on top, which my daddy remembers listening to FDR's funeral on as a small child.

The print is over 120 years old and a favorite of mine. I added a simple swag of cedar and juniper tied with ribbon on top, and an arrangement in an antique brass vase. The little Nativity is from my childhood.

This tree is one I bought at Lowe’s several years ago, and it works well here because it’s narrow. I’ve added homemade popcorn garlands, dried oranges, paper snowflakes my children and husband made, as well as other homespun ornaments. 

I placed a plaid runner I made years ago from a tablecloth on the 1936 antique piano, along with my mother’s candelabra from Lebanon and my antique Cherokee river cane egg basket with greenery and Nandina berries.

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll remember my husband made the cabinet out of a walnut tree my dad had cut many years ago along with reclaimed wormy chestnut trim from the old house. It’s such a special piece for me❤️

This is a really small space meant to be a dining room, but when you are musicians, you put the table in the kitchen and the piano in the dining room☺️ At least we always have the option of live musical entertainment during any meal😁 

Again, using what I have or can gather outside, I’ve brought some Christmas cheer to this little corner, and I’m loving the warm, inviting feel it has this season. 

Thanks for stopping by❤️


  1. I love it! Such a beautiful room in a beautiful home. I LOVE the COLOR!!!

  2. Lovely....warm, cozy, Christmasy!

  3. Such a beautiful, cozy, nostalgic space. I love it! We have a very similar organ passed down in our family only my sister has it. I remember making those snowflake ornaments at a child and stringing popcorn. It is so wonderful that you have valued and treasured your family pieces. I have a beautiful oak dresser with an oval mirror that travelled west on a wagon train that my great aunt promised me before she passed away. I was only 17 at the time. I remembered sleeping in her extra bedroom on their dairy farm and loved laying in bed looking at it. Now at 70 it has a cherished spot in my bedroom! Oh if pieces could talk, what they could tell! Thank you again, I love your home and the history you share about pieces. That's what makes each home so special and unique are the memories and stories they tell!