Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spode and Sterling...

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! I am participating in "Tablescape Thursday" hosted by Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" and I'm excited to share a "horse-themed" table with you.

My girls started taking riding lessons this past year and are really into horses. So for Christmas, I bought them the Spode Woodland American Horses dinner plates to help them appreciate a nice table and their love of horses at the same time.

I decided to use lots of sterling with some silverplate mixed in. I just love the brown tones with the silver and white. I chose to use the antique oil lamp in the center with no flowers so the floral pattern on the china, napkins and sterling flatware could take center stage.  Hope you enjoy it:-)

There are four of these plates. This one is the American Quarter Horse.

The Standardbred...

The Thoroughbred

And the Paint...

These vintage napkins have the perfect lace pattern to coordinate with the rim of the Spode, don't you think? 

I used vintage silverplate chargers...

I borrowed these goblets from my mom...

The castor cruet set was from my great-grandmother and a true treasure for me. 

The sterling gravy spoon is Alvin "Bridal Bouquet." I have several pieces in this pattern as my sterling pattern is so old it is very hard to get extra pieces, and I find that this one coordinates really well with the floral repousse of the "Louvre."

My eight-year-old wanted to have her "Marshmallow" in the photo:-)

View from above...the runners are curtain panels. I wanted a tweed-like fabric for the center and brown silk for each setting. 

You might remember the silver oil lamp from a previous post. It belonged to my great grandfather.

I love how the sunlight streams through the french doors in winter...

The brown and white on the table really coordinate well with the brown and white outside!!

Now it's time for dinner...let's light the candles.  Do you know that candles should not be on the table before dark? Unless you are having a late afternoon tea then the curtains should be drawn and the candles lighted. That according to this lovely book: "The Art of Cooking and Serving" by Sarah Splint. You can find a copy of the 1932 book on ebay here.

I think the girls enjoyed their dinner on these lovely plates! I hope you enjoy seeing what we put together with items from around the house, or my mom's!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I love to read your comments and see your lovely tables. Please come again:-)

What everything is...
China-Spode Woodland American Horses
Vintage silverplate chargers
Sterling Flatware- "Louvre" 1893 by Wallace
Sterling gravy spoon- "Bridal Bouquet" by Alvin
Silver coffee service is by Leonard
Antique Sterling candle holders
Sterling compote
Silverplate goblets-Valero
Antique silver cruet-Meridan
Antique silver oil lamp
Napkins-vintage linen
Silverplate gravy boat- no marks
Silverplate butter dish-Oneida
Runners- curtain panels from Walmart



  1. Anita those horse plates are beautiful! Holy cow you have a lot of dishes!!~

  2. This is by far one of my favorite tables ever visited! I LOVE the horse plates and will have to try and find a set for my youngest daughter who use to race competively in the carriage racing. She would love these. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  3. I love the horse plates and the sterling silverware...I felt like I had been transposed to an English Manor! I didn't know that I had been breaking the candlestick rules...lots to learn about tablescaping! Thanks!

  4. Love the horse plates, I too grew up riding horses. The silver makes a lovely Hunt table. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, that's so beautiful. All the pieces are. The plates are really nice. Rosie

  6. Stunning! I love the dinner plates, hadn't seen them before. Your castor set is gorgeous.

  7. I love the horse plates and the way you've tablescaped with the candles, table runners etc makes for a beautiful scene! Great table, Anita!

  8. That is lovely! How sweet your girls will have a beautiful set of china when they grow up. It is good to start them now!
    Just wonderful!

  9. This is a lovely tablescapes. I do like the oil lamp and goblets, it really compliments the theme. Well done, Anita :o)


  10. That is truly one of the most beautiful tablescapes I have ever seen...where did you get those beautiful spode plates? And your is gorgeous. I have to go back and look again...STUNNING!

    Best wishes,

  11. Hi anita, your table looks so beautiful!!I love your dishes....Kathy

  12. Anita,

    We are thinking about visiting Gatlinburg area for Spring Break. We have been to several cabins but was wondering if you knew any really cool, high up with a awesome view.

  13. Another gorgeous table, Anita. I love those horse plates and those silver chargers are fantastic. I really think Marshmallow stole the show though!!

  14. My fav table of yours!!!! We like horses here as well and have our own marshmallow(stuffed). Will check into those plates. I like the vertical height the candlesticks give your setting without obstructing the diner's view and how the colors echo outside. Hope you are getting some warmer weather now - if not- soon!!

  15. Just beautiful. Understated elegance! I love it. Just my style too. I did not even know they had horse dishes. I will be on the look out for those now!

  16. Anita, what a gorgeous table! I love all your silver pieces, and those plates and napkins are so pretty. The candlelight makes everything look so warm and romantic.

    I also love the buffet with the tapestry hanging above it in the photo on your blog header. It's very similar to the look in my dining room. I love your style!

  17. Anita,
    I so glad you found my blog because it allowed me to find you! Your table is stunning! I love brown and white and the silver makes such a classic statement!
    You sound alot like me, with special items handed down from older generations. As I use my different pieces I'm always reminded of where they came from, but more importantly who they came from! I look forward to exploring more of you blog. Following you back... Dee Dee

  18. OK, I am going to start taking pictures of my tables at different times of the day and definaltely with the candles lit. Such a pretty table. I adore silver, but don't have quite as much as you do. I'm getting there slowly.

  19. LOVELY table... all the silver is FAB!

  20. Anita,

    Thank you for visiting! Your table is wonderful. I love all the sterling!

    Your blog is very interesting - I shall be back.


  21. Ordinarily I am not keen on brown, but this rocks!

    I think it is best used with bright white, and all the silver you put with it just really glams it up!


  22. Oh my, this is beyond gorgeous, this is breathtaking. I love it all. That wonderful silver oil lamp is just fantastic. All of your silver pieces are stunning and the spode is gorgeous. I am seriously drooling. Hugs, Marty

  23. This is very elegant! I could see this as a tablescape used by the owners of an established horse racing ranch. Joan

  24. ohhhh my what a beautiful table you have set!!!! love the horse theme!!!!and the silver is just beautiful!!! :P
    let me know when your having puerto rican food again so I could drop by.....LOL

  25. The silver pieces are just beautiful. I like that you skipped the florals to let the pattern in the chna really stand out...good call. The china is really unique and quite beautiful. I really enjoyed this different and traditional at the same time.

  26. I Love the combination of the rustic horses and the gorgeous silver! Beautiful table!!!! XO, Pinky

  27. Beautifully done, Anita! I grew up on a farm where we raised registered quarter horses, so I suppose that plate has to be my favorite. Your silver pieces are stunning. I love all the patterns you've incorporated and particularly love the way you've blended precious things with curtain panel "runners" from Wal-mart. Your great-grandmothers cruet set is amazing. I see those sometimes at estate sales, and they're always VERY expensive, particularly if they're in good condition.

    My favorite of your beautiful photographs is the one with the beam of light falling across the thoroughbred plate.

    Excellent post!


  28. Anita...this is just beautiful! The candlelight is wonderful! What a fabulous Spode pattern...I hadn't seen that one your girls just love it! Marshmallow was just perfect for this tablescape! :-)

  29. Sure did like this and pleased I got to see your post.
    God Bless,
    d from homehaven

  30. Hi Anita! I have something special for you at my blog, if you could kindly accept and pick it up!!~

  31. Your table settings are the cutest and I love the color scheme. Jude

  32. Gorgeous. I've seen that Spode pattern with varied animals and I've been eyeing it with hunting dogs on it, but I've never seen it with horses.

    - The Tablescaper

  33. This tablesetting is fantastic. I love the Spode pattern. I have the fish pattern. They have something for everyone! Love the horses. BTW, Homegoods now has Spode--check it out!