Friday, October 29, 2010

Photo Challenge--Architecture

I thought I would link up some photos of the little guest house in this week's tablescape (HERE) to "Photo Challenge" over at Razmataz hosted by Chania! This is the first time I am joining this party, and I thought it would be fun!! 

This house was a guest house for the "big house" but was moved to the edge of the woods when the big house was torn down. I love the late 19th century details. The sheathing underneath the clapboard is wormy chestnut...

Please be sure to go by "Razmataz" to see some incredible examples of architecture!!

Thanks for stopping by:-)



  1. Oh my - I love the light over the door! And all the rest of it. Ann

  2. Somebody needs to call Olive...this looks like her cup of tea!
    Beautiful photography Anita.

  3. What beautiful photo's you are showing us!

  4. Ooooo, I love this place! And the pictures create quite a forlorn feeling. Just lovely! Kit

  5. Hi Anita, it has good bones and details. I went back and saw your dining at the guest house post and it was lovely. It would be fun to restore but not too much...leave it a little chippy here and there. We have an old house and they cost a mint to keep up so we decided to stop doing a thing to it. It was hard but we bought another newer home much like your family did. ♥olive

  6. I LOVE these photos!! It sure would be nice to see them published in a magazine! One of my favorites (if I can choose a favorite, they're all gorgeous) is of the door with the awning...I love the light over the awning as it dips down!
    You truly have a gift! God is so good!

  7. Beautiful black and white pictures, Anita. This would be a fabulous looks nice and roomy!

    Happy weekend!


  8. Anita, these photos are just exquisite and it was fun to see the house again and all of the details just perfectly highlighted! What a fabulous eye you have! I'm very impressed and inspired to become better at the whole photography side of things. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  9. Welcome to the party! I'm so glad you posted these here. Excellent work!

  10. p.s. I sure hope everyone is feeling MUCH better!

  11. These are great photos! It almost has a spooky vibe! (Which is perfect for this time of year!) :)

  12. Loved it on your tablescape day and love it now. I have a *thing* for old houses. Don't you love the siding stuff there under the gable? If I had an old cottage, I would want it to have that.

    I need to go to that Razmataz and take a look around. In fact, I'm heading there now.

  13. Yes, Anita we do you like guys also got married around 1987. I have a lot of crystals from Mikasa, which I love, I lost 2 sets in the last earthquake here in California, thank God nothing happened to me or my 2 Boxers, my husband was very upset when he called me and found out, he picked up all the mess. He didnt want me to cut myself with the glasses, well soon I will be in my own home, God willing. Again thank you, this year we plan to use the fire place, since it's not cold enough here yet.


  14. Good Morning, Anita!
    These photos would be awesome "story starters" for kids...
    Can you imagine the stories that could be imagined from these? I'm teaching my reading students about "setting" during the month of November... Architectural photos would be great to use!
    Do you mind if I use some of these here?

    {I just visited Razmataz and her costume photos are awesome! I sent that post on to my daughter, Rachael, who attends a costume party every year.}

    Hope you are all back to good health...
    Blessings to you and your family, Anita!

  15. Anita, I think you have the best artistic shot of the challenge. The one of the door with the doorknob is the "money shot". That makes me want to go inside this lonesome looking house. Well done.