Monday, October 11, 2010

Shelia's kitchen party!!

In honor of Shelia's "Heart of the Home" party Wednesday, I was inspired to share some vintage "pinkness" in my grandmother's 1960s kitchen.

My grandparents had a beautiful Victorian home here that had been my great grandfather's summer home.

Here is my grandfather in the kitchen...actually there was originally a kitchen separate from the house, then they added one in the main house.  See the scales on top of the cabinet in the corner? My mom uses those now.

This house was torn down around 1959 to make way for a more modern "ranch" house. I am still crying over this one! However, all of the doors, windows, trim, etc., were painstakingly bundled by my grandfather and placed in a guest house that is still on the property. I have used that wood for many projects and plan to show the guesthouse in a couple weeks. 

Now for the pink can't tell from the photos, but the countertops and appliances are pink.

Pink stove anyone?? Notice her Franciscan "Apple" tumblers and pitcher on the shelves...

This was the North Carolina kitchen. She also had more kitchens in homes she owned in Florida. There are no photos surviving, but I can only imagine the kitchen in this house in Palm Beach...

I digress...obviously the pink kitchen is no longer pink as my parents live in that home now and have renovated it. My prize possession from that kitchen is my grandmother's pink Pyrex "Daisy" divided dish. My mom just gave this to me recently, and I have added a 2 1/2 quart casserole. 

I think it will go quite well with my new 1956 "Brookpark" pink hyacinth melmac dinnerware...

Don't you think? What's old is new again. I love the square plates and bowls, and I'm starting to love pink kitchens...

But I will have to wait on this pink tablescape until spring. In the meantime, I'll be frantically photographing my non-pink kitchen tomorrow for Shelia's party Wednesday. Until then...stop by and see the lovely vintage kitchen photos she has posted. See you Wednesday:-)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I will get by to visit. It just takes me a few days! 



  1. Anita, how fun that you have all these photos of that wonderful pink kitchen! My grandmother also had a pink kitchen (though not pink appliances, alas) that I remember fondly. I love your pink Pyrex and the melmac, too!

  2. I like those dishes, especially the square cups. Have a great day and I'l see you at Sheila's tomorrow! La

  3. How wonderful! Looks like you are starting to inherit your grandmothers penchant for pink! In that first photo it almost even looks like the ceiling is slightly pink too. Your grandmother must have been quite stylish. Thanks for sharing!

  4. priceless photos you have shared- admiring the beautiful wood grain of the cabinetry- my grands had something similar to them.

    looking forward to your reveal of the guesthouse and see the reclaimed wood

    where do you store all your dishes and accessories and do your kids enjoy hearing their history???

  5. Hi Anita! Oh, darling, I'm giggling a bit! Yes, my party is tomorrow but I have a feeling you're gonna make it.
    Now this is a wonderful post! What a sweet pink kitchen your grandma had. The Victorian home they had is most gorgeous! We have quite a few of these here in Galveston (not owned by me! :But lovely olden homes that have lovingly been rescued). But Your folks must have been so blessed to have had more homes all around the country! The home where your parents live is gorgeous!
    Now I'll be waiting to see your guest house!! :)
    And...I'll see you tomorrow.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I love those dishes and of course the Pink Pyrex is awesome!

  7. what a treat to come and visit i just love the storys .what a lovely home that was so happy they save wood from it its just wonderful to have apart of historyhugs Linda

  8. What a treasure you have in those family photos! How nice that you are continuing your grandma's love of pink in the kitchen.

  9. The feel of this kitchen, especially the cabinets, brought back memories to me of my aunt's kitchen in her old Victorian house. Hers was more red, but the look was the same. I always loved it as a girl.

    Love those new pink dishes, and you're right. Everything old is NEW again!

    I have been looking forward to this party. Not that I have a kitchen to share but because I'm hoping for inspiration.

    Loved your vintage tour!