Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Noritake for St. Patrick's Day and Japan

It is a dreary rainy day here in Western North Carolina, but we are safe and sound and thankful for everything we have. I already had this table set for St. Patrick's Day, and even though I had wished I had some pretty Irish china for the occasion, was glad in the end that I used my Noritake "Condoro."

This beautiful china was made in Japan, and the pattern was discontinued around 1921. I had gotten a few pieces of it, then my mom stumbled upon an entire set with place settings for about 16 and many serving pieces. We share it between us.  The beautiful green is perfect for Saint Patrick's Day.

I have chosen a very simple green and yellow runner that I made last year. With that, I have used April Cornell "Poet Jacquard" napkins in forest green with an April Cornell napkin ring.  I used my mom's vintage Anchor Hocking "Boopie" water glasses. The flatware is Oneida "Golden Julliard."

As you can see, I used the same dried hydrangeas in my grandfather's basket and large candle sticks that I used last week. Again, my goal is to show you how to use the same things week to week with a few changes to set a whole different mood.

I love this beautiful, delicate pattern...

It is such a dark day, I went ahead and added votive candles to the table...

I hope you enjoyed my Noritake "Condoro" table for St. Patrick's Day. It is a lovely thing to think about my Irish ancestors on my mother's side of the family. They withstood many hardships to come here and start a new life.

They are not unlike the many Japanese people who will be trying to put their lives back together in the wake of this horrible tragedy. My thoughts and so many prayers are for them now and will be in the coming days. They are so strong and resilient. When I was in Japan, the thing that really struck me about them was how polite and kind they were. They are so considerate of others without fault.
Americans could learn a lot from them. Watching them so calmly deal with this horrific situation with such incredible dignity is an amazing testimony to their strength and character. I trust that we will all be doing whatever we can to not only help them, but also help those in our own communities in need. When I hear people ask "where is your God now," my response is that He is there in the many rescue workers on the ground, people sending and delivering food and water, and so many others who will answer the call to do whatever is needed. He works through us when we let Him. Please remember Japan as you go about your daily lives filled with so many blessings.

Thank so much for stopping by! I do love each and every one of your visits:-)

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  1. I've been praying for the people of Japan the last few days. The devastation is is difficult to comprehend.
    Your table is beautiful. Love the Noritake china. Your gold rimmed Boopie glasses go really well with the delicate china pattern. So pretty!

  2. Anita -- what a beautiful table and a beautiful post with the reminder to keep the Japanese people in our prayers and to contribute to the relief effort. My only set of real china is my Noritake LaSalle -- also made in Japan in the 1950's -- your Condoro is beautiful. I just love hydrangeas! Joni

  3. Oh, that's such a beautiful table, and what a pretty set. I inherited a set of Noritake Blue Haven from my husband's grandma, its our everyday china, and I love it.

    I don't have a set of my own, and am just looking around for now... soon :-)

  4. Ditto. My heart goes out to the Japanese people.

    Your table is beautiful!!
    Happy St. Patrick's day to you!

  5. Anita, Your wisdom, insight and love of your fellow man and God far exceeds your years. Thank you for reminding us for what we have and indeed God is all around and with us all and with the people of Japan and their emergency workers and donaters…..May God Bless them all.The delicate china and woven place mats and gorgeous green runner are so elegant and timeless.I have two tall pillars that I asked for the holidays and will study how you have used them. Your so right, you have created so many differnt moods, styles, and decor using your items in different ways. Thank you for this post, Emelia.

  6. What a beautiful tablescape and my prayers are with those affected by the devastation too.

  7. Anita -- I LOVE your table. Such pretty china nd I have a pretty good collection of Boopie -- none that are gold rimmed though. I am always on the lookout for red and green ones. I scored some of the amber ones a few years back :)


  8. Hi Anita, I have people of Japan on my prayers
    May God Bless them.
    Beautiful tablescape I Love your Noritake china.

  9. Dear Anita, it is so true about the Japanese people and God. As born-again believers we know exactly what's happening. It's still scary to watch these things unfold right before our eyes.
    Your table is beautiful, as usual ;o)

  10. Your table is beautiful, as are your words and thoughts Anita. I can bare to watch the devastation.

  11. This was a beautiful post on every level Anita! Not just your gorgeous tablescape with that lovely china but also your words about the tragedy in Japan. It truly is unreal when you see those images and yet we trust in a loving God and there is tremendous comfort in that!
    Thanks so much for always adding a healthy dose of "reality" when it would be so easy to just focus on the fun, pretty stuff. :-)

  12. Oh my, your china is SO BEAUTIFUL! You have taken a dark rainy day and made it warm and wonderful! I share your sentiments about the horrilbe situation in Japan, very well said! Cross your fingers my internet lets me post!!!!

  13. I am loving all the green around blogland this week...your china is beautiful. I just love those candlesticks more each time I see them!
    My thoughts are with the Japanese people, I cannot imagine the horrors they are facing.

  14. Beautiful china!! The table is gorgeous.

    I love what you have written in reponse to Japan.
    I couldn't agree more to what you said about where God is now.
    Not only is he with those people who are helping and giving aid but with all the rescue dogs helping to find victims.
    Beautiful post...so well written!

    Pamela xo

  15. Hey beautiful Anita...you have done an incredible table. Your Noritake is gorgeous, and just the thought that it's from that beautiful and now debastated country, it's sooo sad! May God and St. Patrick help them and bless them with the strength they need to go forward! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us.
    Come over again and visit me, you'll make me happy for this days there's so much sadness going around with all of us, as this affects everyone in different ways.
    God bless you pretty girl.

  16. These dishes are so beautiful Anita! Love the great green and gold border-enjoy:@)

  17. Your table looks fantastic. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  18. That is a beautiful table.. I love the pattern. How fortunate you and your mother have it to share. I love how serene everything looks. Every part of it is perfect. I will continue to pray for the Japenese people.. the largest tragedy I have seen in my life time. My heart breaks for them. We never know what our future holds.. I am sorry they have seen destruction so complete two times now.

  19. lovely table!
    So pretty...you've done an excellent job!

    God bless,

  20. Hi Anita,

    I love your Noritake china pattern! It is such a delicate design, and I often gravitate towards that style. My MIL has a lovely set of Noritake with a delicate pattern that belonged to her mother, and it sets such a beautiful table. I also love your drinking glasses, and the table runner is perfect for St. Patty's Day.

    I am also in North Carolina, and it was just as dreary in the Piedmont area (cold as well). It seems like a reflection of how the world is feeling at the moment. We are all mourning for Japan's losses. But I have seen many prayer requests online, and that's uplifting because we know how great the power of prayer can be.

    Thanks for sharing your table and your thoughts. See you Thursday at Susan's.


  21. Hi Anita!

    What a lovely table you've set to dispel the gloomy skies! Your china is perfect for the occasion as are your lovely napkins & table runner. LOVE those "Boopie" glasses, too.

    I've been away & had only spotty wi-fi, thus unable to post to anyone's blogs, including my own. Its SOOOO nice to be back to play with you & the other tablescapers! I've missed visiting you!


  22. P.S. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new close-up photo of you!!! You're Gorgeous!!!!!

  23. Preach it, Sister Anita! I feel the very same way. The tragedy that has befallen the Japanese people is yet another demonstration of their incredibly even demeanor. No looting or rioting or any of those crazy things we often witness when tragedy strikes here in America. My husband and I both remarked how orderly and calm everyone appeared, even in the face of utter loss. OK...that being said, your table is a lovely tribute to both your heritage on your Mother's side AND to the people of Japan. I'm with you on reusing elements from tables past. Heck...recycling and reusing demonstrate real skill. There is very little that I will buy if I can't right off the bat think of at least 5 ways to use it! We have an event coming up in Kansas City in mid-April called the Re-Event. It is an opportunity for people to bring their gently used wedding and home decor to one central location to sell. Kind of like an upscale swap meet. I hope it becomes an annual event. There are so many different ways to use decorative items! Oh...and I LOVE your candlesticks! They look to be about 18" tall. Beautiful! Lovely table for a dark and gloomy day. I hope your St. Patrick's Day is filled with joy and sunshine! Have a good one!

  24. This is one of my favorite tables that you have done and absolutely my FAVORITE china pattern you've used. It's beautiful, so very much my taste.

    I loved it all, and can I just say a quiet AMEN to this part?

    "When I hear people ask "where is your God now," my response is that He is there in the many rescue workers on the ground, people sending and delivering food and water, and so many others who will answer the call to do whatever is needed. He works through us when we let Him."

  25. What an absolutely gorgeous table! Your china is so pretty and I love the basket of hydrangeas you used.

  26. A gorgeous table Anita and wonderfully thoughtful words. Thank you!

  27. I just fell in love with your china! it's soo very pretty. You set a lovely table and the table runner you made is perfect with the dishes.
    Been praying for those in Japan, makes one grateful for what we have. and also aware that all we have can be gone tomorrow.

  28. Beautiful table. Your Noritake china is exquisite. Love that green in the border. Your table honors both St. Patrick and the people of Japan. It's a beautiful tribute of meditation for me. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  29. Your green china is so beautiful. I love the candle lit table. Lovely!

  30. This was a beautiful post in so many ways. Your table is gorgeous but your thoughts and sentiments are truly inspiring. This is a terrible situation for the Japanese and their heroism and altruism is so admirable. I am having a blogging day of silence tomorrow in honour and remembrance of the Japanese. It doesn't seem much but maybe our collective prayers will help.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the week and Happy St Patrick's day!

    Best wishes,

  31. Beautiful china, beautiful table and beautiful sentiments. You have a very big heart.

  32. What a beautiful table. Our prayers are with those poor people. It seems to get worse every day!
    Thanks so much for joining in my blog crawl.

  33. I agree with your sentiments about the devastation in Japan and how the people are dealing with death and loss of worldly goods, homes, and jobs with diginity. I have heard of no looting being reported as sometimes happens here in the USA after a disaster. In the midst of our "plenty" I pray that we as a nation will share with them and offer help in many ways. May I compliment your table as it is truly lovely and so unique with your gorgeous china. Your grandfather's basket and candlesticks "tone down" the formality of the china, silver and crystal. I really like it and it comes across as very warm, cozy and inviting.

  34. Blessing to you, and Happy St Patrick's Day.

    Just aweful for the Japanese.We just don't ever know what can happen.

    Your St Patrick decor is wonderful.


  35. Anita,
    Your table is beautiful! I love that you use the same things over & over. I am learning to do the same...Thank you!
    The last paragraph said a mouthful! I am in awe of the Japanese culture. What a beautiful people! You are right Americans can learn alot from them, only if they chose too.
    Blessing to you,

  36. Beautiful table, I really like the combination of candlesticks, hydrangeas and table runner.

    Thank you for putting into print your feelings of God's help, and the amazing strength of the Japanese people. When I think back to the New Orleans disaster, I am embarrassed for my Americans, and awed by the Japanese.


  37. Gorgeous dishes, I have never seen them before. Your table setting is beautifully put together, looks great!

  38. This pattern is just gorgeous and that was some lucky stumbling!!!! Your table looks beautiful and, as always, your table runner is perfect with your settings!

  39. Your china is beautiful and I love your mom's glasses. I agree we are so fortunate and should keep Japan in our prayers.

  40. Your St. Patrick's Day tablescape, set on a cloudy dreary day, was witness to the knowledge that the dark cannot overcome the light...EVER. The glow from the votives...the prayers and thoughts for the people of Japan and the hands of God here on earth who will reach out to them because of His loving kindness....a beautiful testimony. Not as huge a tragedy, but when the bomb went off at the Murrah Building, there was no looting in our city...the people of Oklahoma City ran toward the building...not away...it was a time of great suffering and great witness to the love of our mighty God through His people. I remember the front page of the New York Times showed a picture of some of our skyscrapers...with lights left on each night in the shape of a cross, shining over the site. To this day, people refer to 'the Oklahoma Standard.' I stand on the teaching that God can take a curse and turn it into a blessing. I believe that He will do just that for the people of Japan. I pray that they will turn to Him. Thank you for sharing your lovely design and your heart for Japan. Cherry Kay

  41. oh my where have i been oh yes my puppy is takeing up all my time it seems .I just love the table as always you are just a talent at putting things together .It was a lovely thing to see how you mentioned the poor people of Japan they are for sure wonderful kind loveing people It is so hard to see what they are going through i pray everyday for them .And to hear you mention the Irish yes they to have gone through hard times people seem to for get the potato famien.I just knew there was something xtra specialabout you it must be the Irish in you lol.Irish women are a strong bunch for sure i know because my Mom was one of them she left me many words to live by some i cant repeat lol.Thank you for posteing this it was a pleasure comming to read and see :)

  42. Anita,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment.
    I just love your gorgeous blog and all that you share. Your beautiful comments about Japan and the Japanese people moved me to tears....you worded it so perfectly!
    This was so right on:
    "When I hear people ask "where is your God now," my response is that He is there in the many rescue workers on the ground, people sending and delivering food and water, and so many others who will answer the call to do whatever is needed. He works through us when we let Him. Please remember Japan as you go about your daily lives filled with so many blessings."
    Thank you for sharing so beautifully!

  43. Anita,
    I meant to tell you that I loved the book; Perfect English Cottage...right up my alley!:)

  44. Sorry I missed this posting! What beautiful china that is. I love the coloring and the flower design. Combined with the table runner, the hydrangeas in the basket and the woven chargers it is country elegence!

  45. Beautiful tablescape and beautiful comments about Japan. The people of Japan are wonderful examples of great dignity, in how they are dealing with this unimaginable nightmare.

  46. A beautiful romantic table for a dreary winters day. You are so right about God being all around us- we just have to take the time to notice that he is there.

  47. Anita, this is lovely. I like your Noritake dishes. I used to sell some Noritake china at a gift shop where I worked in Tallahassee many moons ago, and I've always liked it. Yours is particularly pretty.

    Hope all is well with you. We had awful storms, and we ended up with two huge trees in our backyard. PTL that they missed the house by five, count them, FIVE feet. Scary.

    Sending you warm hugs across the miles, my friend...


    Sheila :-)