Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Cottage kitchen!

Hi all! I wanted to share a few touches of Spring in the kitchen. It seems like we are back in winter now, but at least the sun is out. The wind is blowing everything away here!

As for the kitchen, all I did was add some Forsythia blooms from outside and move a few things around. I brought out some glass canisters for dry goods, and a couple plants.

So, I love color! This red is "Red Fox" by Kilz. I love it because it's not cherry red nor does it have any purple tones. 

The 8-year-old Bunn coffee maker needed to be replaced, so we borrowed the percolator from my mom while awaiting the new one. I love my Bunn coffee pot:-) Notice the beautiful plate Dana from "Ranch Dressing" gave me. 

This is one of several Mexican pottery pieces that I have found in different places.

And yes, there is and will always be refrigerator art here!

These are the Spring touches I added to my kitchen. Simple changes can really make a difference, and keep things fresh.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I love reading your comments and try to get back to all of them.
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  1. Hi Anita, So nice to see your gorgeous kitchen and views into your dining room. I love color also and the red is rich and inviting. All of your pieces of global pottery, dishes and candlesticks look like they were made to be used together. The cross above the door is timeless of course, we have the similar crosses in the foyer. Anita, you always have such an eye for putting everything together with such class. Thank you for letting us visit on this chilly spring day, hope you stay well and take care to my friend, Emelia.

  2. Your kitchen looks wonderful. I love your plates. The forsythia adds just the right touch of Spring.


  3. Your kitchen is so pretty, Anita {your whole house is!}. I love your pottery and the forsythia is a beautiful spring touch!! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Anita, you kitchen looks ready for spring. The Forsythia branches really add a nice touch and pick up the yellow of the dining space. ~ Sarah

  5. HI Anita! I love your kitchen! Can you tell me what the counters are? It looks like the edges are tile but what is the surface??? It is so pretty! I love your Spring touches! I decorated for Easter/Spring today if you would like to come on over for a visit! XO, Pinky

  6. Love this ENTIRE room, Anita! Your colors are vibrant & alive...just like YOU! :D It makes me happy just to see it.

    I have one of those big glass jars too. I just took it downstairs to the sewing room. I think I need to get another one though.

    I'm anxious for Spring, too. Pretty soon, though, I bet we'll all be complaining about the heat. LOL


  7. I love your kitchen. It has so many of the colors that I love. I think the forsynthia looks so great that if it were still blooming here, I'd copy you!

  8. Hi Anita!
    Those forsythia sure light up your lovely kitchen. I should have cut some today, it was the first warm day we've had, made it to 50! But I was busy unloading my bargains for my post! LOL
    Have a great Sunday!

  9. So glad you're back, I was beginning to worry about you! The kitchen looks so cheery and bright and ready for spring!



  11. Hi Anita, I love your kitchen, colour and all! I like that it's open to the dining room with the island, great for company to join in. Your various plates on the counter are really beautiful. Pam

  12. I have been patiently waiting for a new post, and you did not disappoint! Your kitchen is beautiful. I love the color of the walls and the Mexican pottery adds such warmth. Wish I could just drop in for a cup of coffee :-) xo,

  13. The forsythia is beautiful, Anita, and your plates too. You have a cute and orderly kitchen...Christine

  14. Hi Anita! Oh, your kitchen is just so lovely! I love all of the pretty decorations you have around! Your wall color is wonderful.
    I'm having a Show Us Your Favorite Cupboard on Tuesday and I would love for you to come.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  15. I forgot to add - I LOVE the backsplash. Is that an "Anita Original" design? ;-) xo,

  16. Hi Anita! I love your kitchen and your home. You and I have a very strong feeling for color in our homes...I could never imagine white walls either. That is not to say I don't like it for fact when I see it I admire it in their homes. Your kitchen is so happy!

  17. I adore you kitchen and just want to sit at the bar and hang out! I love color and miss having it in my new home. My last kitchen was a green that had lots of blue in it. It was so cheery! This house is so different and so open that it is hard to try to paint deep rich colors that would go through all the rooms. I am in a neutral mode right now, but I don't know how long it will last! I just love the vibrant colors! Your forsythia is so pretty! It always makes me think of my grandma's house. She had two huge forsythia bushes on each side and I just loved when they bloomed out!

  18. Hi Anita! I'm so jealous that you have real forsythia blooms to use...I just have to use "faux". Everything looks just lovely and I agree that I can't imagine my walls being white! Your home always looks so warm and welcoming, a true reflection of its owner! :-)

  19. it looks so vibrant with all the wonderful colors the pottery everywhere is lovely .Your kitchen looks like it is so much fun to cook in its so happy looking.It a wonderful gathering space i love the chaddy to so pretty as always Anita your home is warm and welcomeing :)

  20. Dear Anita, your kitchen is lovely. A big kitchen can stand up well with strong colours. Mine is small so it's cream at present but will be white soon ;o) Thanks for a peek inside your home :o)
    Have a blessed Lord's Day.

  21. Anita:

    It's wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays! Your kitchen is so bright and welcoming. It's amazing how a few little changes can make such a difference.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Lovely kitchen and I love the colors! Your kitchen gives a hug!

  23. It's so much fun to change things around for each season. Your kitchen looks very inviting and I like all the colorful plates and jars. Have a good week.

  24. Hi Anita!
    Your kitchen is lovely. You always have great decorating ideas and add the right touches to your home.
    My sister-in-law and I were just talking about our new ideas for kitchens today ... she and my brother are going for a look very similar to yours. She is thinking of black appliances and natural cherry. Do you have cherry cabinets? They have a wonderful grain like cherry, and are a lovely light color.
    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  25. Hi Anita your kitchen is beautiful just like the rest of your home!! Martina

    PS- Just became your newest follower:)

  26. Hi Anita, Your kitchen is very gorgeous!

    Hugs, PuteriFauziah

  27. Love your spring touches and I LOVE your kitchen wall color. Joni

  28. Sweet Spring Blessings to you! ready for pleasant weather I could sing and dance around the room.

    The splashes of nature do a nice thing to a room.

    It's been a lllooonnnggg winter.
    God bless,

  29. You did a really great job! Thank you for sharing this at Masterpiece Monday. Have a great week, Mary :O)

  30. Beautiful and, I'll give you my best compliment......homey, which to me means lots of comfort and love. Thanks for referencing me but those plates are YOURS now! And by the way Far Above the Rubies readers, the generous Anita more than compensated me for those plates. I love blog people!

  31. You did a really great job! Thank you for sharing this at Masterpiece Monday. Have a great week, Mary :O)

  32. The forsythia is beautiful Anita and I love your kitchen so springie and beautifully decorated! Love it!

  33. You are one talented lady! And very blessed. xo,

  34. Beautiful kitchen. I love red walls and the yellow adds a special pop to it.

  35. Warm and rich colors! Love it! I love forsythia, it really is a first to bloom in the spring and it's such a great color! Your kitchen is lovely, it looks so easy to move around in!

  36. Hi Anita! It's been so long since I've been able to stop by. It's all I can do to post these days. Dad's been in the Hospital for the past 3 months with lung problems. I've been staying with my parents helping out til he gets back on his feet.
    I love your opening post shot. The whole space is so inviting. The forsythia just adds the right pop. We've had some pretty good weather around here upper 70's, yesterday was stormy, but nothing terrible. Sorry you're still having toucjes of winter tho. Just think the Wild roses and rhodedendrons'll be on the hillside in time.

  37. Wow, what a beautiful kitchen. I love the layout and your counters...what is the surface? such a pretty color with the red walls. and of course I love all your Talavera and blue and white dishes. That Talavera canister is exquisite!

  38. Hi Anita I love your spring kitchen beautiful I love all your talavera.

    Yes I'm ready on May 27, we're all leaving to Florida driving 700 miles per day , thank God
    I'm going to be with my family, my mom is not doing ok

    Thank you for your comments.


  39. Anita,

    Such a lovely home!!!

    I love all the color. Beautiful!

  40. Hello Anita,
    thank you for this post with lots of inspirating photos. I really love to see all the beautiful Talavera and Mexican pottery.
    Greetings, Johanna

  41. I too, would love to know how you did your counter tops. They look awesome!! Thanks!!

  42. Oh my!!! I just found your blog as a link from Affordable Accoutrements. Everything is lovely, but as (another) minister of music, I HAVE to know where you found the paper towel holder???
    Many thanks for any information!!
    jbmusik at yahoo dot com

  43. Anita, I was blog surfing tonight and decided to stop in and visit. I absolutely love the red walls in your kitchen. I felt the same way. I chose a persimmon red and had it glazed with a mocha glaze. It made a wonderful burnished red and a lovely contrast to the gold walls in the family room. Your kitchen is gorgeous!