Friday, January 20, 2012

A glass half full...

I wanted to share a wonderful blog by an incredibly inspiring person, Heather Von St. James.

Heather emailed me a little bit about her amazing story, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Heather was diagnosed with Mesothelioma; a type of cancer that kills 90-95% of those who have it when her beautiful daughter Lily was just 31/2 months old. Very risky surgery involved removing one of her lungs, but not only did she survive, she is stronger than ever.

"...So many people assume that having one lung would make life difficult, or would mean I was not as capable of doing so called “normal” things that other people do. But instead of seeing myself with “just one lung” or the glass half empty, I prefer to look at the other side, or as they say, glass half full. I only had cancer in one lung and nowhere else, so in taking the one lung, I’m going to live a lot longer. I think that is pretty awesome!"

Six years later she is still here and cancer free! "I'd like to turn my pain into purpose and become someone that other parents can look to for guidance," she wrote.

Please go by Heather's blog and visit her HERE. You will be so inspired to make a difference in someone's life, but also to not take anything in your own life for granted.

We tend to get caught up in paint colors, and moving things around, or what color granite someone has when in actuality, none of that really matters at all in life. Making the most of what we do have then sharing that with others is so much more important. Heather is a survivor, and she has taken what she was dealt and has turned it into something positive for anyone who comes into contact with her.

I am so thankful she shared her story with me, and I know you will be blessed by reading it. 

I'm going to link Heather's story up to Spiritual Sundays so please go by there.



  1. Oh my...what an inspiration to me this morning! Love this post and what a blessing. God is so good! Headed over there now to check her out!

  2. Thank you Anita for sharing this important everyday miracle.....That God lets us wake up and take care of our loved ones is amazing. I agree, sharing is so vital to living out God's plan for us. many thanks, and I am grateful to have found you and your wonderful blog. Take care:)

  3. An amazing story -- thanks for sharing with us Anita!

    Wonderful Weekend Wishes!


  4. This girl is an inspiration. I am so glad she is enjoying good health. Thanks for featuring her story, Anita. xo

  5. What a sweet and amazing story. I am so inspired. I wish all the best for Heather!


  6. Anita, Thx for sharing this story!
    We all need encouragement!!!

    God bless you and may you have a sweet week-end,

  7. Awesome inspiration! It touched me to read this post because I went through something similar eight years ago, only it was my youngest son that was sick at the tender age of 12 years old. He is 20 today and healthy as a horse. Thank you for sharing this, I will go check our her blog right now!

  8. Anita, thanks for telling us about Heather. What a miracle! It's always good to hear some true Godly inspiration! On a mundane note, thanks for the info on the table box. I did see your comment, but appreciate you emailing as well. Mine was actually 7 1/2 inches tall - a little too tall - and hubby graciously took the circular saw and cut it down to 6 inches tall - much better. I, too, made it long enough so that people could sit at each end. Oh, I have those charges from Walmart AND Italian Countryside! How about that?! Obviously I like your taste!Linda

  9. This is just the kind of story I love to hear! Every time I hear a praise like this, I'm filled with hope.

    Would you consider linking this to a new blog hop at Angel's "Finding the Inspiring?"

    It's a blog hop intended for just this purpose, to shout out a blog or a blog post for others to see.

  10. This is a beautiful story. Life truly is what you make it and she chose to see "good" in what happened to her. It just goes to show you that Life is always good, no matter what is showing up at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Obviously God needed her testimony for others to see and believe. Am glad she is doing so well. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Heather does have an amazing story!

    So nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by. If you are in NC, you are in a beautiful place for sure. Waynesville is gorgeous and so peaceful, enjoyed my visit a lot.

  13. Thank you for sharing Heather's amazing story with us. What a great attitude she has. I know her story will inspire many who may be facing similar circumstances.
    Many blessings,

  14. I'm glad you shared her story! I think the line I liked best was "I only had cancer in one lung and nowhere else, so in taking the one lung, I’m going to live a lot longer." ...Now to visit her link...

  15. Bless you, I am truly inspired.

  16. Wow! What an inspirational story and truly makes us grateful for what we have in our lives!

  17. Hi Anita ~ My latest post
    is also about Heather. One
    of my readers led me here.
    It is great to get the word out
    that there is HOPE for this
    type of cancer. Love your

    xx Suzanne