Monday, January 9, 2012

"Your Glory" is out...

Hi everyone!

In lieu of a tablescape or decor project, I am starting this Monday with some great news! Our contemporary Christian CD, "Your Glory" is now available on itunes here:

Anita Diaz - Your Glory

You can also listen to another song, "Be Near Me" on the tunecore player on the sidebar.

As many of you know this has been a long, difficult process for us, but we kept our faith and finally got it done. We are thankful that God saw us through it all. It is a testimony to our faith and our goal is only to glorify God and encourage others to Him. For more info, etc., you are invited to check out our website HERE and go to our facebook fan page.

Thank you to all of you who have been so supportive and encouraging.  I have to say that this group of people here in "blogland" is the most encouraging and inspiring I have ever been around. I see everyday how you all encourage each other, and me, and that is just not the norm in this world. Every time I read a news website and see the negative and mean comments people leave on news articles, I am seriously discouraged for the future. visit around here reading your positive and uplifting comments, and I know there is hope. Luis and I just want to offer hope and encouragement through this music.  If one person's day is brighter because of it, then we have achieved what we set out to do.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you are blessed!!



  1. Congratulations on your CD, Anita!!! That's wonderful!!! Your hard work and determination have paid off handsomely! My Flash Player isn't working (again!) for some reason on here, so I'll have to wait until I get to another computer to take a listen. I just think it's cool that you have done a CD with uplifting music for people to enjoy! I know what you mean about the increasingly negative and hurtful comments left on media sites. I am often shocked at the language I see used and the awful sentiments of obviously ignorant people who just don't care about anyone but themselves. It's sickening and sad. The love we enjoy in this corner of Blogland, however, is wonderful and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Congrats once again, and I wish you the best as your CD goes viral!!!

  2. Congratulations Anita and Luis!!! What an amazing accomplishment and testament to God! I am so proud of you and now how much work you have put into this. Now I need to download my new iTunes card and buy! Yeah!!!!! I am so excited for you guys!!!

  3. Congratulations. How exciting. I know God is pleased....well done faithful servant.

  4. Clearly using your God-given talents in so many areas!

  5. Congrats to you both Anita. It is fabulous! You should feel so proud and happy.

  6. Hi Anita, Our heartfelt congratulations to you and Luis. God has placed you for all of us to to be encouraged and uplifted by you and Luis. I will pray for your outreach, success and strength to continue all your good works. Thank you for everything and may God be with you all and watch over every step and ministry you selflessly live every day.Love your friend Emelia and family.

  7. Congratulations on your CD!! That's such a great start for the new year! I hope you got your microwave resolved too. Your header looks so lovely and inviting.

  8. Hi Anita!
    Oh this is fabulous that your songs are available on iTunes. I bought an iPod this summer and have been slowly adding music to it.
    I've previewed all your songs and it will be fun downloading them!

    Martha Stewart's cookie app and her free podcasts are fun too!

    I hope your winter has been a calm weather wise as ours. Today is the first day we had "real snow" ... only about 4" but it's pretty to see everything in white. I kind of liked having a warmer winter though.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!
    ps. Are you replacing your microwave? I read that last post! I'll bet that was quite a morning!

  9. Congrats Anita, I'm so excited and thrilled for you. I know what you mean about these wonderful folks here in blogland. When I come here and read these wonderful blogs, I am always so uplifted.

  10. Anita:

    Such great news! Congratulations.

    - The Tablescaper

  11. Felicidades por su CD, me fascina su música.

  12. Congrats to you both on the new CD. Very happy for you! I hope it does well! Following along on Facebook!

  13. Came back to say that I went back to get caught up on some of your blogposts that I missed b/c of Christmas being a tad busy ;o) and saw the cathedral picture. I'm not sure where it was taken, but it looks really familiar. Point is, it reminds me of the one in "The Sound of Music". Also, if you get a moment and think about it, would you share w/ me the maker of your piano? Having one is one of the 2-3 items left on my furniture 'bucket list', and while I have some ideas, I'm certainly not a professional when it comes to selecting one. So, if you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Thanks and have a good week. I'm headed out of town for a few days, but if you leave me a msg, I can respond when I return (or you can now leave me a msg on FB). Thx, and happy almost weekend!