Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aunt Jody's Birthday

Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for your comments on my pillow post! Several of those are actually slipcovers, so they can be removed and changed, which is always a good thing.

I wanted to share some highlights from my Aunt Jody's birthday last Friday.

I had been planning a luncheon for the ladies from my church who live in my community, and I was thrilled when the date fell on my aunt's birthday. Since she was the postmaster in this community for many years, she knows everyone, and everyone knows how caring and thoughtful she is. 

I decided to use my J & G Meakin "Romantic England" transferware with a Mikasa "Italian Countryside" service plate. I used sterling flatware from 1893, "Louvre" by Wallace and Sons, and Durand Cristal D'Arque "Longchamps" crystal iced tea glasses. The luncheon napkins are vintage and passed down through the family. 

I filled the box with green hydrangeas and pink Rose of Sharon blooms from my mother's garden, as well as white hydrangeas.

I plated everything before my guests arrived to make it easy. 

My mother's homemade chicken salad was incredible on a croissant. The salad is one I remember my grandmother making, and thought these ladies would enjoy. It includes a layer of crispy lettuce, pineapple chunks, a dollop of Duke's mayonnaise, and grated cheddar cheese on top. Is that southern or what? Honestly, it is just wonderful and actually, my grandmother always used a pineapple ring instead of chunks. I made little cucumber sandwich bites to finish out the plates. 

We also had Mango/peach/lemonade iced tea, which is my version of a recipe that Yvonne at Stone Gable posted a couple years ago. It's a sugar free tea and we drink it by the gallon here. I wish I had gotten a photo because it was the prettiest pink color. 

And for dessert, I made individual trifles that included strawberries, blueberries, angel food cake, vanilla pudding and whipped cream. 

I made Aunt Jody a cute shopping bag, which I didn't get a photo of, but I planned on giving her two, so I'll show the other one after I sew it up. 

We enjoyed our lunch, and we had a great time of fellowship. Everything was really simple and easy, but I think still had an elegant look.

Thanks so very much for stopping by!! Our children started school today so maybe getting back into the routine will help me get more accomplished!

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  1. what a beautiful table setting Anita..

    I know all your guests were smiling.

  2. Beautiful Southern hospitality and love jumps off your table top and offerings!Love your ideas and and will remember them. One of my favs and family, chicken salad. No Duke's up here...:(. Thank you for sharing your Aunt's luncheon, and great entertaining tips Anita. Take care friend.The new wall color is gorgeous.

  3. Anita you always put together such beautiful tablescapes!! I love it!

  4. What a beautiful table and the food...oh my! It looks yummy! What a fun day! Happy Birthday to Aunt Jody! I am still loving your new blue walls!

  5. What a simple but lovely luncheon! I'd love to have the recipe for your iced tea drink - it sounds wonderful. I need things sugar free at my home. Your table was beautiful, as always. So inspiring!

  6. Anita, This all looks lovely!
    Love the BLUE.....thinking about blue in my house.
    This time of year cooler colors warm my heart and soul.
    So very pretty,

  7. Gorgeous tablescape and the red transferware is perfect for a birthday luncheon! The J.G. Meakin china was also produced by Wedgwood in the 90's in red and other colors and I love the Romantic England pattern. A happy celebration for your aunt and friends with the chicken salad on croissant and it's my favorite to order at a tea room. This is southern and fun, too.

    Thanks, Pam

  8. Anita, this looks beautiful! I am sure the ladies had a fabulous time!! The tea sounds delicious. I need to add that recipe to my collection. As always, just lovely, my friend!

  9. Everything looks beautiful. I am sure your aunt had a wonderful day. xo

  10. Anita, what a beautifully set table and a lovely luncheon! I adore your table AND the centerpiece box that you always change out.

  11. Elegant simplicity :-)
    Luv it.. I know your guests felt very luved.

  12. A totally lovely luncheon table. I love the centerpiece, the runner and of course, your gorgeous red transferware dishes! Beautiful everything.

  13. Anita, the table looks so lovely. Still coveting/loving your box. It looks grand with the flowers in it. The burlap around the edges give it such a beautiful soft look. Love the dishes and the flowers.. Antique silver is just the best accessory one can have!! Beautiful. xo marlis

  14. Anita that box is so perfect for that table no matter what you put in it! Love the dishes and beautiful runner!

  15. What a wonderful way to make your Aunt feel so special! Your table looks fresh and summery. As always, the wooden box centerpiece looks fabulous. I like your runners, too!

  16. Your table looks elegant. Your menu sounds wonderful. I know everyone enjoyed their lunch with you!

  17. Hi Anita,

    You created such a BEAUTIFUL table to celebrate your aunt's birthday. I love the table runner, the box with flowers, and your dishes, flatware, and crystal. The food looks wonderful, too. Your aunt must have felt so special!

    I've enjoyed looking at your new decor and colors. I love the blue. Your pillows you made are darling, and your kitchen is looking good. I look forward to seeing the whole thing.

    We just had our kitchen renovated (it took about four months) and I'm over the moon excited. I'm so anxious to show the "reveal", but I want to wait until I have my curtains and everything on the walls. I tried to give it something of an English feel where I could. Hubby and I are both very happy with it.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  18. Simply elegant! This is a gorgeous tablesetting, and the plate of food looks delicious. Love chicken salad on a croissant is one of my favorite lunch items. I'm in love with that long box down your beautiful dining table. Did you have that made?

  19. Lovely table, Anita...the food looks delicious!

  20. Anita, what a beautiful, exquisite tablescape. Your photos are wonderful and I bet your Aunt was very touched my your loving hospitality. Thanks for sharing! xo ~Liz

  21. Your Aunt Jody is one lucky lady! You outdid yourself on that beautiful table and homemade food. Yum! The only thing that was missing from that table.....was me! That is MY kind of luncheon. I'm sure you made your aunt proud making her feel extra special along with all of her friends. Your dining area is so lovely too.

  22. Anita, What a lovely table and fabulous menu! How sweet to have this luncheon for your Aunt and your neighbors who go to your church.
    What pretty china~ don't you love red transferware! It is a good thing that I was not a guest... your silver just might have ended up in my purse! Soooooo gorgeous!

    One of my favorite table elements is your long box filled with fluffy flowers! What a statement!!!
    Happy Birthday Aunt Jody!