Thursday, February 7, 2013

The $8 table... was $8 in a local junk/salvage shop.  

But it didn't look like this when I got it.

It looked like this:-) So I grabbed the sander and sanded it all down to the bare wood...

Then I stained it with Minwax "Dark Walnut" oil-based stain. I brushed it on with a brush then wiped it off.

 Because it was made from two different types of wood, the stain was not as dark on the oak part.

So I painted the "Grand Smoky Mountain" grey that I use on everything on each side section.

When that dried, I sanded it off pretty heavily, then brushed a coat of Colonial Walnut Minwax Wood Sheen over the painted sections and wiped it off.

Then my dad asked if I needed anything from Lowes, so he picked up these glass knobs for me, and that just gave it the bling I wanted. 

I love, love, love it! It is just the perfect size...not too tall, not too short and not too large.

Not bad for $8 plus the $14 for the glass knobs! I'm thinking I might go back to this place and see what else I can find!

Thanks to my husband, I have learned how to use my camera, and I cannot believe the difference it has made in photos. Amazing what reading the instructions can do!


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  1. What a difference! The glass knobs are just the right amount of jewelry it needed. Luv it!!!
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Beautiful transformation! Great idea with brushing and distressing the discolored sides gray! And the knobs take it over the top! :)

  3. Quite a transformation! The glass knobs are a pretty accent!


  4. Dear Anita, Sweet Blessings to you!
    You got a heck of a deal!!!
    The pretty legs on it are attention grabbing.

    I am in hopes of snagging some french provincial furniture in the days to come as I go seeking.

    It's a great table,

  5. Hi Anita,
    Awesome find and awesome transformation. Looks amazing. Great job.


  6. That's a beautiful piece! You did a wonderful transformation!

  7. I love how you did this table, Anita. The glass knobs really set it off. Sweet!

  8. This looks beautiful Anita - love the 2 tones - it looks perfect in your room!

  9. What a beautiful little table Anita-it looks just perfect.

  10. Hi Anita, beautiful, elegant and so useful your precious table find. I love the size, and drawers and glass knobs. Your vision is so pretty. I know you will enjoy it and the elegant glass, burlap lamp is the right accent.Bravo. Nor'easter heading this way, hope your weather stable. Keep warm, safe.

  11. Nice little tables are hard to find sometimes, and you made this one shine! Love the paint treatment and little blingy knobs. Great price, too.

  12. Why, it's downright elegant now! Pat yourself on the back not only for the hard work you did but for having an eye to see what it could become!

  13. I love this!! Man, it looks like quite a bit of work--but a lovely result!

  14. Anita what a steal. I just love how you gave it a new life!

  15. Love it, those glass knobs are perfect for it!

  16. I love the beautiful transformation of this adorable little table! I Just love the glass knobs! I just became your newest follower. I'm new to blogging and would love for you to visit and follow my blog at Maddiebella Home.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    Betty (Maddiebella Home)

  17. Absolutely amazing transformation--it looks wonderful! The glass knobs are just perfect!

  18. A great little table. What a find. You certainly did a wonderful job with it.
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    Reuzeit Emporium

  19. What a fabulous side table has it been! I loved it. You have a great taste:)

  20. What a find - sometimes it's so hard to look beyond the thrift shop ugliness! But you did it - she looks like she was made for you! And those binoculars - now I need my own!!

  21. It is beautiful Anita. Your pictures are great too. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.

  22. Great find and transformation have beautiful blog....