Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A little sewing...

Hi everyone...

Instead of sewing window treatments or pillows, I made Easter dresses for my daughters on Good Friday. They each picked out a dress online they liked and we worked together to adapt them to each girl's taste. 

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First up, Miranda wanted Princess Kate's lace dress. She has several versions of this dress in different colors with varying details. 

After going through at least 20 different color combinations of lace and linings at my mother's fabric "store," Miranda chose white lace over an orchid lining. She also wanted a 3/4 sleeve, and I left these sleeves unlined.

I use a basic fitted pattern for everything then go from there adding details. I really want to make one of these in black for myself, but haven't gotten around to it. 

Next up is Evelyn who loves animal prints:-)

She chose this dress online, then we were lucky enough to find leopard fabric with a hint of pink, again at my mom's "store." I chose to add ruching to the shoulders instead of making a sundress, because I don't really like for them to wear sundresses to church. The sash is a double wrap-around.

My mother had already bought Cristian a little suit, so I didn't get to make him anything. 

The girls were ecstatic and already have plans for more summer things. If I actually had a space to sew, I would be doing it more for them, but it's difficult in this little house. 

On another note... I'm so happy the girls have Princess Kate to look up to and emulate for her fashion sense as the options here in the US are bleak at best. As a college student, I was a big fan of Princess Diana's fashion and copied so many of her things. I'm just happy there is someone who dresses with class out in the public eye.

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  1. Your children are so beautiful Anita. And the dresses you made are so pretty and appropriate looking for girls their age. It's nice to have a decent role model to inspire young girls today. Beautiful post. Pamela

  2. How Beautiful! I wish I could sew! Great job!

  3. Anita, your babies are just as beautiful as you are, I love the dresses you made with your girls...
    They all looked so nice all dressed up....


  4. you did really well so quickly! On Good Friday....that was fast. Beautiful dresses for your sweet daughters. Both look so pretty in the new dresses. You did well, Momma!

    Sweet blessings to you and I am impressed,

  5. Oh Anita, these dresses are darling. Love the style and the fabric. I wish there were more mothers out there with daughters that had your mind set. Doesn't have to be "Little House on the Prairie", but some of it is just too risque. Your children are beautiful, God bless them. xo

  6. You did a wonderful job with the dresses, Anita! Your girls look like princesses! And of course, your son, a prince!


  7. Anita- What beautiful, beautiful children you have. Their dresses are just gorgeous- you did a wonderful job- xo Diana

  8. Your girls are beautiful and your son is so handsome! I love the dresses the girls chose. Your version of both of them seemed to be just perfect. What a treasure they have in you! My mother didn't sew but she knitted. I had a dresser full of the most gorgeous bulky knit sweaters when I was in Junior High and High School - they were all the rage then. Everyone wanted to know where I bought my sweaters so they could buy one, too. I appreciate the style your girls are emulating. I can't wait to see more of your creations.

  9. Love the lace dress! I just posted a picture of the Princess in her dress last week on FB and told the world "I WANT THIS DRESS!". It's great that you can make pretty things for your daughters. I have a sewing machine my husband bought me a couple of years ago and I haven't a clue how to work it. I'm determined lately, though that I'm going to learn! :)

  10. What a wonderful job of creating each of their dresses and such beautiful young women you have as daughters.

  11. WOW! Beautiful kids and I love the dresses! What can you NOT do? Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. You did a great job on these dresses, Anita! Both your girls look so pretty. :) I can see why your daughter chose the lace dress; it's beautiful.

    I love to follow Kate Middleton, too. She has wonderful fashion sense and style, and I think she's prettier every time I see her. I'm always telling my husband that I wish we had more clothes like hers available over here. Of course it helps to have the money to employ your own designers.

    You're right that our choices are bleak at best -- and not just for young girls, either. I was also a fan of Princess Diana in my younger years.

    Have a wonderful day, Anita.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  13. Most of Princess Kate's dresses are beautiful and surprisingly modest. You did a fabulous job on your girls dresses, they are both beautiful. (The girls and the dresses.)

  14. Your children are adorable and charming! Love both of your daughters dresses, very nicely done, and I must say...each daughter has lovely taste! Two princesses and a little gentleman. A lovely post...as always!

  15. Love this!
    I was a huge Diana follower but never thought to copy her clothing. She was only a tiny
    bit older than I.
    I wish Kate wouldn't have brought tan hose back into style LOL, I was
    enjoying the whole colored tights thing.

  16. I can't say enough nice things about these dresses. Gorgeous children! You are so talented. I agree about the fashion. I have a 4 year old daughter. I will not buy her short shorts or bikinis or glitter skimpy panties. Not happening

  17. Beautiful job Anita. Your children are beautiful! I haven't sewn clothing since my girls were little and we lived in Southern California. I worked as an assistant designer in the fashion industry before kids and loved shopping in the fashion district for fabrics. One of the reasons I don't sew very much anymore is that I can't find fabric that inspires me. Where do you find yours? Miranda's dress reminds me of a lace dress I made for my going away dress when we were married, pink sash and all!

  18. Amazing Anita, I love all your fine work. Your family is precious and beautiful. I loved the late princess as well. I was in Asheville, near Biltmore, that summer she married, in charge of "upper crust" grandchildren. I watched her marry on a tiny black-white TV in my attic "bedroom", lol, just attic, awful. And watched her service at end. But your dresses are better than Kate, made with love and meaning. Beautiful!!! You have so many talents, bless.