Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Plastic dishes and a flatware tip

Sometimes people tell me they don't have the right dishes to set a pretty table. But you really can set a pretty table with what you have and to prove my point, I'm going to use Melmac. That's right...plastic melmac. 

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This pattern is from 1956 and has the coolest square shape...Brookpark "Pink Hyacinth." 

I remember my grandmother having square pink plates and I always loved them so much. 

I used a burlap runner I made with a mirrored runner my mother gave me on top. I happened to see pink hyacinths on sale for $2.50 a pot at Walmart so I snapped them up. I will plant the bulbs after they are finished blooming so they will be ready for next year.  

I used my mom's 1960s Oneida "White Lily" flatware, an Indiana/Colony Glass "Whitehall" iced tea, and vintage napkins from her collection.  I made the placemats several years ago after searching for this odd shade of salmon/pink. They are is the pretty floral on the other side.

Oh...and the flatware tip...see the blade of the knife? Make sure it's facing inside to the edge of the plate. 

Back to the plastic dinnerware...
Everything is square in this pattern including the cups and bowls. You can see an outdoor tablescape I did with this dinnerware HERE.

I think you can set a pretty table with whatever you have. 

It's all in the details.

You can see the post about the slipcovers I made HERE. 

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  1. I remember your previous table scape with this melamine dish ware and loved it then as I do now. It can look just as beautiful as china. Love your reversible placemats and the pink hyacinths are so pretty and perfect for this tablescape. It all looks so pretty! I'm a sticker for the knife blade pointing in as well and it really annoys me when I see tablescapes on blogs with it the wrong way or with the fork and knife on the opposite sides of the plate. I have noticed a couple of other bloggers mentioning this major faux pas in tablescaping so hopefully people will learn. :) Have a great day! Pamela

  2. This table is gorgeous, so feminine, love the slip covers. I love this Melmac set. Unfortunately, I no longer have any of mine. xo

  3. Everything looks so beautiful Anita! Your chandy is gorgeous. I love how everything pops against your blue walls.

  4. Oh Anita, who would think the dishes were melamine, they are lovely and your table is beautiful! I love the two flower arrangements, the chair slip covers are so feminine and sweet, they look like ballerinas! When I was a child my mom had dishes very much like yours for everyday use, but I guess she gave them away many, many years ago..and they bring me memories. I will show my mom later today, when she comes over for lunch. I also make sure the knife blade is facing inward, as it's bad manners, because otherwise, it displays aggression, (according to Europeans). Big hugs,

  5. Beautiful!!! Agreed.. A beautifully set table , using whatever you have, if done right is a thing to behold! This is such a feminine table.. everything is delicate and girly. You never cease to amaze me with your sewing machine.. the place-mats, the shopping bags, the runner, the chair covers....
    Just luvly.
    Hugs, Gee

  6. What a wonderful tablescape-so pretty and spring like.
    Have a good Wed.

  7. Anita, wow what a gorgeous table you have set.....
    I loveeee your square dishes and the design is so pretty.....
    I'm coming over to just sit there and admire it


  8. Hi Anita,

    This is sooo pretty!! I'm so glad to know it's possible to make plastic/melamine look this great! I've never tried it before because I didn't know how it would look. You've got the magic touch, Anita. :)

    I think the little square coffee cups and bowls are my favorites. I love your placemats, the Whitehall iced tea glasses, and your Hyacinths (such fragrant flowers) wrapped in burlap. This is a beautiful, feminine spring table -- thanks for sharing!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  9. Love it! It's so beautiful!

  10. Your betcha you can set a pretty table with everything from china to paper and everything in between! You have proven it right here!!! I had no idea they had such pretty patterns in melmac that far back. Now I'm REALLY questioning why my Mom had that ugly everyday stuff that was so plain when we could have been eating from beautiful plates in my favorite color!!! :-) GREAT buy on the hyacinths! You dressed them up beautifully! Of course, you know I love your runner and those fabulous chair seat covers!!! So delicate and feminine!!! Your sewing talent and skill is such a blessing!

  11. I love the Pink against the turquoise wall. Stunning! :)

  12. What a delightful table! It's like time travel. The pink hyacinths are the perfect touch. I love the way you have displayed them. All so cheery! Your whole room is fab!

  13. Gorgeous Anita, sorry don't know how I missed this post. I love all your history of table top and that you are using all your beautiful things. I agree,I always like the table set correctly and blades inward to dish. Your placements are so pretty and all your touches. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  14. What a pretty table! I guess you had no trouble making it lovely, because it's just stunning!

  15. Oh my goodness. I had the round dishes with the roses on the plates in the old advert you posted. When my husband and I were first married, we used them all the time. Your table is lovely and brings back memories of wonderful dinners from days past.