Monday, July 1, 2013

Mother's very best strawberry jam

When I posted my mother's strawberry jam recipe on my facebook page, I got not only thousands of views and shares, but lots of comments from people who have made it and love it.

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Oh, it is yummy! The berries are evenly distributed throughout, and it is exactly this pretty, red color. Most I have seen elsewhere is brown, and the berries have risen to the top, so this method really works for perfect jam. 

Now, here are some comments my mother made in response to questions people asked:

"I don't ever do a hot water bath on my jams, even though it is recommended. It just cooks the jams longer, and I don't think it necessary if you have your jars good and hot. I place a 12 or 14 inch pan on the back burner and place a canning rack in that --your jars MUST NOT touch the bottom of the pan--and put an inch or so or water in it. Set your jars in, right side up, and turn the burner on medium heat and let the jars steam. Don't let the water steam dry. I place my well washed lids in a quart glass pot (Visions) and pour boiling water on them and make sure they are still hot when I place them on the jars of HOT jam. Then, I turn the freshly sealed jam upside down for 5 to 10 minutes. Then turn it back up. This helps distribute the berries throughout the entire jar of jam and helps to really seal the jars. Then, once the jam is cooled, I place every single jar in the fridge as it will keep your jam pretty and red for years."

I also know that she never uses grocery store berries, only market or fresh from the farm as the ones that are shipped in have more than likely been gassed will be hard and will make the jam turn brown. 

I sure hope you like this jam! Our kids go crazy over it, and knowing it is homemade, makes it even better.

If you want to eat this jam on homemade bread, her recipe for that is HERE.

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  1. Oh this sounds SO good. I have never canned anything but this sounds pretty easy. Maybe I will give it a try. Have a happy 4th, Anita. XO, pinky

  2. Oh Anita, thank you for sharing, there's wonderful berries here and I'd love to make this! Have a great Fourth weekend ahead.

  3. Beautiful image to hallmark mother's work!

  4. Oh my mom use to make jam all the time and this sounds soooooooooooooooo good. Thanks tons for the recipe and for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  5. My problem is that we keep eating the berries and don't save enough for jam, lol. I need to try one more time and hurry up and make some before the berries are gone! :)