Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Country flowers

I have certainly had lots of beautiful flowers to bring in the house all summer here in the mountains. 

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My friend Bonnie brought these from her garden when she came for lunch a few weeks ago. Is that not the sweetest bouquet?
I have kept fresh flowers, all from the gardens, on the dining table all season long. This mix of sweet pea, Asiatic lilies, cone flowers and Queen Anne's lace also had a few shasta daisies and hydrangeas from my parent's yard.

I transplanted these daylilies early this summer and they were so nice in front of the storage and playhouse.  

My mother doesn't really like white lilies, but these in her garden are some of my favorite. 

I enjoyed every single bloom from these pink Asiatics. I'm pretty sure this is my favorite flower on the planet. 

I mixed and matched some weeks...

...then used single stems other weeks.

My mother brought me this bouquet of hydrangeas from her garden with gladiolas that my grandmother planted years ago. 

As autumn comes there will still be plenty of things to bring in, then for winter I have Cypress, Arborvitae and pine options, which I just love until Spring comes...again. The point is, you don't have to buy flowers at a florist shop or grocery store in order to have fresh blooms inside. Invest in bulbs and plants now for your zone that will yield whatever you like to see on your table next summer. 

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  1. Your country flowers are so pretty Anita! Love all the pink flowers. Our yard is such a mess after all the rain we've and everything is so overgrown. I am actually looking forward to Fall this year and cleaning all this mess up and starting over.

  2. What a beautiful bouquet your friend brought you - so simple and so gorgeous! Your flowers are all really pretty. The heat has about done all of ours in already.

    Thanks for sharing yours with us.


  3. Beautiful floral pics, Anita. I love the coneflowers in the blue mason jars on the table. There is nothing like country flowers in the summer is there. Pamela

  4. I just love being able to pick handfuls of flowers during the summer don't you. Your arrangements are all so lovely but I think my favorite is the one in the wood tool caddy. I love the contrast of the old wood and the pretty flowers.

  5. I am a well known flower lover. I'm also well know for preferring a simple bunch of flowers, picked or gathered or just bunched at the grocery store, to a fancy arrangement from the florist. I love this.