Monday, August 5, 2013

One thing leads to another

Look what UPS delivered to my doorstep!

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This beautiful Pfister "Cadenza" faucet...and so appropriately named for us since Luis and I are both musicians:-)

Isn't it gorgeous?? Well, that's not my sink for sure. 

This is my sink and countertop in all its laminate glory.

Even *updated* for summer it still looks the same. My sink is so shallow that it is very hard to get large pots, pans and casserole dishes in for cleaning. 

I really do love my kitchen, though, and it works well for all of us. I have done everything in here I really want to except the counters.

Well, and changing the shape of the breakfast bar to rectangular. Why? Because there are five of us and with my parents that jumps to seven, and we all seem to gather around the bar. As you can see, there is only seating for four.  

Back to the countertops. I *really* want marble. Insert big laugh here because remember my budget is zero. $0. I tried, really tried, to get several different countertop companies to trade advertising for countertops. I mean, I only need 24 feet for the sink area. Again, insert a bigger laugh here because I had the guts to even ask:-) I was actually very close with a well known solid surface brand, but funding did not happen. 

So what are my options? Well-- wood. Free wood. Really, if it's not a challenge, how much fun can it be? (In all seriousness, I'm not in it for fun, I just need want functional and pretty counters.) Back to the wood. How hard do you think it is to find a photo of wood counters that are not on white cabinets? Hard--time consuming hard, but I found one. 
I like how these look--not too light and not too dark. 

Now where am I getting *my* wood you ask? Here. 

Yep. Those are my new countertops from the same place I got the wood for my dining table, which I love dearly. Over 150 year-old 10 feet wormy chestnut boards ready to be planed, cut then put together.

I'm still not sure how light or dark I will finish the wood. I'm dying to get started, though.

And I would love this sink...double basin since I need a space for a drainer, but much deeper and wider on the "washing" side. Plus, I love the square shape. 

But I really want a white sink-- not an apron front like this one, but a drop in sink. 

kitchen with wood countertops and white cabinets

Hopefully, my beautiful new faucet will have a pretty new/old countertop to sit on--soon, and maybe a deeper sink. We have some music projects this week, so we are hoping to get started by this weekend. We will measure and make both sections in the woodshop, then I will finish and hopefully, after about a week of curing, we will take the old ones out and install. It's the plumbing I'm actually nervous about, but my dad will help with that.

I am so grateful to the Pfister Company for providing this faucet and cannot wait to get it in! You can see the other beautiful things they offer HERE. 


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  1. That is a beautiful faucet. We are updating our kitchen soon and will need to buy one.

  2. Nice update! I have one of their faucets in my guest bathroom.

  3. Love the faucet Anita. I also love, love, love the inspiration photo by the Philadelphia general contractors. I am pinning it for future reference for our mountain cabin. We're looking at a little cabin that will definitely need it's kitchen redone and I will have a very small budget to do it with, so that means paint! Hope you had a great weekend.

  4. I love wood countertops, and I think I have examples of wood countertops against non-white cabinetry.
    That is all I could find. I think your kitchen is going to look incredible with the wood countertops. I love your new faucet.
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  5. I can't wait to see it all together! What a treat to have the old wood.

  6. It will happen! I love the look of wood countertops, and I seem to remember that in her first kitchen that made it to the magazines that Martha Stewart's cabinets were chestnut. I can't remember the countertops but yours will fit right in with your repurposing goal and then you will someday treat yourself to the sink--a deep one--that will be perfect with that amazing faucet.

  7. Gorgeous faucet and they do make great quality. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  8. Anita, I think that wood will look gorgeous! I can almost see it in my mind and the faucet will be like the tiara of the sink:):) Can't wait to see it all!!!!

  9. Oh I can relate to the zero budget...Have on my self and wood is a front runner. Keep us posted ..I just know it will be wonderful!

  10. LOVELY!!
    Our apartment has a "vintage" sink. Not two sinks, just one washing sink. It was annoying at first but I've gotten used to it. It kind of brings be back to the past when I wash up supper dishes. :)

  11. It is going to be stunning and perfect, perfect, perfect for your home!

  12. You will love the wood counter tops!! I had them for years and wish I still had them, I decided on quartz last year and I hate it. If it was in the budget to throw away $8000.00, I would throw them in the garbage and put in FREE wood again. Good luck, it will look beautiful.

  13. Beautiful faucet! I have wood countertops in my kitchen and absolutely love them!! Much cheaper than granite or marble and I love the old-fashioned look and feel of them. Mine have a dark stain finish. When we build our new house, I plan on having wood countertops again. Wouldn't have it any other way :)

  14. Anita, the faucet really is beautiful! I am sure that everything is going to look wonderful when you are always!

  15. What a beautiful faucet Anita. Wood counter tops. I have been toying with that idea for a little while as well. But, hahahaha.. mine will not be free gorgeous wormy chestnut like yours... sigh. I can't wait to see them in. I know they will be beautiful.
    Hugs, Gee

  16. Can't wait to see your new wood countertops. I thought I was the only one in America with formica countertops!! :-)
    Mary Alice

  17. I know how you feel Anita. I will sound spoiled here because I want to change our granite. Yes, I said granite. It is dark and I long for a lighter colored counter top. Our kitchen was dark and small and to help that I painted the top of the cabinets and we installed a new backsplash ourselves because like you our budget was really non existent for a total kitchen remodel. One day I would love a farmhouse sink as well. Till then though I know I am blessed with what we have. Thanx for sharing at THT! I can not wait to see how your counter tops turn out!

  18. Beautiful kitchen!! i love the colour scheme! Thankyou for sharing!