Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ice and snow in the mountains

Like most of the country, we have had some crazy weather in western North Carolina this winter. Not much snow but dangerously low temps below zero and frozen water pipes. 

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It's been strange to see the creek so frozen without snow.

Then our weather forecasters finally got it right, and we got about 4 inches yesterday and last night.

Compared to the 18-20" we have had in years past, it's not much but enough to make mountain roads very slippery. 

This morning it was absolutely gorgeous and sunny but zero, so I let Luis go out and take the photos:-)

It had warmed up to 14 when he snapped these in our little community.

This is the "main" road through Balsam which runs parallel with the railroad track as it has for more than 100 years. 

...and a sunset from our front porch. 

We finally got our snow:-) Hopefully it will be just a tad warmer tomorrow so the children can go sledding without fear of frostbite. 


  1. wow it is just so beautiful, took awhile for me to figure out where you are and what mountains you are talking about but I have to say they are soooo beautiful, could it get any prettier then having this view, being from ca. we never get to see this view...thanks for sharing your beautiful views...enjoyed the post so much

  2. It is so beautiful in your area! Stay safe on those back roads....

  3. I'm not sure where you live but it is beautiful. We have had a strange hard winter. Here in Ohio we have had so much snow and cold cold days. Yesterday we were -22 and the news said we were the coldest in the country. Not sure I believe them but something to talk about. We have had frozen pipes twice and that's not fun. I love winter but I must admit it has been a long one already. Stay warm and safe. Love the picture of the garage and your father's school.

  4. What a beautiful setting, the shots of the creek are just gorgeous. We finally got some snow here in Washington and it has been very foggy, haven't seen the sun in ages, lucky you!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful, but we are tired of snow in Michigan in spite of the beauty! :)

  6. BEAUTIFUL pictures, Anita (and Luis)!!!! Hope the kids get to go sledding.

  7. just beautiful..... so peaceful... but I am sure very very cold outside!!!! Nice of your husband to help you out with the picture taking... lolol....

  8. Creekside is just beautiful!!!! Soooooo glad your husband was willing to go out and snap these amazing pics for all of us!!! :)