Monday, January 20, 2014

Making pillows and feathers everywhere...

I dove right into pillow making last week. Literally. I'm still cleaning up feathers. 

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After thinking, thinking, and thinking some more, I ended up only using one of the fabrics I showed you, which was the hot pink stripe along with a tapestry remnant I had also gotten at the "fire" sale.

I am loving this shade of pink and really like the way it works with the white upholstery. 

I wanted to tone down the fancy, shiny fabrics with ticking and burlap, but despite my effort to use plain blue ticking, it just didn't work so I used brown ticking to make a cover with ties to go over this burlap covered pillow. I made this pillow out of "down alternative" and it works nicely, but it's just not the same feel as down. 

Since the pink is so strong, I used more neutrals on the chaise lounge.

I made this burlap-cover pillow insert and added a linen-look upholstery cover with ties. I love this look because I can change it out really easily. 

I took a strip of ticking fabric and added it to this pillow made from drop cloth fabric. I cut the fabric where I wanted to insert the ticking, then sewed it on both sides, pressing down the seams with a steam iron so they are nice and flat. 

The new French chair also has a feather pillow. It is so comfy, it has become my morning coffee spot.

 I still want to make a down-filled seat cushion for this Duncan Phyfe chair out of brown ticking, but will need more fabric.

That's pretty much all I got done in this room last week.

It was definitely worth the mess. I think. And it was a really, big mess. 

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  1. I love your new pillows, Anita. Great combos.

  2. Anita, your pillows are just beautiful-
    I'm happy I found your great blog!

  3. I love your pillows and your living room looks so nice.

  4. Beautiful!! Love the mixture of fabrics!

  5. Love all the pillows, they look wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  6. Very nice mix of fabrics. Luv all the pillows!

  7. Your pillows are so pretty and the pop of pink really makes your pretty sofa pop out at you.

  8. Those pillows turned out beautiful Anita, they sure look pretty on your sofa ;-)


  9. Anita-

    Everything is just lovely!
    Your pillows are so pretty and above all they look soft and inviting.

    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint blog

  10. Beautiful Home! So lovely and perfect,and so warm and welcoming :) Love the paint color on your wall in the room where your piano is.