Monday, March 10, 2014

Aging gold frames...

I have been using gold and brass accents for a while but hated the color some of my picture frames  had.

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Although about 15 years old, several were just too orange and had a fake "factory" look that I wanted to get rid of. 

I wanted to achieve a look similar to a frame my grandmother had painted at least 60-70 years ago. 

I spray painted them black, let them dry, then sanded lightly.

I then dry-brushed on gold craft paint, but a cooler gold color. I know most would paint the gold first, then come back with dark wax, but I thought I could get the depth and color I wanted better this way. 

I wanted them to look old with more of a green or verdigris tint... the brass candelabra from Lebanon.

 I am loving how they look -- especially with old family photos...

It's a great way to give a new frame "old" life:-)

I'll be joining:


  1. I am looking around mow to see what I can change :). Luv the look you got. thanks for sharing Anita.

  2. Oh i love this idea. How clever and the color is the perfect gold. Hugs, Marty

  3. They turned out great Anita!

  4. I am in the midst of redecorating my master bath and I pulled out an antique framed picture that suits the space beautifully. The frame was a carved wood, but my daughter encouraged me months ago to paint it gold. I chose to use a gold paint pen and wasn't too concerned with making it look gold as much as aged. It's so beautiful in the room I'm thinking I need to find some more 'old gold' items to set it off.

  5. You've done it AGAIN. Now I'm gonna have to do the same. You keep me busy.... trying to copy you beautiful style and touches.

    Love, Love, Love....

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  6. Bingo, bango, target hit!!! These look great! I know what you mean about wanting to "age" the frames a bit. I don't like frames hanging around that look as if I just grabbed them off the factory line. I like to add some character. Thanks for the tips!