Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Progress and old hinges

Things are finally progressing around here...from this six years ago:

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...to this last spring: 

And now to this:

Yes, I still call it progress. Other people call it crazy. But the most exciting thing is not the framing, but my husband using his hand. 

He has been going to therapy three times a week, and they are all amazed at how quickly he is healing and regaining the use of his fingers. He is taking it slowly, but they want him to keep moving, so he decided to go ahead with this closet project, which started with the master bathroom and has now moved out into the bedroom. Of course the end result of this project will be his having studio space to work here at home. This is one of two built-in closets that will be on this side of the room inspired by this one from the little guest house. 

Yes, I really am inspired by this. I might lack budget, but there is no limit to my vision and the ingenuity and determination for making it happen. That would probably explain why I lie awake at night thinking of ways to get things done within my limitations. But, I digress... 

I was also inspired by this vintage Chinese silk my mother recently gave me that was passed down from a relative. If fabric can be yummy, this one is. I can't wait to get it in the room, but there is a lot of work to do before I get to that point. 

Of course, everything always takes longer than expected -- especially when you are doing it yourself, and there are *always* surprises. I ended up needing more antique doors than I had finished, so I had to restore and finish two more of the antique oak doors from my great grandfather's house.

It is so much work. Ok, it's really a ridiculous amount of work...hard work to get these in shape, but so worth it. All of them had been stripped of their hardware for storage, minus one mortise lock, so I gasped when I found this hinge.

Only this part was left, but what a clue to the amazing detail the old house had. After showing them to my dad, he remembered them on all the doors. Amazingly, I found a company, Van Dyke's Restorers, that makes reproduction hinges in a very similar pattern, although they are $69 per hinge. That could add up on 13 doors. These are the little details that make the biggest difference, and one I would love to add, but until I find a bucket of the original ones here on the property, I'll just be using plain black hinges. I love this company, though. They have an amazing collection of reproduction hardware, etc., for people who want an authentic look. 

Another thing I found that surprised me were wooden numbers on three of the bedroom doors. It surprised me because one trend that I have never really understood is putting numbers on everything. I laughed when I saw this, because, of course, I will be using them:-) 

I am still piecing together parts for door knobs and rim locks that I have found here together with some I have ordered from ebay and etsy. Fun, huh?? Actually, it really is, and I am enjoying learning how all these parts work together. 

Mostly though, I enjoy the trip through time and not only sharing these memories with my dad, but making new ones with my children. You wouldn't think kids, especially these days, would notice these kinds of things, but all of mine have and are enjoying the changes. 

Like I always say...it's the little things:-)

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  1. So glad to hear that Luis' hand is healing quickly and that he is able to use it some. The whole process of working on something interesting and not run of the mill in your home is so rewarding. Your home is going to look so wonderful.

  2. Yay! So excited for your hubby, great to see him using his hand :) Can't wait to see the new closet! -Bev

  3. Good news indeed. So happy to hear Luis is able to resume work as his hand is healing!! Answered prayers!

  4. How exciting to see Luis using his hand; and working on these projects! Praying for his continued healing! I just love seeing your ideas and visions coming together. Can't wait to see the big reveal!

  5. So glad to hear that Luis's hand is healing well. It looks like you are working on a huge project!

  6. Wow, this is really exciting. Can't wait for the reveal. So glad hubby hand is doing so well. I probably have some of these door parts that you are looking for...I know I have some of those black boxes.....heehee. Anyway, let me know what you need.

  7. So pretty! Is the chandy old? If not could you please tell me where you found it? Thank you!

    1. Thank you! No, the chandy is not old. I bought it about 5 years ago at Lowes, and they don't carry it anymore. I have founds some others I like on overstock at really low prices, though.

  8. The door hinges are awesome but wow, that would add up! The doors look amazing too!

  9. I love all the treasures and giggled about the doors because I'm the same way about the numbers thing. I just love it that you keep finding ways to use that old place, one piece at a time.

    The best part of this post was the update on your Luis. I'm so grateful to God for the way He himself heals and the intellect He gave to others like doctors and P.T. folks so they can be His healing hands as well. He just *must* be able to use that incredible gift of his for his music.

  10. Love seeing the updates. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished results! :-) Giving praise & thanks to God for healing of Luis' hand. We will continue to pray for a full restoration & healing.

  11. What fun you are having....
    Looks terrific!

  12. So happy for you that your husband is doing so good! You have really got a big project going! I admire your determination.

  13. Hooray for Luis! PT really has a lot of value, and I'm glad he's getting in there often.

    You guys are putting so much love/work into your home. There's nothing quite like a home built with the vision and heart of the people who want it to be more than a place to hang their hat and lay their head. I commend you both! This time next year you will have a whole new chapter to add to the "progress" column!!!

  14. Praising the Lord for the good report about your hubby's hand. Loving the look of your projects. Can't wait to see more.

  15. So happy to know Luis' hand is healing. An answer to prayer. Praise God! The Chinese silk fabric is, indeed, "yummy". Like silky sherbet. :) I can't wait to see what you do with it. Hugs, Nancy P.S. Your iron bed is GOR-geous.

  16. So happy to hear of Luis remarkable recovery!!! Thank you for sharing all your projects, daily living and inspirations. I also firmly believe , it is the little things, small victories, memories that are big things in life. Best wishes, congratulations, well deserved on the photo shoot. God Bless all you do.

  17. Boy you sure have a lot goings on around your place. Your bedroom is going to be beautiful! Happy to hear about your husband and his recovery. Have a great weekend Anita! XO