Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer blues...

I have been using blue for a while now since I painted the kitchen a couple years ago. I usually use it with pink, but decided to go with just blue as an accent for summer.

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My mother had given me the gorgeous blue Chinese silk this winter. It was passed down from a relative who lived in China in the 1940s. It is so beautiful I had to use it. 

I made candle holders out of the old insulators and added a vintage Ball jar with some gorgeous hydrangeas. 

I wanted to do something totally off the wall, so to speak, in this corner so I took the art off one wall and just propped it against the old door. I am quite sure I'm the *only* person who likes this look, but I was inspired by a scene in Gone with the Wind when they are back at Tara after the war starts and everything is gone but a few objects. The walls have this same look -- like there was art there but it has been taken away. That look fascinates me because it makes one wonder what was there. And it's different:-) Ok, enough about that.

I made all the pillows and didn't want them all matching.  I used burlap, ticking, and several other prints together. They are all very comfy for Sunday afternoon I Love Lucy or The Andy Griffith Show marathons. And I'm not kidding. I look forward to that all week:-)

I thought this print fabric my mom gave me would add a little pop of modern in a retro-kinda way.

The large shell belonged to my grandmother and the small ones were collected on family beach trips when I was a child. 

My mother grew the amazing dahlia:-)

Old tins...

...vintage cigar boxes...

...and cars my dad put together, all add to the "step back in time" feel.

In the end it's just a comfortable place for our family to relax and spend time together.

And that's the most important thing:-)

I'll be joining:


  1. I wanted my family to be one that can communicate on a good and easy level. I have succeeded. We can sit and talk and laugh and I luv that. So many people miss out on that ! Family is the most important thing we have. I luv reading your posts and hearing your family's past!

  2. Beautiful house and the blues are lovely! I love getting together with family and good friends. So lucky we do both!

  3. Everything is beautiful and the pop of blue is just right! I use blue alot! I so much enjoying your blog and fine every detail perfect. The photos are so great! I'm crazy about aqua canning jars, Ball or Mason or Atlas, doesn't matter one bit. They have the new ones now, but I prefer knowing that something was used in yesterdays.

  4. Truly, family time together is the best! Beautiful room. Patty/NS

  5. I love the blue. Very cosy. Best wishes, Julie

  6. I really love all your blue's they are just gorgeous!!! I love using blue during the summer and always bring it back in the winter. Tried painting the kitchen island a turquoise blue but the hubby wasn't having it , ha ha… Hope you have a fabulous week! XO

  7. Your living room looks just great! I especially like that cabinet...and wow can it hold a lot. I love this time of year when you can so easily pick flowers for the house. Have a good day!

  8. Loving the summer blues! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Good Evening Anita, You have a beautiful eye for detail, which can be seen with every picture I looked at. How marvellous to own a piece of 1940's blue Chinese silk.... the material must feel so special to you.
    I will put your mind at rest, you are not the only one to prop pictures against doors.... I do....my friends think it strange, but I love the idea.... it adds interest.
    Best wishes to you.

  10. Family IS the most important thing, Anita. You hit that nail square on the head! I'm so glad you and your family have a comfy place to just hang out and enjoy yourselves watching those sitcom marathons! (I will admit to doing the same, although mine tend to be movie marathons!)

    As I look again at that black armoire, I continue to be persuaded to paint ours that is in the living room. I think it would really make a huge difference. I am not so good with paint (it is NOT my friend!), but I want to give it a try. Worst case scenario is that I could totally screw it up and have to junk it. Oh, well...we'll see! :-) I think trying to distress it will be a big challenge, but I'll read up on it before I get rolling.

    Your living space is uniquely beautiful and serene. Have a wonderful weekend just basking in it!