Monday, July 21, 2014

Sometimes you just need a break...

...and the chance to unwind a little.

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Because before you know it, those little babies will be all grown up.

Then you will wonder where the time went.

So take a moment to slow down.

...and truly cherish the little things...

...which really are the big things.

And the ones that you will always remember.

Life is so precious. Treasure each moment:-)

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  1. Well said Anita!! Your children are beautiful!

  2. Oh yes, it is gone so quickly, in a flash! Looks like you are doing all the right things. Precious, just precious!

  3. They are so beautiful. Yes, they grow up too fast and then you Grandchildren and they do the same.

  4. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Patty/NS

  5. Treasure your treasures. :)
    The photography is stunning too, Anita!
    Hope your time away was just what you needed!

  6. Oh what gorgeous pictures of your children. So beautiful. Enjoy your precious time with them. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  7. ……like a vapor.
    The pics are gorgeous.
    Beautiful place to unwind.

  8. What beautiful children! Yes, cherish every moment - and take breaks often.

  9. Awe...your babies are beautiful! Yes, we all need to reflect on what truly is most important to us in our lives. These kids grow up way too fast...time has a way of waiting on no one. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Anita, your children are so grown! I remember when they were little. Beautiful photos of your beautiful children.