Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What my house really looks like...

When I share my house, I always try and make things look as good as possible. I will spend a lot of time just setting up a shot and making sure everything is perfect because I don't think anyone reads this blog to see laundry baskets sitting around or my dirty dishes on the counters.

But the reality is, we live here. And just because my blog is called "Far Above Rubies," does not in any way mean I am *that* woman...as in King Lemuel's multi-tasking, super-talented, crazy smart and all around amazing mother from Proverbs 31. She had servants after all. I don't. There is only one of me, and besides my job as a minister of music and my ministry with my husband, there is a house with three kids that has to keep running, so things are going to get prioritized. Meaning -- my house is not clean all the time. I have to sort my laundry in the kitchen floor every Monday morning, and I confess to feeding my kids pizza rolls or canned ravioli for supper -- on occasion.

While I try to keep things picked up, the very things I pick up are what sometimes give me the warmest feeling in my heart. Sometimes. Not the dirty socks and jeans that somehow no one is capable of turning right side out, or the wet towels, but the other things -- the creative things that make me smile -- like a dining room fort with a play dough kitchen underneath.

Aircraft carriers that serve more than one purpose.

Or the kitchen island that makes a super-long runway.

...and a hangar for repairs or minor modifications:-)

Knowing my house is a place where brother and sister play together peacefully -- sometimes, is the very thing that makes it a home. And home is what I strive for...

...because before you know it they turn 15.

...and almost 13. And they put the Barbies away and start experimenting with makeup and hairstyles. And instead of talking about the American Girl of the year, they talk about -- boys. And clothes. And hairstyles:-)

But -- there's still a master ninja in the house who has a few years to go before the teenage years hit him.

Even as things change and they grow, we adjust and embrace those changes, because those are the things forming their personalities and individuality. And most of all we want them to have a firm foundation and very secure knowledge of what a home is -- no matter how old they are. After all, a house is just a house, but a family makes a home.

And the fort is staying.

I did sweep up the dried play dough crumbs:-)

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  1. I LOVE it!!! Great post! You are blessed!!

  2. Aw Anita, I enjoyed this post so much. I guess we all expect that most home decor bloggers have 'the' neatest, cleanest homes all the time so it's nice to know the true reality of a typical day in your home. Your children are beautiful and I can't believe how fast they are growing up. I love your boy's fascination with jets and planes. Have a blessed day. Pam

  3. Charming, Anita. A lovely post about your beautiful and very real family.

  4. Well said....glad you are embracing every moment! Who cares about the mess when all is said and done?

  5. You are blessed! Proud of you for treasuring & enjoying these moments. Time goes way too fast said by a mom that misses those days!

  6. Reading blogs for awhile now, I know behind the blog, there is a family. So your post today validates that. What I like about your blog is your sense of family, community, cherishing the land and faith. I read about your kitchen in Country Woman and been reading your blog since. Kathleen in Az

  7. I so loved reading this post Anita!....you are so right...a house is not a home without the love of family in it...without that, the house has no personality, no warmth, no spirit....treasure each tent, each runway, each discussion of the coolest color of lipstick...they grow up and out way too quickly. I look back and wonder where did the time go?....but we have great memories and never regret putting things on the back burner to be an integral part of our child's life and still are..

  8. Beautiful post! It was nice to see the photos of your kids too!

  9. Oh I just love this so much Anita!!! Might be one of my most favorite posts of yours ever. Your kiddos are beautiful and it is always so nice to see 'real' life! Hugs to you friend. :-)